Being in alignment is the best way to find EASE - that elusive thing that we all want in our lives and businesses. 

You want more ease? More elegance in how you do things - more adventure and time for your family, or for travel, or for hiking or skiing or yoga, or whatever lights you up?

Get into alignment. Use your intuition to take truly inspired, intuitive action as a female entrepreneur and business owner.

Inspired, intuitive action feels good and gets you closer to your desires.

This is the type of action that should fuel your business.

Sometimes, as women entrepreneurs, we believe that our businesses are all about just taking ANY ACTION. Action, Action, Action, Busy, Busy, Busy.

But we can get so into the throws of taking constant action that we forget to STOP and notice how we FEEL. We work so hard in the name of our dreams, that we sometimes get "too busy" to do the thing that matters MOST:

Ask ourselves: is what I'm doing in alignment with my Vision?

This is done through serious self care. Meditation. Listening. Enjoying nature.

Chris Lee even said that our moments of alignment and inspiration - our best ideas and solutions - come "in the spaces" - in the off moments when we're not engulfed in ACTION, but rather, in RELAXATION.

Today, make it your mission to stop every hour or so, put your hand over your heart, and notice how you feel.

- Is there tension in your body that you're holding onto?

- Is whatever you're working on going to get you closer to your desired outcome?

- Do you feel.. energized? Depleted? Stressed? Anxious? Fearful? Exhilarated? 

Beating "Busy": How to use your Intuition to find ease within action as a female entrepreneur -  Read more on the blog!


So what do we do if we're "out of alignment"?

Start with the following prompts and tips:

- Did you meditate this morning?

 - How do you desire to take a minute to let your mind, body and soul rest right now?

- Can you drink a glass of water and allow yourself to enjoy it fully? How does it feel and taste?

- Does it feel good to go for a walk, or listen to music away from your laptop, or stretch and treat your muscles?


BODY and SOUL alignment matter just as much as all of that massive action.

Notice how you feel today.

COMMENT below and tell us. What makes you most stressed? When do you feel most in alignment? What do you personally do to get back into the flow?

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