I am so excited to share this list of 9 ways to get into RECEIVING mode - aka the Divine Feminine energy of trust, faith, and flowwwing freedom!

Whenever I talk about feminine energy and receiving, what many don't understand is that this is NOT about "doing" anything. It's a BEING. It's a presence that needs and wants no-thing. It is not about doing anything.

However, many of us were not raised to do nothing. We were raised to want to be more, do more, achieve more, say more, act more...

We were raised as "not enough" and many of us ARE love embodied, but we forget this and so we think there's more we need to do. 

That said, BEING and relaxing, trusting and Knowing who you are, and that all is WELL at all times...

It is possible.

You've probably felt it a few times before.


It is a deeply complete, whole, worthy and innately loved energy of your purest existence.


However, because we aren't super familiar with it, there are some practices I can recommend that have been downloaded by me via the #1 vehicle of transformation:


Yes, the divine feminine energy is alllll about trusting and allowing her intuition to lead her, and from her intuition, she ACTS with loving, high vibration intention. 

She is present, perfection in her seeming imperfection, full of grace, and intuitive AF.

Essentially, being and doing from these places of deep worth, creates a beautiful ripple effect:

You become a freaking magnet for everything that you want.


Which is loving yourself and having inner fucking peace really - at the end of the day, that's all anyone wants, you know?

That said, because we aren't used to being in this trusting and ever-loving state of perpetual bliss...

I asked myself, "Which rituals or self love practices could I have used when I wanted to be in this energy? And what would I recommend to people to tap into this, or ease into it more and more?"


1. Give yourself SPACE and TIME that is about "Dolce far Niente" - "The Sweetness of Doing Nothing".


THIS is truly what the feminine energy is ALLLL about. It is the sweetness of doing that which pleases you most - NOTHING. 

This energy is super loving, peaceful, sure, secure, trusting of the world, and playful. She's grounded in her own innate worth.

So she enjoys taking time everyday to meditate, to sit with her hot green tea or my favorite Rose Hip Tea (SO GOOD) and turns her thoughts off. She breaths, she relaxes, and she allows herself to enjoy that moments of pure nothingness without judging herself for not cleaning the kitchen or writing one more email.



2. Get outside into nature and BREATHE.


I go for walks and breath in the fresh air, and enjoy music without having to THINK. 


It’s funny because whenever I do this which is daily… I often have fun epiphanies, intuitive insights, crazy ideas, and sometimes I even download full content or courses to create right there on my walk or hike. 

You can also go meditate outside on the grass, or just sit and look at the trees or feel the wind. 

Feminine energy is totally about presence, not perfection or manipulation. It’s not about trying; it’s about loving what is.

Be present outdoors and connect to the divine motherload: Gaia.



3. Upgrade your thoughts, beliefs and the actions that follow to ones of a higher frequency.

Abraham Hicks talks about frequency and how important it is. And it IS important.

Listen, you can DO a million things (some of which I'll write about below), but if you sort of judge yourself for wanting to receive anything, or if you are doubting yourself, or thinking that you're wrong for wanting to relax, receive, be, and trust your intuition over some complicated strategy...


Then you won't let yourself receive.

That's why working on your MIND and your spiritual awareness is essential to be open to receiving anything - material or not.

It's all about a feeling, which we talked about this week in my free facebook community.

Connect to the feeling you want to feel. It's usually the real reason WHY you want the things or experiences or people that you want.

I wanna feel loved, at peace, plentiful, like nothing can touch me and I'm totally secure, safe, present, playful, and having fun and joy just being ME.


Start by accepting YOURSELF right now.

Accept. Allow. Receive.

Let it be easy. 


You're probably getting triggered just reading this because you weren't raised for things to be Easy; you were raised to prove yourself, work hard, struggle, sacrifice, abstain from what you wanted or be on the back end of the whole love deal. 

This time, you have to be first in line, first to say Yes, first to allow and accept yourself because no one else and nothing else will do it for you.

This is where the mindset and spiritual practices and tweaks come in. Apply here to work with me because I'm AMAZING at mindset and spiritual coaching. bit.ly/biz-discovery

(I often work with entrepreneurs, creators, writers, speakers, spiritual peeps... but I also work with many people who don't own businesses and have no desire to start one. Apply either way. I'm open to working together if you are.)


