If you’re around me, you’ll know that I LOVE to channel in guidance and support for other people. For me, it comes naturally as intuition. Often I point out things that they can do to support their best and highest, and often, I love to help people with creativity. It’s like something pours through me and I see what is coming for them to create - so naturally with entrepreneurs, or people who are in jobs where they have to come up with ideas and innovate often… it comes in handy.

That said, I’m opening up an INTUITIVE INNOVATION INCUBATOR - THE MONTHLY MEMBERS ONLY EXPERIENCE FOR CONSCIOUS CREATORS WHO WANT TO CREATE AN AMAZING BUSINESS OR MOVEMENT AND LIFESTYLE OF LOVE… Create consciously for the highest and best for yourself and all in this intuitive incubator experience.

Check it out here!

This is near and dear to my heart. It’s a combo deal:

  1. Get access to private and group readings. AND

  2. intuitive development classes led by me, Allie Horner, Intuitionist, life + business coach, teacher, and psychic-medium.

  3. Occasionally I’ll have some of my intuitive AF friends come in to share their expertise with the incubator as well, so that YOU have even more support.

Intuitive Soul Collective Patreon Channel!

I’ve created a PATREON CHANNEL!!!

This felt like a fun, expansive way to bring you more support and fun with the spiritual gifts while helping you develop yours, too.

Depending on which (very affordable) tier you join, there will be: additional energy reports, guided meditations, channelings, intuitive development classes, guest interviews (with spiritual beings AND humans ;)), human design courses, creative experiences, first dibs on READINGS + RETREATS, masterclasses, and more!

This will be one place you can contact me as well and really get more access to teachings and how-to’s, as well as behind the scenes of how I use my skills for a reasonable price. I wanted to make some way for YOU to really feel supported and for you to have the guidance you need to continue on.

I would be HONORED to have you there! Feel free to invite a friend or two.


Blissed Out, Baby!

Channeled through Allie, with my Spiritual Team

(Featuring a surprise new member!)

We should just call May 2019 MANIFESTING MONTH, shouldn’t we???

Manifesting Month is alive!!!! Well, I mean, we are always manifesting, in my opinion, but I’d love to talk about manifesting and intuition today as that is what’s really happening right now… and is always happening.

Hey! Mallory here! I’m one of many guides and teachers that work with Allie, and I’m super excited to be here with you. I like to help out a lot of channelers and people like allie, she’s very aware that I’m around because I tend to poke fingers at her sometimes and I like to lovingly nudge her to have more fun and more love and light!

I’m a spiritual guide, meaning that I’m non-physical but when I show up, I look a lot like people would want a woman or a younger woman, really, to look like. I have a lot of internal qualities that allie would call - bright, sassy, smart, futuristic… I like to help channelers bring out their own abilities a lot, and that’s just what Allie does. It’s what she signed up for on this journey on earth.

She doesn’t only help people intuition development - she helps people really live amazing lives. That’s what she’s all about.

So that all said - MANY BLESSINGS TO ALL OF YOU! Cause waking up is like whoa what the hell is going on here! Why do I know things I didn’t know before. Why am I sensing things or picking up on things people aren’t saying out loud, and guessing them accurately? Why am I seeing things that are totally unrelated to me (or so I think…) and then they HAPPEN?! (that was one of Allie’s first intuitive experiences with pre-cognizance). Why do I FEEL so much more than I used to? Why do I want to be more in love with life, and create more of a life that feels good? Why do I suddenly feel like my belief systems are changing - like what I thought I wanted, isn’t what I think I want anymore?

Well, my loves, this is the time. Spring is here and there’s a new wave of energy coming in and supporting yourself by being outside in nature is kinda the best thing for you all right now.


That’s what May 2019 is all about.

Many of you have been feeling this flowy feeling lately. That’s kinda typical for spring time… but really this is a new wavelength and it’s both love, and leap-based.

