I Heart Turkey Day (How to Make Your Way Through Political Dinner Table Discussion With Grace) Listen in on this episode of the Adventure Knocks Podcast! by Allison Horner, Business + Life Success Coach at adventureknocks.com/blog

Happy Thanksgiving my American friends (and Late happy thanksgiving to my Canadian ones). 

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays - I love getting together with people in my family... and I really enjoy the food, the cheese, the wine... (wine and cheese are entirely their own categories on my food pyramid.)

I've heard from many of you that you're more stressed than excited this year, which makes me sad... but I totally understand..

I recorded today's Thanksgiving Episode of the Adventure Knocks podcast to help you learn more about my own practices that have helped me overcome over 20 years of anxiety so you can ENJOY this grand adventure called LIFE!

You've been wondering how to handle #allofthethings that happen when you have a melting pot of humans gathering together in a hot, sweaty kitchen in which everyone wants a bite of the mashed potatoes...

... What if someone asks about my business, and makes fun of me or tells me it's "cute" that I want to help people? 
... What if he brings up that guy who's about to be president? 
... What if someone gets too drunk and picks a fight?
... My mom's always SO stressed trying to get the whole dinner on the table... it drives me nuts!
... I just can't stop thinking about all of the WORK I have to do...

You get to DECIDE how you feel about the events or conversations happening around you or with you.

You decide what you GIVE or open up to RECEIVE at any moment.

Instead of focusing on what could go wrong or assuming negative intent, let's appreciate each individual at the dinner table, and ask ourselves...

"What if I saw this differently?

What if I assumed positive intent?

What if I came to this table with LOVE for everyone here, no matter what their political views?"

So Uncle Dufus asked you about your business and said that it's "cute"? If you assumed he had positive intent and only meant the best, how would you feel?

So your kids are running amok? Are you grateful that they're happy and healthy, or overly consumed by their pure childhood JOY at the fact that everyone is together?


In this week's episode of the Adventure Knocks Podcast, I'm sharing what you can do to reduce the anxiety and bring on the LOVE this holiday! Plus you'll hear about my personal gratitude practices that transformed how I think, feel and act everyday. 

Everything has been happening FOR your highest good, as it is for us all.

You are exactly where you are meant to be with the people you're meant to be with.

That has to be comforting in some way. :)

Allison Horner