As we approach MY BUSINESS’S 1ST BIRTHDAY, I've been thinking about all that I've learned over the past year (nearly).

The biggest lessons have been found in times of personal and professional growth.

Growth + serious RESULTS come from Surrendering to what feels RIGHT, and what the Universe has in store.

If you're living in fear, and if you're allowing that fear to hold you back, you need to raise your hand, and say YES! 

The days of shaking in your cute jelly sandals are over, love. You've got to start adulting like an adult - or your business will suffer.

I'm going to share on the PODCAST (launching June 27!!!) and HERE - in my free Facebook Group - what I've learned and what you can learn, too.

1. I have gotten results by being ME and going with GOOD ENOUGH, never by trying to be perfect, or by trying to make everything "perfect". WTF even does it mean to be perfect, anyway?

2. I have gotten results by taking action even when I was afraid to, NOT by "waiting" or "thinking on it". In fact, I’ve had a few times where I hesitated, and I learned from those experiences that my Intuition was RIGHT - I should have surrendered to it, and leapt in instead of holding back.

3. I have gotten better results by letting go of what I thought I SHOULD do, of all of the things and beliefs that held me back. Instead I did what felt RIGHT for me, and for my business, and for my clients.

4. I have gotten better results by letting go of all of the WORK and the need to be “busy” all of the time. I let go of the need for struggle, and surrendered to ease.

5. I've rarely gotten great results by doing things using someone else’s exact blueprint. One of my core values is IMAGINATION and CURIOSITY. I've never enjoyed being in anyone else's box. I had to believe in MYSELF - to believe I was ENOUGH and I have enough right NOW to make a unique and powerful impact on others.

{Your business is UNIQUE, as is mine. You can create results in a way that feels RIGHT for you, if you BELIEVE you can.}

6. I have gotten results by PUTTING MYSELF OUT THERE, not by hiding, or acting as though I didn't have anything to say.

7. I have grown by getting SUPPORT - outside perspective, coaching, advice, a sounding board, a thought partner, a GROUP of thought partners... NOT by doing it all alone. And I gave that experience to an amazing group of women as well, because I KNOW it works if you work it.


So there have been a lot of #lessonslearned. They've all been rooted in FEAR and ACTION.

It’s time to EVOLVE by taking action and saying HELL YES to everything life has in store for you.

If you're feeling afraid of doing that, ask yourself...

  • What am I doing that is NOT working? Don’t just focus on tasks or strategies, or projects. What about thought patterns?
  • Is there a way you’re thinking about things that needs to change?
  • Are you believing something that is holding you back?
  • Are you taking the same actions that aren’t working, but not CHOOSING to do things differently?
  • What do you have new awareness of?
  • What do you need to let go of?

Inside those answers, you'll find your own path to transformation and serious business growth.

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I know you’re holding back, so let’s make sure you DON’T.

Someone out there needs you.

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