4. Re-Wire your thoughts and beliefs for an elevated energy that is mega-magnetic!

My favorites?

A. A Course in Miracles

It's designed to support you with releasing old judgments and desires that are from the ego consciousness - so that means they're based in false reality and perception that you suck and aren't good enough as you are.

It's all about LOVE. Self Love. Romantic Love. Platonic Love. Love for Life. Love for Earth. Love for Experiences.


And the version with the entire workbook is crucial. It was cataclysmic on my journey and it opened me up to inner peace and loving myself... big time.

Which un-ironically, helped me open to receive and I suddenly had amazing experiences, more money, amazing love for myself, and better parenting skills because of my own receptivity to love itself through this work of art.

Get it HERE.

Then join my free book club where we're practicing alllll together.


B. The Universe Has Your Back or Spirit Junkie, by Gabby Bernstein

I love Gabby's approach to her work as a spiritual catalyst and mentor. She is a Course In Miracles teacher and speaker, and her books often include exercises you can do to check in with yourself. I often use her same questions to check in with myself and stay aligned with a higher vibration that is HELLA expansive and attractive, because I practice the coursework and started with her books!

Grab Spirit Junkie here.

Pick up a copy of The Universe Has Your Back here


5. Bring in some self LOVE and self care rituals with non-toxic, organic scents, products, and oils.


REAL TALK: I didn't used to be a very "feminine" person, and I'm still not very girly... at all. That's not what receiving is about.

I was an athlete growing up and I was always kind of a tomboy. I was rewarded for performance and achievement and I've had to heal a lot of wounding around my feminine side as I struggled with body issues, eating disorders and severe social anxiety for a long time.

That's part of WHY being feminine, loving, gentle, and PRESENT and trusting with myself through self care.... Is Essential To Me and My Well Being.

The more I'm in this energy, the more I receive because I'm loving on myself and raising my vibe... that's what I talked about in the video today when I talked about my own rituals for receiving and being in the Feminine.


There are SO many ways you can tap into that energy, but for me... right now, I LOVE playing with non-toxic, organic or at least natural, high vibe products. I love treating myself every day. I love the rituals I've created around my personal care time.

The product’s quality, care and what it was made from (i.e. natural elements and less chemicals) matters, and it affects the vibration of the product itself. Meaning some products are actually frequency raising elements you can add to your routine as a way of accessing receiving energy a bit more.

They ARE higher vibe because they're all natural, and non-toxic. That MATTERS with products. It's essential.

That said…

Try Essential Oils.


I love using essential oils that are organic and non-toxic, like doTerra's EOs. I use them daily and each oil carries an amazing vibration. 

Different oils open you up to different things emotionally and vibrationally. It's like when a woman wears a signature perfume to make herself feel powerful, comfortable, peaceful, and attractive...

Only it's just for you really. 

Certain scents make me feel really calm and peaceful, which of course, makes your energetic and vibrational state resonate and attract like a freakin magnet! Woooo!

Contact me for more info on which ones I use the most and what to use them for when it comes to boosting mood and elevating your state, and I'll send you the info on where to get them, which ones to use, how to use them properly.

Or you can just shop right here


6. Take care of your freaking self with rituals that expand your energy, not make it feel contracted and restricting.


Studies have shown that people who are depressed often neglect self care. Often when we are depressed, we don't feel that we are worthy of this higher level of self care.

There are also those people who are so outwardly focused that it's like they're putting on a mask everyday, trying to prove themselves lovable and worthy to the world, when really they just need it for themselves.

Here's the deal: pampering yourself, is a wonderful thing. 

But your intention with it, being a ritual of love, of recognizing your own self worth, and allowing it to be relaxing, inviting, warm and loving...

THAT is what opens you to RECEIVE. 


When I was pregnant, I started using non-toxic EVERYTHING because I was paranoid about what I was putting on my skin, hair, nails, and into my body with a baby growing inside of me. Understandable right? 

Well, my rituals continued for the most part. Actually, they got WAY better in the past year, now that my son is a little older.

