Have you wondered, "Why can't the Holidays just be easy for once?" 

The Holiday Season can be easier. Let's learn how to plan ahead so that our business is flowing along...

Without having to spend every waking moment working.

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holiday prep checklist for entrepreneurs


When I worked in the corporate world, the rush to get all of the holiday marketing campaigns done in time was AMAZING!...

If you think nervous breakdowns are "amazing".

I can't tell you how many times I worked my BUTT OFF for the three months leading up to Christmas (so that I could take Christmas off)... just to find out 2-3 days before Christmas that some work emergency had come up, and I couldn't in fact take the holidays off after all of that stress from planning and work. 

Christmas is my favorite time of year, so this was truly heart breaking.

Thinking about that old life ties my stomach up in knots and has started giving me a migraine! Hang on a second while I do a breathing exercise.... 

Okay, I'm back.

A large reason I left the corporate world was to finally enjoy the time of year I love most, to do MORE of what I ENJOY with the people that I love. The Holiday Season is the Season of Giving. And it's the season of having peppermint everything. It's the Season of Eating until we have to get out the stretchy pants. (I put on my maternity pants pre-Christmas Day Feast last year. I'm not ashamed.)

Work Less, Live More!


Read my lips: there is NO POINT in going full time "freedom-based" entrepreneur/ blogger/ ladyboss if you're just going to turn around and work 70+ hours a week during the holiday season on your business. Who enjoys burnout and working themselves to death?! NOT ME. NOT YOU.

"But Allison, I have so much to DO this holiday season in my business AND my personal life! How do I do it all without working myself to death?! I want to enjoy the holidays, too!"

I'll help you with that one. Here you'll find an AMAZING Downloadable, Printable Checklist that is gorgeous, but more importantly, will help you high-achieving businesswomen prep for the holidays (whether you're a blogger, a coach, a consultant or any type of entrepreneur with little to no team around you to help you out.)


It's time to go from frazzled, overwhelmed mess of a woman to awesome happy holiday loving confident ladyboss again, so you can feel like THIS! This is pretty much me during the holidays.

From  Gifrific.


When she's calling for YOU!!! LISTEN TO YOUR HEART! There's nothing else you can do!

I'm done. 


Having this mindset that you must earn a specific amount of income reminds you what you LACK and makes you feel scarcity more than anything else, doesn't it?

When you focus on already having all that you want and practice daily gratitude you exude this confidence and ease that just draws people to you. 

TWEET THIS: "The more you think about money(or lack of it) the worse off it'll be for you in your business."

Now that you've let go of the money scarcity icky VICTIM mindset, you've cleared up some necessary headspace to do what REALLY actually could make you some moolah:

Listen to your Intuition. Our best ideas lie in the calm and peace of our hearts.

Is there an idea calling to you? Is it for a specific product, a holiday deal, a partnership or a series of content for your readers? Whatever it is.... FOCUS ON THAT. GO WITH THAT.

Image from  Here .

Image from Here.

Every time you start to feel overwhelmed or unfocused, take a few breaths and listen in again. What do I need to do right now? 

You've got this. Just listen in and trust yourself. Or imagine Leslie Knope giving you this amazing pep talk.


2. Schedule Your Biz Goals - with the ultimate goal of enjoying the holidays.

I almost had you going, didn't I? Yes, you should probably do a wee bit of planning. It makes me feel better to set short term goals and reverse engineer.


To help you out, get The Essential HOLIDAY PREP CHECKLIST for all of your entrepreneurial ladies, starting two months out from Christmas. (Downloadable and no sign up required. BAM.) 

Remember these key things before you get too far down the road though...

Remember our Freedom Formula Guide? Use it again and add in your Holiday Wishes, Desires and Biz Needs!

Take a revisit of your planner. If you are in need of a flipping amazing planner that is so much MORE than just a planner, check out The Daily Greatness Business Planner. I LOVE mine so far! There is also a Daily Greatness Journal and a Yoga Journal (sold out.)

A few tips for scheduling from The Freedom Formula...

  • Schedule in your personal life and desires FIRST. Here are a few of my personal priorities: 
    • Mindset work + two hours of highly focused biz time at the coffee shop 5x/week in the AM. 
    • Yoga twice a week and 1 Hour Walks at the park every morning.
    • Play time with Finn!
    • A long ski weekend in Steamboat.
    • Tot class with my little guy. 
    • Get a massage at least once.
    • Go holiday shopping with a friend.
    • Zoo Lights one night.
    • At least four date nights with my husband. 
    • Volunteer at Girls Inc...
{P.S. 10% of everything I make in my business through Dec 31, 2015 will be donated to Girls Inc, Denver, because they ROCK!}
  • Look at the time you have left after your personal needs are in the planner, and that's what you have to work with in your business.
  • Prioritize which business projects you'll execute and enjoy working on, and set your goals and deadlines are for those projects and their outcomes.
  • Go with what your GUT is telling you and focus on income-generating projects.

