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I wanted to write about how wonderful this week had been, and then everything that happened last night in Paris... just happened. Sadly, it's not the only awful thing that happened this week, or this year... or ever in history.

I always get really drawn into things like this. They make my soul ache, my heart hurt. I'm sure you know what I mean. 

When I woke up I was having one of those mornings where I wasn't really sure what to do. I drove over to the cafe that I work out of on weekend mornings and sat in my car out front for half hour, wondering, "Should I even work on my biz this morning? How do I accomplish anything when something so awful just happened, when there are HUGE things going on in the world - this being just ONE that I know about? How can I possibly move forward today?"

Then I told myself to SHUT IT and listened to my intuition for a few minutes. Do you know what Lady Intuition said?

WE (you and I and every person out there)

are here to bring more into the world. 

The Sacre Coeur in Paris' Latin Quarter. This is one of my own photos, and a personal favorite memory.

The Sacre Coeur in Paris' Latin Quarter. This is one of my own photos, and a personal favorite memory.

We're here to bring more beauty, happiness, peace, prosperity and love in every form.

It doesn't matter if you are a mindset coach, a health coach, a marketing consultant, or someone who designs beautiful graphics or dresses for little girls. Maybe you're still thinking up your big idea.

It doesn't matter how your ideas and creations manifest.

We are here because we have a larger purpose we want to fulfill: to build legacies for ourselves, for the next generation, for the world. We want the world to be a better place, and everything we design, create and bring forth is a part of that mission and is made with love.

No matter what you have to get done or where you have to go, allow yourself the space to feel whatever you're feeling. Grieve. Get angry. Do what you need to do.


Keep your big plans.

Dream up ideas.

Spend time with your "whys".


This world will only see the end of the terrible things that happen, like last night in Paris or the countless other awful things going on in the world - by bringing 10X as much love, care and peace and happy by people like you. 

On that note, I'm going to save my fun updates for Monday, because that feels good to me. For you, please do what YOU need to do today.

I'm at the cafe now. I've decided that I'm going to move forward. I'm creating with the ideas I have in my heart, and I'm sending out more good vibes than humanly possible on a day like today.

Wishing peace and plenty and HAPPY for all of you.

With Love,

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