Have you ever had a decision you had to make, and maybe you had a few equally good options to choose from?

This happened to me recently when I was thinking about which product or program I wanted to release next. I knew what my instinct was, but then I started to second-guess myself.

Ever been there?

Do you get caught up analyzing every possibility? Do you feel like you have to think about the options just one more time? Do you feel like if you just Google one more thing, or call your dad to talk through it again… then you’ll be able to decide?

But then you do those things, and you are STILL stuck feeling like you can’t make a decision?

Great business owners who create success quickly are decisive, confidence, and clear in their direction.

On this episode of the Adventure Knocks Podcast (listen HERE on iTunes or HERE on Stitcher) we’re talking about chronic indecision and over analysis, and I think it’ll help YOU start to make decisions and take action with confidence.

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