Are you sabotaging your own success?

How do you know if you're being realistic, or smart? If you're making decisions from a place of fear, or from a place of growth?

In the latest episode of the Adventure Knocks Podcast, I spoke to the amazing Britny West, a thriving Mindset Coach for entrepreneurs and found out the answers to those exact questions!

Though I’ve known Britny for a little while now, this is probably one of the most amazing conversations I’ve ever had.

We talked about mindset work, attitude, gratitude, fear and sabotage, and she shared the primary reasons that entrepreneurs don’t create success.

Britny is running her successful coaching business while living and traveling abroad, and she’s currently in Thailand where she recently hosted her first retreat.

Plus, hear her advice on how to really do mindset work so that you’re able to grow.

Learn more about Britny and all that she does for the world at

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