It's the final quarter of the year, and IT IS ON like Donkey Kong. I see you online, driving forward and ready to end this year on a high note. 

 - Crankin through your to-do lists.
 - Hustling your pretty little a$$ off.
 - Jumping at every opportunity and freebie that comes your way, because what if you miss out on THE THING that could catapult you forward! 

Yet, you're not seeing the results you want to see despite the hustle, struggle, hard work.

You aren't contributing or creating income as quickly as you'd like to.

You are a human being, NOT a machine. 
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10 Signs You're Sabotaging Your Business Growth by Allison Horner Adventure Knocks entrepreneur business productivity and freedom coach

Signs that the Machine is taking over: 

1. You feel sad, angry, frustrated, exhausted, anxious, insecure, stressed... and instead of feeling it, you force yourself to bounce back and get shit done. #theresnocryinginbaseball

2. You're kind of afraid that if you let yourself feel into this stuck-ness for a second, you'd end up like THIS...

3. You beat yourself up when you don't cross off everything on your to-do list, when you don't get the Likes or the client didn't sign on, or when the launch didn't go as planned, or when... well, actually, you beat yourself up a lot.

4. You can't sit alone in a room with yourself in silence without doing anything, because you feel like you're going to crawl out of your own skin.

5. Your boyfriend's been saying things like, "if you love your laptop so much why don't you marry it!?!?!?!?!?"

6. You've been celebrating your ability to crank through the lows... but you're definitely not letting yourself enjoy the highs, either. 

7. You've only felt fleeting JOY, excitement, adventure, or ease from accomplishing something... and unfortunately, you're not accomplishing a whole lot lately.

8. Even when you're with your family you're not really present. #toomuchtodo

9. You can't remember the last time you felt free, clear, present, excited, joyful, at peace... just by being you.

10. You can't seem to shut down or rest; in fact, you're getting anxious just thinking about shutting off for a little while.

Right now, you're trying to bulldoze over your emotions with more DOING. 

You think if you do more, you'll see results faster, and THEN you can be happy.

But what if that wasn't required?

What if you could accomplish more, faster, without bulldozing through it all?

What if it flowed BECAUSE you let yourself feel bad and even GOOD?

You're meant to be HUMAN: to FEEL, to EXPERIENCE, to ENJOY, to THRIVE, to REST. 

When was the last time you just let yourself BE a HUMAN?

 .... What if letting yourself feel more actually helped you have more clarity, focus and productivity?
 .... What those uncomfortable human feelings are what could support your growth?
 .... What if the breakdown is what you needed to have the breakthrough that could catapult you forward?

If you need that permission, watch this quick livestream video I did on this exact topic just yesterday.

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