About two years ago, I had a complete overhaul of my thoughts and emotions out of nowhere.

I’d get stressed out about money, and I’d hear - “is that thought true?”

I’d get upset with myself for eating too much and my old pattern was to exercise for hours everyday to “make up for it”. But the voice began to jump in...
“This means nothing about you. Can You move out of the way and be kinder to yourself about this?”

I’d get stressed out about work and how much I thought I needed to do to be successful (turns out I was WAY WRONG - I actually needed LESS), and that voice would interject - 

“What if you did this differently, in a way that made you happy? Wouldn’t that be more loving and make you happier?”

Someone would say something, without meaning to be mean. But my ego would take over, and I would assume the person had ill intent. So the voice would return:

“Do you really believe that thought about him? Look deeper. That’s not how he meant that at all.”

The Voice became my constant companion. 

It sat with me day and night, helping me see how my own thoughts about myself and the world around me were nothing but misinterpretations.

It’s madness to believe a thought unquestioned.

I became so much more alive again - more peaceful, loving, happier, open, non-judgmental, FREE - once I began to hear The Voice.

For the past two years - any time I’ve had an unloving thought or felt angry, afraid, or ashamed, or when I felt threatened or attacked, The Voice has guided me, 

“There is no conflict possible in love. Would you like to look at this the way you are - which is creating so much pain? Or would you like to see the love beneath this, and begin to live freely?”

Of course, the Truth would be revealed to me about the person, the situation, or about myself...

And it was NOT what I’d thought at All. Instead I saw the heart of it, and it totally brought me love.

I’d find myself feeling compassion, love, ease, and peace again. Because I was now seeing through a new lens.

Even when I witnessed things in the world that made me enraged or scared or sad - the Voice would ask....

“Can you choose Love instead of this? Up to you.”

There was even a time when I thought I literally wouldn’t survive - and the Voice came back: 

“To Live would be a great adventure. The irony of death, is that it’s only the ego that will die; your soul will speak for you now. And that’s all you ever were without your stories of who you thought you had to be to survive in this world.”

This is the Voice of Love.

This Inner Voice has helped me through so much.

It’s been my consistent passenger in the car as I embrace every adventure through life. 

But most of all - it’s consistently steered me in the direction I most needed to go in - even when it didn’t make sense at the time.

Sometimes I’d be so sad about things that happened in the past, and the Voice never left - instead it washed me over with a deep feeling of peace and gratitude.

I don’t know how else to convey this: listening to The Voice has completely changed the way I think, what I believe about myself and the world, and how I treat myself and others around me.

It changed how I feel about the past, present and future, and it’s never led me wrong. 

If anything I’ve learned that we choose the one thing we don’t know we can Choose:

We can choose peace and love at any time.

No matter what the circumstances.

And this choice - as my inner Voice tells me - is from choosing not to believe our old stories or thoughts. 

To Live would be a great adventure.

To Love is the only adventure.


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