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I took my little guy to the zoo on Friday. I was going to be in Breckenridge, alone, without him, all weekend, so it was #qualitytime!

Of course, Finn was obsessed with the monkeys (who else?!) As I watched the animals in their cages, a thought came to mind: 

We have total FREEDOM. 

We get to choose, we get to live, and love, and create what we want, when we want.

So why are we constantly putting ourselves in this "never enough" cage? 

I was so excited about this, especially after my weekend in Breck, that I did a livestream on it.

I hear so many of you say that you never have enough time or money to do, or be or have what you want... 

But what you're really saying is that you're stuck, and you don't believe YOU are enough

So instead of creating a business that lights you up, and a life that you feel ALIVE in... you put yourself in the cage creatively, spiritually, emotionally.

his topic of The Cage gets me so fired up, there's even an entire fudging chapter about it in my book, and I've done several podcasts on it.

What if you weren't holding yourself back? 

hat if you don't need to do or be more... what if you focused on being LESS?

What if you went after what you wanted - the life, the play, the joy, the simplicity, the adventures, the business, the wealth - the whole freaking shebang?! No holds barred!

What if you did business your way?

What if you model facilitated the exact lifestyle you wanted - not the one that I or anyone else told you to have?


This Cage is what's making you tired and worn out. It's not that you don't have the time, energy, or money to be happier and more fulfilled.

What if your work, your play, your purpose, your mission... was all about your sole function in the world:


Guess what? You can be. You can be more productive, more joyful, more adventurous, more at ease, more intuitive and inspired and focused.

Monkey See, Monkey Do. Authenticity Isn't From A Cage #banburnout by Allison Horner, Business + Productivity Coach for entrepreneurial women

You can BE the woman who unlocks the cage and does it HER WAY.

Pure freaking joy. That's what this is.

This VIDEO is for YOU.

I'll speak with you soon!

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