The October I know and love was always filled with leaves changing a ton of colors, lots of loving freedom to roam free, and a lot of laughs with friends around Halloween. My first memory of Fall was seeing the leaves change when I was about 3 or 4 years old and I can't ever explain how much that affected me.

The fact that leaves change, die, and fall off of the tree was a strange concept to me but I remember being reminded that it was just a part of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

As above, so below.

As the leaves are above, the leaves fold into themselves in the soil at the end of the season and begin to enrich the roots of the trees naturally.

It's kind of like a karmic cycle only without all of the drama that we like to attach to it, amiright?

So for October, I'd love to share the report with a lot of emphasis on REBIRTH and RECLAMATION.

The empathic side of me, wants to share with you all of the releasing I've been doing, but I know that with every release of my own crisp leaves brings a new refreshing time of rest and renewal when I know everything will be bringing new beginnings that are much much needed.


The first energy I'm feeling is reclamation. This isn't about leaving anything behind, even though many of us are feeling the pang of missing people or missing opportunities from the years prior. If you have lost a loved one, or if you've chosen not to move forward in some way or area of your life, don't fret, baby. It's allllll gravy.

I know that Carla Resnick, my friend and spiritual channel, and I did a livestream with live free readings on the ISC Facebook Page this past week, and what came through was all about people missing loved ones, parents and children alike.

Creating the life you love is not about missing out on people, places, things or experiences.

It's about experiencing all of life in its fullness - and that often means that you feel that pang of loss as though your loved one is where they need to meet you all the time... which sometimes isn't in the physical yet.

Mainly, with loss we feel it around the holidays. But with love, we know there is no loss truly because our relationships only grow and blossom with every new day, in every day there's a new beginning and a reclamation.

So if you're feeling you have vulnerably shown up and not gotten the response you wanted...
If you feel you're not in a place where you feel good...
If you feel regret or remorse over loss or unworthiness...



Your loving side is always there - the soul in you loves to play a game it seems where you don't know why you're doing what you're going to do.

but I promise with every desire, you see a mirroring affect and it's all about being who you are authentically. That's where you'll find yourself feeling the most free and yet... the most vulnerable.

RECLAIM your part, RECLAIM your love, RECLAIM your authentic desires.


Don't recoil, isolate, hide, or try to sit aside while others live life and you wallow.

Go out and live, even if you're feeling the pangs of release and rebirth. Let go, and flow.



So... here we are. October is a great month for your lovers to rekindle the flame if you get where we're going with this ;)

I know many of my friends and family and even myself are experiencing the rebirth of relationships. With lovers, with friends, with lovers from the past, with new faces and new places. It's cooling off and people want to bundle up more and more and stay in. May you be at peace wherever you are!

But most of all: what we are feeling is the relationship to the divine lovingly coming forward and bringing us an experience in which we can sit down and just feel LOVE.

I mean, come on! What is it about this thing that is sooooo... exciting?!

It's our inner vibration rising! And that allows us to connect not only with others, but with OURSELVES.

The truth is, our relationships are only as good as our relationships to ourselves. We each will only see the truth of what we believe in the faces and actions of others. I know it's been interesting to see myself affectionately calling in many men and women who are meant to be friends and long time ones at that. I'm loving the energy of the moment right now, and feeling it in my solar and sacral.

Anyone else? ;)

That all said: October is such a loving month. There's a sweetness to it, isn't there?

I love it personally, and I feel that many of us will see a rise in the desire for PARTNERSHIP.

Not just romantic (though all of life is romantic when you are in love with your self :))

We're seeing a rise in partnership in many ways - and for many, that means that the old must go or change forms.

Maybe we are partnering with the universe more willingly because we are finally aware of everything lining up for us (as if it wasn't...)

Maybe we're more aware of who we are, and it makes us magnetic. I know I've been attracting a lot of opportunities to speak, to lovingly guide others, to channel, to do group readings, to host retreats and go to retreats...

And yes... even dating is popping back into my life when I didn't expect it to. Not mad about it!

That all said, keep your hearts open and allow yourself to be around people who make you feel good, seen, heard.

Being open to all means you must lovingly guide yourselves.

May you be at peace and love the ones you're with.



Don't be surprised if you experience a sort of elevation of your senses - an opening of your clairs, or to be blunt:

Don't be surprised if you experience some super woo shit.

It was around this time a few years ago that I started to have my first very clear medium experiences. It was very emotional, and at that time, I didn't know how to explain this feeling that someone or something was "with me" all the time. I didn't know how to tell anyone that I kept seeing a deceased spiritual being (fully loving) standing in my kitchen, or giving me signs or messages. Around this time, I became more and more aware that everything I'd been thinking and feeling was true and that I was truly waking up to mediumship and psychic abilities. I believe we ALL have them and just tune them out by choice or societal conditioning.

This time of year we will see more and more collectively experiencing heightened states of awareness, coming in many forms... here are a few:
- Feeling the feelings of others
- Downloading insights around specific focus areas that haven't come before
- Feeling out of sorts and questioning long-held belief systems
- Experiencing more and more activity from spiritual realms and not knowing how to explain it
- Seeing and hearing things that others aren't (and wondering if you're insane in the membrane)
- Feeling overly emotional and finding yourselves picking up on the emotions of others 
- Getting messages from loved ones and not knowing how to share them or where they came from
- Heightened intuition or instincts to go somewhere, do something, say something, etc
- Feeling lovingly guided to be more of YOU and less of what everyone else wants you to do or be (yep... restlessness)

Don't feel you have to go it alone on this journey. I'm here for you if you'd like to join up with me privately or with a group of women who are opening up, practicing their psychic and mediumship skills, and sharing and supporting one another.

Book a call here if you're in need of some support or if you just need to hear you're not crazy!