Business pivots have got everyone going "WHAT is up with my brain lately?" 

Maybe you've been feeling that itch? Like you need to go deeper this year in your business, in why you're here, into your purpose. 

Maybe you're feeling called to shift things around, strip away the rules, and change your offerings, or your messaging?


There is a massive, global shift happening right now, and you can use this energy to come home to your TRUTH:

Who are you here to BE?


Then bring that truth, that calling and purpose, that passion, that KNOWINGNESS into your business.

LEAD with it.

I've felt the change, too, and in fact, it caused me to do something HUGE...

I burned down my content plans. To the ground.

And it was soooooooooooo good.

Watch the video to learn more about how to share your truth, stand out online and ditch the vulnerability hangover afterward!


I spent a wildly aligned morning mapping out content and it feels sssooooooo fly!

This new direction tugs at my heart, delivers value, flows through my strengths, and is strategically aligned with plans.

More importantly it resonates with my mind, body and soul. That's when your content and your message will get really freaking good.

This feels limitless, expansive, full and deeeeep. It creates an experience rather than just a "how to".

It's helpful and hella fun to create.

Good content isn't just about making money. It's about loving yourself enough to speak to what You feel called to do and be this year.

It feels so good and raw, but so right! 

But I won't lie: I was afraid to make the pivot. I worried about displeasing others. About my clients being confused. About my love life getting off center because my truth is showing.



I have to be ME. I love and accept myself so fully, that I can support myself no matter what.

And I KNOW that the Universe ALWAYS has my back.

What about you? Do you feel that support from within - or that tingling down your spine, the whisper in your ear... 

Shifts can feel tricky. But they can be SO EASY and FUN. Let me explain...

I'm typically kind of a planner. I love strategy. But really I love helping OTHER people outline their plans. 

Me? I freaking LOVE spontaneity. I crave change. I thrive through exploration, curiosity, creativity.

That does require some structure, some foundation and a seriously good roadmap, though...

My values, my truths, are paramount to that foundation.

My foundation needed some reworking, so that I could SOULFULLY lead my business and thrive in this epic adventurous life that I'm here to live.

So that I could BE ME - in my most joyous, peaceful, loving form.

My highest self.

So you'll see more from me this year. More ways to work with me.

More support for YOU - mind, body, soul.

More business building strategy that is totally SOULFUL and PLAYFUL and FUN and PROSPEROUS.

You'll see more authentic ME, as I am right now.

What about you? Will I see the same from YOU? Will you let the world in this year?

Will you love yourself enough to be raw and real this year?

I hope that what I bring to the table helps you become more YOU.

More soulful as yourself.

More aligned with your purpose.

More powerful in your passion. 

I hope that this supports you.

You can make the pivot. 

Create the change. 

ENJOY the adventure.

Love the light.

Be SAFE on the journey.

And make the SHIFT happen QUICKLY.

That whole "change takes time" thing? 

Bullshit. YOU decide how quickly or how slowly things happen for you.

Based on your comfort level.

YOU decide.

Let it be easy, fast, and FUN.

#sofly #adventureknocks #banburnout

Seeking support with your content, your business pivot, your grand adventures? Strategy, belief, power, impact and income?

I got you. 

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