This is one of the most fascinating pieces of wisdom I’ve EVER channeled from my spiritual perspective. My guides and teachers LOVE to talk about non-dualistic perspectives, because in the spiritual realms, everything is Love and Light.

They insist that we were made with love, in love, for love, by love. and that we cannot BE anything but that Love, but we forget this here on earth.

So this confused me because in our modern new age teachings, we hear about karma being past life regressions or transgressions, decisions, relationships, issues and mistakes or loves repeating themselves until we “clear them”.

In this world, we also hear about manifestation/law of attraction. My team has insisted that Abe Hick’s teachings are REAL but only if you listen deeply to the perspective the are giving you where you are. They will always meet you where YOU are (or where you think you are.;))

So with manifestation and law of attraction, the concept is that what you put out, you get back. If you feel angry, you receive experiences to reflect that. If you feel happy and grateful, you receive back experiences to reflect that. If you feel amazingAF, you will attract experiences with people to reflect that.

Now here’s the deal that I’ve been taught; I read A Course in Miracles and so I’ve been asking - in the Course it talks about how what we ARE is Love, and how all fear is illusion. If that is the case, then there is NO fear frequency to attract and in fact… there is no other frequency BUT love.

Since law of attraction/manifestation/karma are all about the frequencies we exist in… then it would make those concepts moot point.

This blew my mind, and it’s been coming up again for me - even long after I taught a non-dualistic perspective on manifesting in Manifest Fest! Last year - which was SUPER FUN by the way ;)

Here’s what they have to say…

We’re with you again, our friends and family!

We are the A Team - Allison’s group of spiritual guides and teachers from the non-physical realms of love and light, for that is all there truly is here. Love and light. That is what you are and it is where you came from before you came into these bodies, and you are still now only love. But you forget that because of the free will practices that exist in your planet’s areas of focus. You are allowed to perceive fear or anger, to attack or judge, to measure and see if one thing feels wrong or right, bad or good. We do not interfere with this at all as it is part of your experience and you chose it.

Now that all being said and done, you are here in the physical world to experience manifestation over linear time. This requires some physicality - meaning you had to slow down the manifestation process to really ENJOY IT. To bring something to form over time is a really delicious experience in our perspective - we exist in non linear time which is truly now. There is only NOW, there is not a real past or future. Those things do not exist but for the case you are here to make with us, we will entertain your concepts of time.

In time, you feel that things happen because of time passing. They do not. Experiences and expectations really create quite a lot of confusion on your plane of experience - they create a lot of inner turmoil for you because you feel time is the teacher and leader. You think it has a hold over you. you feel at the mercy of it, and you feel it will be your guiding light to be free of time constructs.

That said, our perspective which Allison has see, is that even when you ‘jump the line’ as she has - when you see future, or you are able to do something QUICKLY that normally would take time to master on your plane, it almost robs you of the joy of learning how to do that thing, or it robs you of the joy of manifesting and creating that experience… you actually do rather enjoy watching things unfold totally in linear time.

That is what manifestation and free will is really about! Fate and free will are truly the same thing on our plane of experience; we know what is to be and what is to be is already DONE in our eyes because it is not about the TIME it takes to unfold or create something…

It is about the perspective of LOVING the thing no matter what form it takes.

Form does matter to you, but in our non-physical realm, form is moot point. It doesn’t exist. There is no form; so we can manifest the experiences we want at the drop of a hat without having to learn or to do anything.

This is why a Course iN Miracles said repeatedly, “you need do nothing” and you are everything.

The course is a non-dualistic perspective meaning that there is no fear; there is only Love. This is what you KNOW in your hearts to be true, but when you forget this Truth, you feel discord and that discord comes across as seemingly negative emotions. But those emotions are not negative; they are only misperceived.

Your free will allows you to PERCEIVE what ever it is you want, meaning you are allowed to FEEL or JUDGE your feelings. You are allowed by free will to LOVE unconditionally but you do not, and yet you DO innately. You only forget that you do.

Unconditional love is all there is and if you really feel it truly inside of you, you realize that any experience, can be positive in your perspective. You look upon a homeless person and see only love, and you want to love them more. You look at a child and you love them innately and want to protect them innately or care for them as your own, because you recognize they are part of you.

Scientifically, we feel it is important to state that science backs this up quite well by the theory that everything is energy; if it was not all energy manifesting into selected forms by your consciousness, you would not see the beautiful forms your creative energy can look upon.

