Let's talk about PERMISSION.

You think you need permission to create, to connect, to earn, to receive, to grow and to THRIVE and be HAPPY from everyone else. You need it from your spouse, or your parents, or your boss, or your kid, or your bank, or your community, or your imaginary friend who lives in your head.

You are the only one who can give you permission. To create. To have. To be. To do. To LEAD.


I used to think I couldn't do what I wanted, because I didn't get to have a say. For 12 years, I competed in a year-round sport that I hated. It left me drained, emotionally exhausted, and depressed. Not to mention resentful and angry all of the time.


I was afraid to quit. Afraid I would be unloved, that I would disappoint the people that mattered most to me. Afraid that I would lose my entire identity which was wrapped up in this thing that I hated.


I literally didn't KNOW for a long time that I could CHOOSE to have a different experience or attitude about my life.


So when I finally quit, I gave myself permission to have passion, to release resent and anger, to face fear and keep moving forward anyway. I gave myself permission to explore and do new things. To have all of the experiences, and to create all of the love and joy I wanted to.


But it took time to really step into that type of freedom. Because I wanted everyone else to give me permission to live my life...


When really, only I could do that for myself. My life may not be perfect, but it's pretty fantastic as it is, when I recognize that it is.


It's a choice, to face the fear and move forward creating anyway. It's a choice to put yourself out there. It's a choice.


Can you allow yourself to just BE and DO and HAVE and CREATE what you want to?


Can you take off the chains off, feel the fear or the resistance, and give yourself just 1% more permission to dream a little bigger, to do just one more thing to get closer, to create with just a little more purpose today?


No one else can give you that permission. Because internally recognizing it is what really allows you to have the internal FREEDOM to do it. The ability is there, but it's untapped when someone else has a hold (intentionally or not) on your guts.

Believe in YOU. Believe that it's WORTH IT. Believe that you're meant to do this, why else would you feel called to post this, or create that, or launch this, or serve this person in this way? For what reason would it be in your head, if not that it was meant for you to do it?


This is power. In a totally feminine and totally kick ass form.


Permission comes from within. {TWEET THIS}


It won't come from your husband, or your parents, or your child, or your boss, or your bank. Even if they say, "Go do YOU, baby!"


Permission and internal freedom comes from you.


If you gave yourself permission right now... what would you be doing full force? Share it with us in the comments below, or journal on it for a bit and let us know what comes up!


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