This week, I felt inspired to create a spur of the moment truth or dare style challenge.

There is one thing that will KILL all of the big dreams and wishes many women and men have. 


I've been speaking to a lot of women lately who are holding back big time because of fear.

They're holding back on themselves - on creating a business they love, or creating something that's all theirs, or on making their dreams happen, or making money, or holding back in their relationships and friendships...

It's all because of fear. I've done a lot of coaching over the past year, and there is a lot of "if I could do this, I would..."

Or "I'd love to do XYZ, but..."

UGH >>> THE DREADED "I would, but..."



Excuses will get you nowhere. Not as a woman, not as a man, not as a leader, not as an entrepreneur.

Excuses are a way to hide and play small.

Let's play a bigger game.

Let's play this game:

What COULD HAPPEN if I unleashed my full potential and desires and just WENT AFTER IT?

What could happen if I faced my fears and accepted myself as LIMITLESS?

What could happen if I overcame my doubts and worries, and followed my calling?


I'll give you a special question to answer today to help you make that breakthrough, because though I had it reserved for the women participating in the Free Challenge in the Facebook Group (, I feel like you'll need it, too.


Today was Day 3 of the #Limitless Entrepreneur 7-Day Challenge. And the prompt:

Who inspires you? Who do you envy? 

What do they have, what are they like, what have they accomplished... What about them makes you want to be their best friend? 

Your ENVY is showing you what you WANT... and also what you're AFRAID OF HAVING.

Maybe it seems "too big" or "too hard" for you, or that you're "not good enough" or whatever else excuse you're making.

That person you admire is showing you what you desire. 

They're there, making it all happen, and they're no better or worse than YOU.

So think about this before you let yourself hold back out of fear and envy....

Watch the quick video! 

Someone is looking at you, feeling triggered the same way.

Someone is there, seeing you a few steps ahead of them, and they're thinking, "If only I had what SHE has, then I could do anything."

Instead of being afraid, or envious, look to the people who INSPIRE you and ask yourself: 

What can I learn about my desires from the way that I'm triggered?

What do I want to emulate that this person is already emulating?

What is meant for me that they have, that I could have, too?

Why am I holding back?

There is someone there, watching you, wanting to be where you are. 

So move past your fear and envy.

Be inspiring.

Be authentic. 


Be generous. 

Be kind. 

Be supportive. 

Be loyal and honest. 

Be true to your values. 

Be aligned with your instincts. 

Be unabashedly yourself.

Be empowering.

Bring your best to the table.

Face your fears. Show up for the person watching you, thinking, "I want to be HER." 

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But only if you're tired of making excuses, playing small, and missing out on all of the great breakthroughs you could have if 

This is the week that you blast past the fear: 

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