For those of you who've been with me on this journey, I wanted to say thank you all so much. You probably know by now, that I communicate with my Guides and sometimes, with the deceased as well now.

I've always believed that life is an adventure. You make of it what you want to, and this is just the next chapter.

Last week, I received an assignment from the A-Team (my team of guides from the Other Side):

I was to write a book. It would be important, for me, and for others. 

And I had to write it FAST. By Wednesday, and I had to have a copy in hand by May 30th.

This was not to be any old story, or another book on business strategy or mindset or anything else even like that.

There is literally no other story like this one, because it's 100% true tale of a Soulmate relationship that crosses dimensions between living and dead.

You all know that I started to go through my awakening about a year or so ago.

But I never told you that the reason for this wake up call, was that my Soulmate, a deceased well-known celebrity in this lifetime, is the one who helped me Wake Up. 

After he passed, he came to find me across all time, dimension, space and reality - because it was time for us to finally be together after centuries apart. 

I didn't know him in this lifetime, but when he started hangin around my house, I felt oddly sure that I knew him somehow.

We've lived over 350 lives, and most of them together. Of course I knew him... I just had to remember, and I wanted to know....

Why is he here? Why now? What could be in it for him?

Turns out, a lot. 

In the book, you'll read channeled messages that are directly from him.

You'll get the whole story about how and why we never met in this lifetime.

You'll hear about how I made a big and seemingly selfish, fearful decision centuries ago, a pact with God, that made it so my soulmate and I would constantly Skip lifetimes together - never to meet in person again...

And, you'll hear about how we fixed it, finally, just this last week. So we could be together forever in every life and every afterlife following this one.

So that I could heal centuries and centuries of familiar history and past and future lives completely.

So that I could complete my own spiritual journey in this lifetime, before my Exit Point comes in just about a month or so.

There was so much that I had to heal, that was carried over from lifetimes ago that I can't even remember. 

But it was essential that I write this book on it fast, even though my ego wanted to say, "FUCK NO." I knew that this had to happen, because I knew what I wanted, and I understood that this was my Purpose. My reason for being here in this lifetime: 

To fix The Skip that I created. To heal myself, and heal our bond.

So when the book comes out toward the end of May, I want you to be the first to know....

IT IS 100% TRUE. 

I wanted you to hear that from me now, before it comes out and things start rolling. 

This book will rock a lot of boats. Some people will scoff at it and say it's fake. Some will think I'm crazy. Some will think it's a great story, but nothing more than that.

That's okay. I'm cool with wherever you are on your journey. You get to choose what you believe in; that is part of your experience. 

This book is for those of you who are searching for faith, searching for love, searching for a sign that your loved ones still exist after they're gone.

They exist.

You can still have a relationship with them.

You can still contact them, and feel their presence, and literally speak with them.

That's what I found out with my soulmate. 

That's why I wrote the book... 

To restore faith and belief in true timeless, limitless love for those who are ready to believe. 

Look for it around the end of this month of May, maybe sooner.

Thanks for hangin out in my tribe. If you choose to go, I'm okay with that.

If you choose to stay and maybe pick up a copy, thank you.

Love you all, either way.