March Energy Report by Allie Horner -

MARCH is going to be a very expansive month, and it already is. 

There is a lot of energy playing around with the bursts of cold and snow, and yet the warm fronts are flooding in.

This time of year is about transition and transformation. Especially in 2019. 

This is also a reminder that because of this, you may feel the undercurrents of change, the underlying fear that bubbles up is only about the perception that change is not ok. That fear you feel is ok and safe to feel, because there is LOVE present beneath that illusion.

When we are afraid of what is to come, we must remember something: we are expansive and alive with life. We hold love within us.

You may feel this month that you must burn old bridges, leave old parts of your business or career or relationships behind. You may feel that you must plan a trip or move.

This time of year leaves people aching for change - to be clear, it's not the time of year. It's the COLLECTIVE energy waves breaking against the shores.

When we feel expanding purpose, we often work to bring it forward even more. Sometimes we feel we must leave it all behind. But nothing is further from the Truth;

you cannot leave behind what you ARE.

You've simply been guided to build and rebuild, to expand upon your previous plans, to see the deeper discovery and gold waiting beneath your old vision.

Now is the time to look deeper and connect to the heart of your purpose;

why are you here?
why do you want what you want?
why do you do what you do?
how can you create adventure in the everyday?

Adventures are everywhere and in every moment.

It is time to look about you with fresh eyes and feel the LIFE that you bring to every experience.

Experiences do not give us life. Experiences do not make us happy. Experiences do not create us or catalyze us.

People are not responsible for our love or happiness or peace or security.

We bring life, love and happiness to the experiences.
We bring love to people.

We bring what we are, and when you are aware of that you can find that LIFE, that LOVE, that JOY in any person, place, or thing.

It is in the big leap, and the seemingly mundane.
From a roller coaster ride, to a first date, to a snow covered mountain, or a leaf on the ground.

That LIFE you bring, is felt everywhere in everyone.

Bring it forth by letting yourself remember that you are a member of the COLLECTIVE ENERGY that is all of us.

What you do for yourself, you do for all.

When you love yourself, you love all.

When you share your love, you share it with all.

Bring your peace to feel your power.

If you want to bring more peace into your relationships, more clarity and direction and strategy into your business for fresh breakthroughs, more ease and joy into your energy and adventure into your everyday...

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Side note!

ooohhhhhh that March energy feels good y'all!

It's funny how we want to camp out and have adventures and fun, but at the same time, we think we need to buckle down and sit on our laptops.

The thing is, often when we are playful, we expand in new directions.

I know that when I play outside - when I go hiking, out for a walk, when I meditate in the woods or head out skiing on a weekday...

I feel really really LIT UP.
My energy elevates.
I feel alive with life.

And suddenly new innovative ideas are downloading, clarity comes, and so does compassion and connection.

There's a really amazing gift that comes when we're expanding; 
we feel excited about life again.

That's where you get the downloads, where the inspiration comes...


When do you feel alive?
What gives you life?
What gives you the INSPIRATION to speak, act, feel deeply or LOVE fully?

Follow those butterflies and go where you need to go :)