I now use my non-toxic luxury care products to invite in what I want in. The products I choose have to be all about loving vibrations. I can FEEL the energy around them and tell if they're chemical laden or they're of a higher frequency.

Things that are plant-based WILL be of a higher frequency, and they'll elevate your state because they're truly made with Love, and carry a higher vibration. Plus what you put on or in your body matters when it comes to vibration. Self care rituals matter as well - so when I use my non-toxic hair care products that are nothing but the BEST, I'm intentional about the experience, itself too, not just the products.

There’s no rushing or frustration, no complication or feelings of resent or lack. 

I pay attention to treating myself with love, I admire myself and use that space to be positive and loving. I think loving thoughts and raise my vibe slowly while taking a bath with my essential oils, and hair wraps on.

Or I do my hair in the morning every few days, and I don’t stress about time or anything (because hell… it takes like NO time at all), and I just get present with myself instead of hustling or beating myself down, like I used to. 


7. Create something without judgment and with a lot of love.




Space out and let your intuition guide you. You’ll find yourself immersed in the moment, enjoying the colors and even textures, and just naturally….

Tuning into a higher vibe and intuitive state that feels oh soon damn goooood.

Often, my paintings come out looking like a 6 year old made them but that's not the point! It's about tuning into your own inner voice, your own inner creative energy, which is of a majorly high vibration. Meaning it elevates your magnetic state!

In essence, we're always co creating and always attracting and manifesting.... but your state matters. So in this ritual, you just sit back, relax and let the good times roll. Don't judge the images or words or things that appear on the paper as you create or write or color or draw...

Just focus on how you FEEL.



8. Make it a priority and block the time.

We often feel time is out of our hands. It’s not It’s up to US to make time while we’re here on earth.

So prioritize your mindset work, self care, and spiritual practices or rituals that make you feel amazing. 

Block the time off, and allow yourself to commit to YOU, to being in a higher frequency, to allowing yourself some grace and gratitude space. ahhhh… love that space! 


9. Be Grateful and Graceful

I know this sounds odd, but Grace is actually love without attachment. Attachment to outcomes, to form, to ways, to rules or responsibilities, to relationships or to careers, to names or body types, to schedules and homes and possessions…

Yeah, it creates suffering. Massive. 

What if you could love unconditionally, without attaching to the way something or someone was? To the way life was? 

You’d be FREED UP to live life according to your own inner guidance system, and you’d enjoy it WAY more.

Couple this state of grace, with GRATITUDE. Gratitude practices are so amazing for lifting your vibration because they allow you to enhance where you are, without attaching to the way you think things “should” be.

Cool, huh?


10. Enjoy The Spiritual Journey + Surround Yourself With High Vibe Information, People, and Experiences!

One of the things that most of us don't realize, is how important it is to see the love and be the love we want to receive. This practice of compassion, loving what is, loving ourselves, and sharing that love with others...

It's INCREDIBLY magnetic and it matters when you want to change the world and your internal state. 

Life DOES feel better when you're being loving, and enjoy being here on Earth, right?!


Well, it starts within you.

Now that said, find a group of women or men or both who are on spiritual journeys with you and who GET you. I have found that surrounding myself with like minded spiritual friends who challenge me and yet support me, who have fun adn enjoy the ride, has been very expansive for me personally. I feel good, and i love to love on them!

I wanted to create more of that for people, because sometimes, we get lonely you know? So I created more community experiences this year where people could connect and share and make friends and get some spiritual support and coaching to help you elevate your state!

A. The Intuitive Soul Collective is my private membership tribe that's open to all - and it's truly an amazing opportunity to have fun, share your spiritual insights, and experience more support than ever!

Check it out here


B. The Infinitely Wise Woman program is all about elevating your state and trusting yourself MORE than EVER before.

The women in it are finding that they're leading with love, and their intuition is on high!

The program and high-vibe community of spiritually loving and fun women will be opening for enrollment again soon... 

Join the Waitlist here to be the first to know and get a personal invite from me!


What other Receiving Rituals have you built into your daily or weekly schedule?

What are you incorporating and committing to now?

How do you feel about bringing in more LUV?

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