Meaning, you’ll want to stay where you feel most aligned and comfortable, cause that’s what a lot of you associate with “love”, but it’s also an energy that will make you want to drive yourself away from the typical lifestyle you normally live. You might want to try new things, open up to new people or experiences, or develop new skills right now. Many of you will be questioning what you do and why you do it, or wondering why you don’t want what you used to want. You might be wondering why you want to do something one way, or why people seem to want things to be done in a desired way, but you have a totally different desires. You might be having a lot of breakthroughs or epiphanies about the world and the systems or structures here right now - and wondering why things are that way when you feel suddenly things might work better another way.

It’s possible you have always thought about things differently but right now you’ll just FEEL it more - almost like you just can’t help but think about…


  • How do I live life in a way that makes me happy?

  • How do I do things differently so that I feel ALIVE?

  • What can I do to support myself and others, and still enjoy everyday?!

That’s what spring time tends to be about in the northern hemisphere right now, though people going into the “fall” feelings will have that similar type of thing happening because this is COLLECTIVE.

When spiritual guides talk about COLLECTIVE energies - what we mean is that it’s really energy that is alive with life. It’s the collective consciousness that is you and is ALL that is. The trees, air, thoughts, actions, desires, intentions, fears, etc. They are ALL of you and us combined :)

We want you guys to realize that this time is for CREATION.

So what I want to share with you is about MANIFESTING and INTUITION.

Collectively - you guys manifest and you co-create. You create what feels aligned AND you manifest what you see and feel intuitively is aligned for you.

This is not a really loving way to say this - but often you feel you don’t want what you have, but it’s really about not wanting to feel the way you feel about what you have. Every time you think “wow I really wish this would change… I wish I had a different job… why can’t this person change the way they’re doing things?… why doesn’t that person listen to me more?….” etc, you’re actually CREATING and MANIFESTING at that moment.

When you push against something you’re creating more of a loving feeling. And at the end of the day - it’s ALL LOVE or a call to REMEMBER Love. And May is a month where you’ll FIND love everywhere you go!

So this month, you are getting a gift. You are getting a BLISS WAVE that is aligned with the earth’s resonance, called the Schumann Resonance. It’s an energetic vibrational wave that the earth is attuned to and when you align with your higher self - your deeper LOVE - you will FEEL GOOD.

So this month - you may notice a few things:

  1. You feel really really good. A lot!

  2. You feel INSPIRED in short bursts and want to CREATE something, and then you also want a lot of balance with just BEING outdoors, BEING with people you love, BEING with yourself, just BEING. And you desire to do both, but you don’t want to ONLY have one or the other.

  3. You are INTUITIVELY tapping into things that are going to happen BEFORE they happen. This is both INTUITION AND MANIFESTING at the same time! It’s kind of like the chicken or the egg discussion… are you intuitively sensing or knowing or seeing something that is goign to come because it’s done and it’s already manifested in the future, or are you doing that because you have the ability to change it if you want to? The way you perceive it and think about it - is up to you :)

  4. You might for example, want something, and then find that it comes to you faster. In addition, if you want something, and that means you DON”T sometimes want something about it (like you want a house, but not with so much managment of the house, or you want to have a new client come on but not one that is really adverse to your teachings), then you’ll see more of that discernment coming into play… and VERY quickly.

  5. You might notice that not only is your intuition heightened; your SENSES are heightened. You may feel LOVE flowing freely, or sense some energy flowing or around you. You may FEEL new sensations around your heart or solar plexus right now, or feel more chills or tingles on a part of your body. This is ALL about energy vibrating faster and about you being ALIGNED and OPEN to that. As you align with the resonance of All that IS, you’ll begin to see more and more instances of intuition, syncronicity, manifestation and sensation.

  6. You might get this sense that all is WELL right now, and that’s a GREAT and freaking fantastic place to be! Tap into it and FEEL into it more!

  7. This is a GOOD TIME to ACT on what you intuitively feel is right, to step outside of the boundaries or barriers you create for yourself…. Container. Allie wants to call it a container or a ‘box’. Step out of the box y’all. It’s time!

