Make your travels easy and energizing with essential oils

I don't know about you, but we have many travels coming up in the coming months, starting with a 1,000 mile (literally) roadtrip from Denver, CO to Chicago at the end of this month. Gotta go see the big, Italian fam!

(Finn can't stop talking about going to Gramma and Jim's house - Jim is my dad, Grandpa Jim. Finn just calls him Jim instead of Grandpa for some reason... ;))

Traveling in the car or on a plane for hours can mean all sorts of things... stress, stomach upset, colds or headaches, or did I mention stress already? 


Remember this before you travel and leave your business, your laptop and your clients or projects on PAUSE.

1. You DESERVE a break. Really, you do. Just for being you. You DO care a lot and you deserve to rest, to explore, to reset, to enjoy immersing yourself in a new adventure. Give yourself this gift of having a new experience with the people you love (or even on your own... solo travel is GOOD for the soul!)

2. Space is GOOD for creativity, for energy, for infusing your work with the best and most magnetic energy you've got.

3. Fuel and nurture yourself, and you support everyone else (in and out of your business) FAR better. 

I've got some special deal-io's on essential oils for you if you'd like to move through your travels with WAY more ease and less well, stress! (and if you order 2 or more from me and my special link below this month, I'll gift YOU with a free guided meditation!)

Now, you KNOW I love a good adventure (hello!), and becoming part of the amazing doTerra team is just another step into that. I love how their organic and all natural (and totally sustainably sourced) essential oils smell, how they make me feel, the quality of the products, the integrity of the company and how they treat their peeps...

It's a great company.

Plus, I love that these oils infuse my skin or my room with scent to set the tone, shift the energy, and create the mood. 

These scents below are both practical and magical and perfect for travel.

(Hello, they're even travel-sized!)

Pick one or two and add them to your travel kits BEFORE you hit the road.

- Ginger or Peppermint for motion sickness (hello, roadtrips, fast food, and bumpy flights!)

- Serenity is calming and soothing for sleeping in new environments or adjusting to time changes a wee bit faster. (Yep, you can use this one to help the kiddos sleep better, too!)

- Peace can help calm you if you're having anxiety or stress from your travels, the endless itineraries, or stuck in traffic or security lines...

... or if you're stuck in a car for 8 hours with Aunt Mildred who keeps asking you what exactly it is you do in your business and why don't you go get a REAL job..... grab some Peace, and get a bit more into your compassionate side.

Even my brother ordered Peace for his everyday life as he's normally stressed out with anxiety disorder.  

- Balance is great for grounding and jet lag.

It's one of my FAVORITES when paired with Lemon. It makes it smell woodsy, clarifying, grounding, AND energizing. Refreshing, eh!? (For those of you who feel discombobulated or overwhelmed by all of the logistics and changes in travel, this is GREAT to keep you present and totally stop forgetting things!)

- Probiotics to prep your stomach for new germs so you can spend less time feeling yucky and more time feeling hella good!

- Digestive Enzymes for gas, bloating and constipation (flying, drinking different water and eating fast foods can cause probs, and you don't have time for that!)

- Deep Blue for neck tension, leg or muscle aches from sitting on a plane or in the car.

This is also great for tension headaches or MIGRAINES - which tend to hit when you're traveling and logistically managing #allofthethings (As a long-time migraine sufferer, I can tell you that this is THE. BEST. feeling and totally all natural pain relief when applied to the temple! Perfect in a pinch.)

Even better? Order any 2 oils from me in the month of March, and you'll gain access to a guided meditation JUST for those of you who need support with travel and making CHANGE magical and easy instead of overwhelming.

Need one or ANY of the above? Grab it here!


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