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The Ultimate Holiday Wishlist - Gift Guide! What to buy for the entrepreneurial woman in your life. on the adventure knocks blog by Allison Horner

Everyone has their Holiday Wish List, and if you're smart, you've got your coveted items on a list in the cloud (like Giftster or BabyList or even Amazon Wish LIsts.)

The thing is, new entrepreneurs have a few items that they need for their businesses, but they don't always have the cash to grab them. I'm sure you know what I mean! I've been there, too, ladies. 

Below are the essentials I've added to my personal Holiday Wish List for my biz. 

Head to the COMMENTS below and tell me what else is on your List! 

(You are on the Nice List, right?)




Deckin' out your home with inspirational artwork is always a good idea, but it can be expensive, This quotable is super easy for people to purchase, print off and frame just for you. And of course, these pieces will serve as affirmations and reminders in plain sight.

Life is a Series of Events wall art is perfect for those ladies who need to check-in more and be present.

adventure knocks holiday wish list gifts for entrepreneurial women
The Ultimate Holiday Wishlist - Gift Guide! What to buy for the entrepreneurial woman in your life. on the adventure knocks blog by Allison Horner


I've mentioned before that live plants can make your home healthier, cozier and more inviting. 

This succulent planter hangs on a wall to double as artwork with a lot of natural colors. Or you can try this hanging planter for an edgy look. 


This cute To Do List from Anthropologie will help you prioritize and get super organized.

Entrepreneurship requires a lot of creativity and innovation. The pressure to bring fresh ideas to your business can be intimidating, so sometimes, taking a few minute to write totally random lists and brainstorm on unrelated topics can be refreshing. Enter, The 52 Lists Project!

The Ultimate Holiday Wishlist - Gift Guide! What to buy for the entrepreneurial woman in your life. on the adventure knocks blog by Allison Horner  Anthropologie for productivity!
The Ultimate Holiday Wishlist - Gift Guide! What to buy for the entrepreneurial woman in your life. on the adventure knocks blog by Allison Horner - 52 lists project book for creativity.


The Daily Greatness Business Planner is SO COOL you guys! I have one of my own, I fell so in love that I signed up to be an affiliate, because I'd love all of my ladyboss friends to have one! Get it here! 

adventure knocks daily greatness planner holiday wish list gift entrepreneurs
adventure knocks holiday wish list gifts for entrepreneur women business planner allison horner

Get more happy! The Happiness Planner. This one is filled with all sorts of good stuff to help you plan your happy journey. This planner is more journal than planner and is all about happy rather than just productivity.

2016 is your year! 


You know what you need to fill in all of those planners and make those lists, right? 

BOSSLADY PENCILS! #likeaboss (also by a small biz solopreneur!)


adventure knocks holiday wish list gifts for entrepreneurs audio recording

You've gotta be seen and heard, and audio tele-seminars and trainings are essential for your business growth. Luckily audio recording equipment doesn't have to be super expensive especially if you don't plan to run a podcast or anything too high tech.

The iPhone mic and app works great when you're starting out, but if you want something a little better, try a clip on microphone that hooks with your iPhone for super clear audio.



YOU: Oh, look at this jelly donut! I must Instagram it!

YOUR PHONE: Can't talk. Dead. Storage Full. Photo Cannot Be Saved.

Don't let that be you!

This case is called a "Space Pack" for good reason: it has extra battery power for your iPhone, and extra back-up storage AND it's a hard-shell case. I feel like someone did some brilliant market research before they invented it...


Recording video for your Skype calls with clients or live webinars is easier if you have a quality stand that also latches onto other objects. The Gorilla Pod Stand can even wrap around TREES.

LOOK AT IT!  (Kind of awkward, but you feel like you need it, right?)



Enjoy the morning joe even MORE with a BOSS MUG! Whut?! It always helps to have a little bit of extra encouragement with your morning joe. I'm dying over these coffee mugs, perfect for those early morning moments when you want to make some coffee or tea, do your mindset work, and crank out a few ideas. {See the Bosslady Mug, and the Hustle is My Middle Name mug.}


And, if you're a mom, this Mean Girls mug really hits home. #coolmom



Coloring has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. The Enchanted Forest coloring book is an excellent choice that will make you feel like a kid again, and feel free to color outside the lines.

Bonus: this book's by a fellow entrepreneur, and she has several coloring books out, including the Lost Ocean



You're busy, in-demand, working your tushy off and responsible for being the CEO of your successful business. So act like it and get a damn massage or book a spa day or even just a pedicure this holiday season. This is a great one to ask your hubby for, or you could even be the gift giver and take your mom or a friend as a treat. 

massage spa holiday wish list for entrepreneur


The Lady In Charge needs a fantastic laptop tote that makes her feel like a CEO(because we ARE CEOs!) and can carry all of her essentials for trips to see clients for those Intensives, to work at the coffee shop or to hop on a plane to travel. This Kate Spade nylon tote fits your laptop PLUS some other essentials for your trips. It comes in bold black OR a brilliant cherry red.