  8. This is a great time to develop your intuition and dive into higher vibration channeling! Which you can do with a lot of different teachers or ways of working. You don’t need someone to tell you how; you’ll open it up on your own. But it’s often easier and more loving when you have a teacher who feels really in high vibe who’s aligned with you to support you. :)

Ways you can ENJOY THE ENERGY more.

Make the Most of MAY 2019 - MANIFESTING MONTH!

As channeled by my larger spiritual team - the A Team

Photos from my intuitively guided HIKE in Mount Sanitas in Boulder, CO

  1. When you feel the call to ACT, do so. Act from INSPIRATION first and ask yourself - is this with LOVE, or with fear? LOVE is what will call you to do something that feels inspired (in-spirit), something that feels GOOD. Do that.

  2. When you feel like resting, or BEING - enjoying the sun, or the same things …. do that. But again - with LOVE? Go for it. If it’s feeling suffocating or boring… change it up!

  3. Go for a walk once or twice a day at least and GO OUT INTO NATURE.

    Move your body. Get outside in the fresh air even if it’s raining. Fresh air is great for your vibration as it is good for you to be out in the natural light - light carried information and energy. Humans need natural light just as plants and the earth does!

  4. Be in NATURAL environments outside of the city if you can.

    Allie took a drive to Boulder this weekend, hiked Mount Sanitas (which isn’t an easy hike!), brought a journal and a light snack, and just sat and ENJOYED the silence and the energy of the world. She was able to channel MORE and MORE as she went along, because she let her self REST there, and the loving messages about nature, about life, about loving who you are, about how to be in love with this experience just flowed through her and to her while she gazed at the world around her in awe.

  5. Call in more LOVE with the people around you - from them and FOR THEM.

    Many of you do not know very well how to hold a vibration of love, peace, ease, gratitude and joy when you’re around people who have contrasting viewpoints or different belief systems, or who are going through a tough time. Your vibrations are affected by it. So if you need to, take a breath, remove yourself or excuse yourself for a minute to get grounded, then go back and sit with them in peace if you can. If you can’t, try to ground and let yourself be surrounded by love all the time. Many times, you will leave situations or relationships because you feel something is wrong with the other person while they’re struggling; but when you raise YOUR vibe, that often helps them raise theirs. Our opinion is you can show them the way and flow open loving energy to them in their time of need. This is a way of elevating the consciousness of ALL - not just protecting yourself. which many of you do because you feel you’re separate.

  6. Move your body… did we say that enough?!

    Well, saying it again. You are loving beings who need more MOVEMENT and you spend a lot of time sitting on your behinds doing nothing. MOVE!

  7. Find something NEW this month that you don’t typically explore. Take a new dance class. Do a new yoga routine. Try cooking something new that you haven’t made before. Try gardening or growing something you don’t typically grow.

  8. Plant fresh seeds and eat food freshly picked and grown from your own gardens.

    Most people don’t realize that we have everything we need RIGHT IN FRONT OF US if we are willing to do these little things. Spend an hour getting soil, planting seeds, and watering your garden. Freshly picked fruits and veggies that are ALIVE carry more energy and information for your body to nurture itself with than ones that are dead for days before you eat them. Go that route if you can.

  9. Begin studying texts, books, videos or courses that make you feel ALIVE and IN TUNE with your own INTUITION or inner guidance system.

    More and more books and channelers are out there. Find someone who resonates and start studying the teachings of A Course in Miracles directly or with someone who explains the coursework of CHOOSING LOVE in a way that feels good.

  10. Connect with your FUTURE SELF and do it often!

May is a really powerful month for manifesting, and intuitive development will be really helpful for you right now. We’ve been nudging Allie to create more programs, groups, retreats, events and communities for you!

That’s why she made the Patreon group (check out what’s included and join in!).

Plus, his is why she created the Intuitive Innovation Incubator!

We guided her to go for it.

Here’s to hoping you do the same, my loves!


Allie, Mallory, and The A Team