Dearest DIYers. 


Passionate entrepreneurs and creators.

Do ALL OF THE THING Solopreneurs.

Women who can't let anything go.

Women who are filled with anxiety at the thought of stepping away for a moment...

I've been doing you a disservice.

I've been really focused lately.

On building my coaching business.

Planning my podcast launch (stay tuned!)

Cultivating relationships.

Serving powerfully for my community and my clients.


But I haven't been talking much about something truly important...

Our ass-backwards concept of time, and energy, and our hunger for money at the sacrifice of everything else.


I'll cut right to the chase: you can INVEST your ENERGY in a way that will fuel your business success and allow you a life that you LOVE.

And it doesn't have to suck the damn life out of you.

It doesn't have to happen in 12 hour days. 

Sure, hustle your ass off when you're working.

Hustle with heart.

Hustle with FOCUS.

But working yourself to death?

Missing out on life?

Ruining relationships?

That is NOT what you're here for.

In 4-5 FOCUSED and high-impact hours a day.

Depending on what you want to achieve.

When you're barely staying ahead of burnout, and your business is growing, but you're starting to feel the pangs of missing out on your life, your friendships, your self care... 

You'll have an epiphany: 

It will dawn on you that your time is more valuable than your money.


Then, you'll have another epiphany:

The understanding that your time is actually an investment of your energy.


Then you'll have yet another breakthrough:

The deepest understanding that your energy must be invested. No more "spending your time".


And finally...

You must invest wisely of you are to live the fullest expression of life - one filled with self love and generosity and great impact.


Why am I telling you all of this about time, energy, and money and investment?


Because it will SAVE YOU from becoming a slave to your business and to your bank account.

It can SAVE YOU from guilt about delegating your attention or focus or time or money.

It can CREATE freedom, space, and fuel for your Big Vision of having a bigger impact on the world.

And it can CREATE more wealth, health, and happiness than you ever imagined. 


My wish for you is this:

See your energy as a precious resource, your lifeblood, that can be guarded, and carefully invested.


See YOURSELF - your dreams, desires, creations, impact, love, courage, wellness, relationships... 

As worthy of this precious and essential investment.


Invest in yourself, and invest in what you love, in what you're meant to do, and who you're meant to serve.

Invest your energy... and the money will follow.

But start with the understanding that your energy is far more valuable than your money, honey.


When you make that shift, you'll understand that you have the power NOW to outsource, and delegate, and let go of what doesn't light you up and doesn't serve you.


And then, you'll make more money, have more energy, feel more love, and have more wealth and abundance.


How is THAT for a drop of wisdom?

Comment below, and tell me...


What emotion came up? Guilt? Frustration? Anger? Sadness? Victim mode?

How will you invest your energy this week? 

What will you say NO to, in order to say a HUGE HELL YES to what you love?
How will you invest your money so that it fuels your energetic needs?
What will your let go of, outsource or delegate?
What will you focus on that lights you up?