That is why a manifestation is so powerful to you; it is YOUR creation in your mind’s eye. You choose to perceive it and judge it as bad or good, wrong or right, ugly or beautiful, strong or weak, and so on.

Everything you create in your world has a positive or negative charge, but only because you LOVE yourself fully enough to allow your self FREE WILL in the perception of choice; in your LOVE for yourself, you decided that you wanted to be FREE to love any experience.

Why is it the case then that you come here in separate forms? Why is there free will? Because LOVE itself wants to experience itself freely and unconditionally as it the TRUE NATURE of what it is, and it cannot do that in the way that would be fun or pleasing if it was not allowed to come to form.

Free will allows love to be Unconditional.

If love was conditional, if there was no free will to choose your own perception, then you would not truly be able to LOVE at all. That is not what Love is about. Love is about loving itself and seeing itself, knowing or feeling or hearing itself, in every form created. It was all about experiencing love in every form, including within the hearts of all beings who think love is “out there” and not within them. The paradox is that it is very hard for you to feel LOVE for another unconditionally when you do not feel that unconditional love for yourself first and foremost. When you feel that god or unconditional love is full of conditions and punishments, rules and restrictions or regulations, then that love feels outside of you ,and you believe you must get it through different beings or experiences. Relationships are powerful but love itself was never about having a relationship to prove itself worthy or get love from another; it was always about experiencing love without any conditions, purely and freely.

Why is free will the cruz of manifestation and proves that manifestation is REAL but only from a LOVING perspective?

Well because only love is real, and that love is unconditional, and if everything is that ONE unconditional loving energy, then there is no fear frequency in reality. That fear is only felt in your mind’s eye; it is a choice to feel it. That does not mean that we write off your experiences that are torture to your psyche. But despite going through experiences that feel like turmoil or pain, you can always choose to remember LOVE in spite of the physical creation of them.

This is not easy for the human mind to grasp and even Allison struggles with the concept at times; she practices the Course work and manifests a lot of beautiful experiences in which she learns to LOVE despite outer or inner experiences being a match or mismatch to what she thinks she wants or doesn’t want. This is contrast at its finest!

To see love for yourself or another despite your actions, your thoughts, your beliefs, your perceptions or joined feelings…

That is what unconditional love is. That is what god is. That is what this universe is. It is a collective creative energy that is here not for judgment or punishment;

It is here for EXPERIENCE.

Every experience is neutral; how you feel about it is not. That is your power.

When you judge an experience your mind’s eye forgets that you have not chosen to love in that experience, so often, you wear down your energy by stressing and focusing on love being out there, away from you, something you must get or find or earn or keep and not lose.

Love is what you ARE.

If you believe this or begin to simply entertain the idea a bit, it may challenge you and it may also feel like HOME TO YOU.

When love is all there is, then nothing is separate from that LOVE and therefore, any manifestation or co-creation is moot point; because nothing is created in fear or love; it is all only Love. It is only our perception that changes that Love into a scary costume or an ungodly one.

Do you see how you can cause your own madness if you question what is happening to you?

This is why we often put ourselves into the love and light frequency and bring information and teachings to you though beings like Allison who can channel quite clearly. They are working to divinely guide others through clear choice of their own soul’s work here on earth; their work is all about play, and they do not judge what other people choose to do very often. This is how we know when we are choosing a channel who can bring messages that make no sense to some, but feel like HOME to others.

Trust is a key component of channeling new information into the fields you reside in because you wanted to come to the plane you are in without memory, with complete free will.

If you would like to come and lovingly guide yourselves toward channeling in this way, or into a new paradigm in which you’ll be guided over and over by fine tuning your intuition toward love and light, we will of course assist you freely as your teachers and guides. You all have guides and teachers and we work with many beings on your plane as parts of our soul family, whether you know this or not, whether you connect with us consciously as Allison and many other channelers/mediums/psychics do, or not. We do not judge your experience. All you must do is let us come to guide you with LOVE in your heart, and ask for the loving guidance to find you and you’ll be supported instantly.

If you’d like more time to connect with us through Allison, book a reading and we will talk about heightening your abilities through specific practices tailored to you shortly.

We will wish you great love in your life and bring you home to love itself in good time. We love you all immensely and cannot wait to connect with you all! But then again… we can :)

With love and gratitude for Allison for channeling this transmission,

The A Team and The Love Consciousness