I feel it.

The creative surge. The inspired and intuitive action. The desire to CREATE and CULTIVATE. The power within me growing, and it's like a light is beaming straight out of my ass into the Universe!

That powerful person in me who LOVES life and wants to create, laugh, love and have wild adventures is HERE. And she never leaves, even when I rest. 

It's time to CREATE. To DO. To JUMP. To ACT.

When I expand through a massive trigger like the past few days, I realize what I'm doing - the story I'm telling myself. I talk to my girls, and I call upon my own inner source - that wild and wonderful woman that KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK TO DO and WHEN to do it.

By resting and cultivating that inner light, and love for life again... by LEANING BACK, I fall into trust.

Literally, it's like a trust fall. I can't help it. When shit comes up for questioning in my own mind - I have to LEAN IN and yet OUT again.

And I lean WAY, WAY IN.

Into the fray, and back out into the LOVE that I know and trust within me. 

I lean IN, way in, to create and participate...

And then back out, into trust, faith, flow, unfolding, breathing, being, silence, stillness... 

Curious, quiet and observant, I sit and listen.

And in that space, even then, I am CREATING.

REST - BEING with yourself - is essential for the creative energy in you to be felt and cultivated. It's creative energy that beams from us and makes us who we were meant to be, and who we are already.

When I REST, for just long enough, but not SO LONG that I feel anxiety... pressure, like I'm WAITING for someone to tell me it's safe, it's okay to leap, to go, to join in, to lead, to move forward...

I look within and feel that LOVE, that CREATIVE SOURCE ENERGY emanating from me.

Then I JUMP IN. Feet first, hair on fire, it's GO TIME.

And there's no where I want to BE, other than in that wild and excited energy of BEING IN THE MOST WILD ADVENTURE THAT IS MY LIFE.

This is when I have my best ideas.
My clearest downloads.
My most simple and yet POWERFUL actions take place when I allow myself to DIVE IN from inspiration instead of fear or lack.

This is when I am IN trust mode and I feel VITALITY.

It's when I remember I'm living and co-creating a fucking ADVENTURE and it is my choice to enjoy it and embrace it...
Or resist it and keep myself hiding.


Love is always there. We only recognize it or we don't.

Balancing these polarities - the energies - 

  • Masculine and Feminine
  • Sun and Moon
  • Doing and Being
  • Creating and Cultivating....

It's something I've begun to master, because I know what it's like to feel anxiety and keep making that BEING state, the resting state, the leaning back state... "lazy", wrong, apathetic...

And I know what it's like to burn yourself the fuck out because you're overcompensating and DOING so much that you literally end up exhausted in every way possible. Creatively, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically... it feels like rocks sitting on your shoulders.

I also know what it's like to feel the creative energy within you and not have a DAMN CLUE what to do with it, because you actually Know exactly what you want to Create, Do... where you wanna go, what you want to say, what you'd like to BE DOING at all times...

But you're afraid. Afraid of failure, rejection, losing love, fucking it up, doing so much and it means nothing...

So you DO nothing. And you feel that burn of regret. 

I know what it's like to feel that anxiety of creative flow and force it to stop in it's tracks because you're WAITING for it to "feel right".

You need DO nothing, but you have the ability to DO anything, and that is quite the paradox for us. we came here for human experience, to create, to be, to do, to love it all - the energy is all around us emanating from us and it's a perfect match TO us.

So as we see the vision in front of us, we can CREATE it at the same time. We cultivate the connection to ourselves in it, and it's like that light shining out of our asses just grows and grows until we're fireflies! 

The coin of creating or resting/being and doing/masculine and feminine... it has two sides, but when you recognize it's all THE ONE COIN and there's no separation in any of it... you make neither "side" wrong or right, better or worse, more or less. It's all just a landing and a perception of one being on top or on bottom. ;)

Balance the energies, the polarities that are actually rooted in COMMONALITY, in ONENESS....



Masculine and Feminine?
Prince and Princess?
Man and Woman?
Do and Be?
Give and Receive?
Create and Cultivate?


It's just knowing when you're in the energy of love and flow, and stillness and silence...

And allowing yourself to ACT, create, cultivate, be, do, have, emanate it ALL from within you




  • What's calling you?
  • What is exciting?
  • What is loving?
  • What is something you know you would LOVE to create?

Service to Self meets Service to All.

It's ALL about LOVE.



I can't wait to go all BEAUTIFUL MIND on my business this weekend, and I"m going to livestream a bunch of it, and then I'll host a little VIP retreat soon for some women to come together ot tap into the energy of flow!

1. I dump my EGO's desires and all the ways I think it HAS TO HAPPEN out first. This takes an hour or two sometimes. Yes.



2. Pay attention to what feels good, and keep that. 

The rest? 


I rip it up. Burn it. Throw it away. 


3. I tap into my own inner source, that Love, lifeforce energy.... and I straight up LUCID CHANNEL the master blueprint of my business AND....

My Life.

Because every business is about CREATION.

About living your life to the fullest. 

About enjoying the adventure, 

and living in service to self and other equally with happiness and purpose.


It includes ....

- Self Support

- Day to Day LOVING Activities

- Business Foundations

- Joy Junkie Sessions - yes I put them in my PLANS


What does it FEEL like? 




- FLOW STATE... knowing it's all malleable, flexible, play is necessary



- NUTRITION from all sources


I can't waittttttt!!!!!


P.S. I am opening up some spots to host women to do this as a group, all in one amazing workshop. You get me as your flow state facilitator, and you get to enjoy each other's extremely engaged energy.


PM me! 

Ready to tap into your inner creativity and reawaken your sense of wonder?

Want to know what questions you don't even know to ask yet, so you can CREATE and CULTIVATE from a state of play, and purpose?

Ready to enter Neverland and enjoy the innocence and bliss of creation, while going on some magical adventures?

PM me for more information because we have an amazing RETREAT coming to you... and it may involve creativity, cultivation, energetic activation, play, adventure, and a lot of new thinking and BEING that will stretch you and help you tap into your HAPPY PLACE again.

It may also involve tree houses ;) 

  • Ziplining
  • Rafting
  • Hiking
  • Play and Purpose
  • Action and Allowing
  • Resting and Relaxing

Reach out to me allison@adventureknocks.com if you're interested!