This is a super simple, effective exercise you can do RIGHT NOW to get clear on what you want, why you want it, and who you need to become to create it.

It's called the Be, Do, Have exercise.

How The Be, Do, Have Exercise Helped Me Reach A New Business Milestone

If you're anything like me, you're a heart-centered, purpose-driven entrepreneur. You have larger than life dreams, you like to HELP people, and you have a huge desire to nurture and support others while inspiring change and action. 

You want to earn a fantastic living by leading, inspiring and helping others with your unique gifts, but let's be honest: when you work from the heart, like we do, it can feel like a struggle to charge higher pricing (even if you KNOW it's worth it), to have the uncomfortable "money conversation" on your discovery calls, or to even look at your bank account sometimes. 

Maybe you feel creatively suffocated when it comes to earning money in your business - like there's only ONE path you can take?

Let's think outside the box a bit!

My major shifts in impact and income began when I read Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas.

Game. Changer.

I've begun doing this exercise she recommends called "Be, Do, Have"  twice per day (along with a few other powerful block-clearing, mindset shifting activities consistently.)

The results have been fabulous. 

Within weeks of implementing the exercise, I received several signs that it was working! I am SO grateful.

 - I was asked to collaborate on a LIVE training with a like-minded woman.

 - I was asked to be interviewed on a podcast by someone I admire.

 - I was invited to be interviewed LIVE on Mel Pharr (my coach's) LIVE training call with over 100 women listening in!

 - And I had my first article in a long time accepted for publication to YFS Magazine!

Update: this was written early-2016. Now, in October 2016, I've...

 - Tripled my business income HUZZAH

 - Watched my clients create insane results because THEY are now working on their mindset around money, worth, wealth, success, ease, and MORE while signing on new clients and focusing on Impact

 - Started a podcast of my own (the Adventure Knocks podcast on iTunes!) and launched into the top iTunes charts

 - Invested in myself at the highest level yet

 - Started earning income through various avenues inside and outside of my business

 - Am creating an incredible opportunity for a group mentorship (business meets money mindset!)

 ... and SO much more! While STILL being #doneby1 and home with my son every afternoon. While going on SIX vacations over the past year alone, including to Mexico with my mastermind and to Breckenridge and Chicago.

The Be, Do, Have exercise works.

Try it for a week with your own desires and needs, and tell me how it's impacting you!

How to do the "Be, Do, Have" exercise.

How The Be, Do, Have Exercise Helped Me Reach A New Business Milestone. Read More:

1. Set aside 30 minutes WEEKLY to do this exercise (if not every day!)

2. Sit down with a piece of paper, notebook and a MAGIC PEN. DDT says, "imagine that you have a magic pen and everything that you write on your paper is going to come true in the next six months. How cool would that be?" 
It would be pretty cool, Denise! HELLA sweet!

3. Write the following and BE SPECIFIC! 
  :: What do you want to be doing?
  :: Where do you want to be living? 
  :: What do you want to have in your life over the next 6 months/year?

*P.S. This is 110% Credited to and Inspired by DDT's Get Rich, Lucky Bitch.

I also took a few free courses by Denise DT, including this free training. It'll help you bring in money in 24 HOURS in a really beautiful way! 

Try it out here!

COMMENT BELOW! Have you done this exercise? How's it changed things for you? Has it helped you see results?