The other day, I was out with a friend, and noticed he was about to share something really vulnerable with me.

I heard a voice in my head say:

"PAY ATTENTION. He will tell you EVERYTHING, and you MUST believe him."

After that, he told me about how someone that he'd been really close to for a long time had accused him of doing something AWFUL...

but it was clear to me immediately that he hadn't done what she’d said.

He was innocent.

After I listened to him tell his story, I looked at him calmly and said...

"We both know you didn't do that."

He softened up immediately, relaxing his entire body, his energy field expanded, and he took a breath.

I didn't need to KNOW or HEAR his explanation. But he needed to hear that I already KNEW the truth, that I would always just KNOW the truth.

I already KNEW HIM.

I don't know if I will ever forget that conversation.


To be honest, things like that happen in my life quite a bit. I always FEEL it coming, before the person says anything to me. It's funny... when you've been working on staying grounded through self love, self acceptance, and trust... people kind of just sense that innate calm and non-judgment within you, and they start to tell you everything. This opens doors to the intimacy and deeper connection we truly want with everyone around us - with the WORLD we live in.

Often, total strangers will discuss their worst fears, deepest secrets, really vulnerable spots and the things they wish they could change just during a conversation on a chair lift, at a coffee shop, or at the park.

I hear about abuse, divorces, affairs, crimes, suicide attempts, health scares, cancer, sadness, anger, attack, judgment, control dramas, pressure, parenting issues, money issues (from the wealthy and people in poverty), struggle, suffering...

and also...

Great love, romance, birthday parties, celebrations, spiritual happenings, synchronicities, dancing in the kitchen, writing books, making amends, magical things, remission from cancer, spontaneous healing, telepathic connections, inspired actions, BIG VISIONARY thinking, total life overhauls, freedom from fear, dramatic changes, great successes, big financial and business wins, how they found life was worth living again, how much they love their kids, spiritual seeking, excitement, creativity, happiness, playfulness, adventures and trips around the world, reconciliations, overcoming of addiction, releasing of control dramas, energy elevation, complete rebirth...

I get to hear it all and everything in the between...

Because these GIFTS I have allow people to already feel KNOWN and LOVED with me.

Best part?

EVERYONE has this. It's innate. We just have to tap into it and trust it, instead of shutting it down.

I get to experience HUMANITY and INTIMACY with everyone I meet because I remain non-judgmental, open, receptive, curious, and warm.

EMPATHY/INTUITION/TELEPATHY helps me to do so. When you tap into these gifts and allow yourself to really see someone fully, to know them deeply, to feel how they feel in the moment...

You can't help but love them right on the spot.

You realize that EVERYONE has their stuff.

Everyone has gone through some shit.

Everyone has the opportunity to transform.

Everyone wants to be loved.

Everyone wants to be ALIVE.


EMPATHY, INTUITION, TELEPATHY... they're just gifts, skills, that are innate to us. Ones we often use, but don't know that we're using. Ones that we could develop, enhance... REMEMBER to use more highly to increase our connection to each other, and to ourselves.

The GIFT we all have is in the VULNERABILITY we share as humans.

The GIFT we have is found in the way we CONNECT with each other and feel as though we have known each other for lifetimes…
Because with that type of deep connection, stemming from OPENNESS and INTUITION - you allow yourself to have a really powerful relationship right from the start.

Once that connection is made, it stays with you forever.

"There is telepathy between hearts."

When we use our INTUITION, EMPATHY, TELEPATHY to sense, feel, know, see the HEART of someone and the TRUTH of something, it creates incredibly deep understanding, connection, and intimacy.

Because we are allowing ourselves to see the depth with which we can give someone all of the universal and unconditional love we want for ourselves.


I've started playing with strengthening different skills like telepathy, empathic-ness (empathy), future readings, and other skills.

I'm feeling called to open up a group - a Patreon where people can up their SKILLZ without it being a huge time or energy commitment.

We would focus on....

- Strengthening these gifts through EXPERIMENTATION and use specific techniques and tools to test them out ethically

- Educating ourselves on each one of them so we understand what they are (ie. what's intuition versus imagination? are you feeling your emotions or someone else's? does it matter?)

- Ethically using each skill/gift in a way that can help you create intimate connection that is authentic and deep, yet still remain playful and purposeful (These are NOT for manipulation, control, or force. They're for creativity, connection, fullness, richness, and increasing openness.)

- Use these skills in everyday life to help you get more into FLOW and out of force with everyone you meet and every experience you have

- Opening up to the WONDER and AWE of life so you can live fully in the moment

- Tapping in and turning them ON so you're able to find amazing aligned collaborators, partners, and of course besties :)

- Using these gifts for massive creativity and to fuel the JOY in your life.

I've been using these gifts for a while now, and I've also learned a LOT of lessons in my use of them.


What do you think? Would you want that? Any interest or areas you're curious about that you'd want covered?

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