OR, if you want to go for the all-around tote, this floral cedar Kate Spade tote is gorgeous and you can grab matching clutch, passport holder and more. 


When I surveyed women about what they'd most love this holiday season, the answer was the same for many:




ultimate holiday wish list for the woman entrepreneur ladyboss by allison horner adventure knocks

You are an entrepreneur. You're the Boss, the CEO, the resident in charge. Go ahead and offload just one or two things you dislike, even just a little bit, so you have more time and energy to focus on what you LOVE.

That said, I shouldn't have to give you permission. You can decide what you desire to focus your time and energy on, but guess what: the holidays are the perfect time to ask for or gift yourself some of that time and energy back.

Below are some services out there can help you do that. I've picked ones that are pretty widespread throughout the U.S., so check out these or similar services in your area that come highly recommended. 


Getting someone to clean up your casa, even just once or twice a month, can give you so much time and energy back. And, I know quite a few ladies out there who get stressed about a business deadline and they'll clean the house because it feels productive to them, even if it doesn't directly help them with their business deadline. This is what we call Stress Cleaning. Please free yourself from it by asking for a few cleaning packages this holiday season! 

NOTE: We rent out our little 1-bedroom home, and in between guests, we have cleaning pros from come by and take care of the cleaning. They clean up, change the sheets on the bed and the towels, straighten up, etc. It saves us a load of time and effort. I have a few friends who have them come by on the reg at home, too. And you can rate the pros who come by and request specific dates and pros to clean your place.



There is a special place in my heart for subscription meal boxes and grocery delivery services. I personally like grocery shopping (it's hard to impulse-purchase pepper jelly from Trader Joe's if you aren't actually at Trader Joe's), but when I don't have time for it, it's great to have a service like Door To Door Organics or Instacart bring you what you need. 

Instacart is for any needs on the Day-Of, and they usually have select stores that the shopper will go to.

Door to Door Organics usually needs a little advance notice and is great for those who don't want to go shopping weekly. They have different size boxes (from 1 person weekly groceries to larger family).

Sidenote: if you want specific recipes and only the ingredients for a few meals a week, and you LOVE to cook, Plated and HelloFresh sound pretty amazing - but I'l admit I've never tried either one. 


Pure Barre? Yoga? Pilates, CrossFit, Orange Theory Fitness or Running Club? There are so many options out there, and you should indulge in one or two this holiday season! Activity is essential for your health, and entrepreneurial women like us need to balance things out and keep our stress levels down by practicing excellent self-care. AmIright?  Pick out one you like, and ask for a 10 class punch card or ask a friend to go to class with you!

>> This is one of those gifts you could easily give yourself, too :)


This lovely, life-saving person could clean up your inbox, clean up your files, proofread your work, tweak your website, create images for you in Canva, and even create behind-the-scenes processes for you to make you life run more smoothly - and that's all just a snippet of what this person could bring into your sweet, sweet existence. 

Best part? This gal can be the Keeper of Your Calendar: aka, the woman who safeguards your personal time, so when you don't want to schedule ANYTHING on Fridays, she acts as the buffer between you and everyone who wants a piece of you.

Need I say more?


There is nothing like a quick weekend getaway (solo or with your S.O.) to refuel and brainstorm some new ideas. Luckily, I live within 90 minutes of Breckenridge, Colorado and just 40 minutes from the mountains in general, so we love weekend getaways and quick hikes.

Daley Plaza Kriskindlemarket in Chicago. Photo is my own from a trip back home a few years ago.

Daley Plaza Kriskindlemarket in Chicago. Photo is my own from a trip back home a few years ago.

Pick your favorite place to go and spend a long weekend there recharging your batteries and taking beautiful pics, or enjoy the time with a friend or your hubs. Either way, you deserve it lady! 

Some quick-trip locales on my wish list for this year:

 :: New Orleans

 :: Aspen, CO

 :: Steamboat, Colorado (Hot Springs? Skiing? Festivals? Wine Bars? Cowboys on skis?! YES PLEASE!)

 :: Chicago (my Hometown!)

 :: San Diego (also known as "Whale's Va..." according to Ron Burgundy.)

 :: Big Sur in California (without the Poison Oak this time, thank you VERY MUCH.)


What about you? 

Have anything else to add?

Tell me what's on your List in the COMMENTS below!