There’s this thing that all of us go-getter women struggle with:

Masculine energy and craving independence.

Hell, even I want to be independent... almost to a fault..

I have pretty masculine energy. I love to be active. I’m an athlete. I don’t like to be taken care of. I don’t like to feel powerless or need permission from anyone to do things I want to do. I want to be the breadwinner. I want to be the Change-Maker on the TED stage and the cover of Fast Company. I want to help people and create a ripple effect.

This masculine ENERGY can be beautiful.

It’s the reason you and I are SO freaking dedicated to being successful businesses. To our purpose. To our passion projects. To making money by doing what we love. To being financially independent.

There’s the gift. It makes us more likely to actually create change in the world. Because we care enough to do so.

But it’s also a curse.

For a while... I wanted to do this all on my own. I wanted to be that independent woman who retired her husband and inspired her son, because she figured it all out alone. No help for me, thank you.

But I hit a wall - emotionally, mentally, financially. There was so much that I didn’t know, and probably even MORE. That just wouldn’t do - not for someone like me.

While you’re signing up for every free training (and completing NONE), listening to podcasts, reading 4 books at a time and scrolling through all of your favorite blogs and Instagram…

Ask yourself...

Is this actually creating results for me?

Are YOU allowing your craving for independence to keep you...

  • Closed off from creating friendships or partnerships
  • Unable to receive new perspectives or ideas, or essential training and education
  • Stuck, even though you know that having HELP from a mentor could help you create freedom
  • Afraid to be vulnerable to sharing and deeply connecting
  • Afraid to fail… so much that you’re afraid to ask for help, to look like you don’t have it all figured out (no one does!)
  • Afraid to forge friendships, or to empower other women because you fear they may dwarf you
  • Consuming and consuming… instead of creating offerings, content, connection
  • Hiding out behind your computer instead of showing up everywhere and shining your light out onto the world?

If you’re raising your hand, it’s time to own it. Deal with it. Forgive, love it, and let that full on rigid independence go.

Are you hiding from the thing you need MOST?


Change-Makers are able to create change in the world because they get support, strategy, accountability, education and sisterhood. The women you look up to who start charities, build houses and save children from abuse? Who speak on stage, write novels, empower others and GET SHIT DONE?

They have SUPPORT.

They know they need to feel out their ideas, grow their audiences, and stretch themselves through times of fear or resistance.

It’s OKAY to not know everything. You don’t have to go it alone.

You were BORN to create change, to create an impact and an income by doing what you love.

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You’ll have accountability partners to help you through moments of procrastination or insecurity or fear.

You’ll have SUPPORT!

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