3. Work ON your business more than IN your business.

ON your biz = marketing, biz strategy, planning for 2016

IN your biz = actual blogging, coaching or consulting

In that handy 2-months to the holidays planning checklist I gave you, you'll notice I added in some deadlines for scheduling content per your Editorial Calendar. You do have at least an annual Editorial Calendar... don't you? Schedule out everything that aligns with your goals and big projects for the holidays: campaigns, blog posts, social media schedules, emails, etc. This will tell you what you need help with and which pieces need to be done when.

4. Implement Systems for Success. 

Are there any systems you need to implement or revisit to streamline things more for you over the holidays? Do you have them and if not, when will you build them in? Or could you have a Virtual Assistant help you build them in? 

What systems will you use to make your opt-ins and lead magnets easy to automate? Do you have a style guide in place for yourself or anyone you hire to help you? What can you automate behind the scenes? Automation is essential! 

  • Onboarding procedures?
  • Shipping and Handling Procedures?
  • Payment plans and processing?
  • Email campaigns? 
  • Blog posts? 
  • Email funnels?

5. Delegate! 

Touching on this from above. You DO want to enjoy the holidays, don't you? You KNOW that it's okay to not be the expert in everything, don't you? 

Good. Now, looking at all of the above, what do you need to delegate? Don't say nothing. That's not true, and you know it. I would personally think through what's essential to your business (or to your sanity) that you dislike AND aren't good at, and then delegate that out first. Even if it's one thing, I would do it.

Some other ideas:

  • Virtual Assistant 
  • Social Media Manager 
  • Nanny if you have kids or fur babies (You could also ask a family member to help watch the little ones during this busy time.)
  • House-keeper/Cleaning (Check out Handy.com or TaskRabbit.com for last minute or scheduled home cleanings.)
  • Grocery runs (Try Instacart or a similar service in your area.)
  • Other specialists who focus on specific help that you need (Lead Pages help? SEO? Website touch-ups here and there? Copywriting? Facebook Ads expert?)

6. Beautify your home for The Holidays.

This is SO much fun if you allow it to be! Do the Winter Home Cleanse. Put your summer stuff in storage (you know you still have your flip flops right under your bed, so I don't even want to hear it.) 

  • Decorate your house/apartment/room/common areas for the holidays. My roommates and I used to go wild turning our brownstone in Chicago into a winter wonderland around the holidays, and I still love decorating with my family now! It's fun, so indulge a bit. Make some hot cocoa or cider (or rum, just sayin.) Turn on the Christmas tunes and get a move on.
  • Touch up or totally revamp your Vision Board! One of my favorite activities, and it will ensure you end the year and start the new year knowing what's in your heart is aligned with what you're already creating. (Visualizing and seeing reminders can help spur progress as well so allow this to be a fun activity.)
  • Refresh with scent! It's super easy to make an all-natural room spritz. I like this citrusy room spray from Design Sponge, but you could also just throw cinnamon sticks, pumpkin pie spice and lemon peel into a pot with a few cups of water and let it simmer. 
The Daily Greatness Business Planner. #onthelist

The Daily Greatness Business Planner. #onthelist

7. Make your Holiday Wish List!

What would you LOVE to have that would help you out in your business this year? What would make your heart sing? (No really, I'd love to know because I'm writing up the ULTIMATE ENTREPRENEUR'S HOLIDAY WISH LIST Blog Post this month! 

{This amazing Daily Greatness Business Planner may be on my list.}

Here are some of the things on my Ultimate Holiday Wish List! Click below to shop.

8. Take some TIME OFF.

A substantial amount. At least a full week. Let your brain recharge. Throw yourself into a novel. Spend time playing with your kids. Write a short story that has nothing to do with your business. Take a ski trip. Spend the week cooking and crock-potting away. Paint something. Do something DIFFERENT. Just take at least a week OFF.


(In case you missed that one.)

10. Give Yourself A Pat On The Back and Take Care of Yourself!

Remember that personal time you scheduled in? Time to TAKE IT. I'm holding you to it, because you need and deserve it. 

So ladies, DOWNLOAD this handy holiday prep checklist so you have it ALL covered over the next 6-7 weeks leading up to the end of the Holiday Season of GIVING!


COMMENT below with the things you have on your Holiday Wish List.

I'm putting together a list and blog post of the essential wish list for the entrepreneurial woman and the badass blogger, so that you get loads of fun, amazing ideas to get your lovely tribe of game-changers!

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