It's so funny, I took today off to hang with Finn and our nanny is out of town. Of course, I got 1,698,379 epic ideas for what I want to offer next, what to write next, what to SAY in response to an email...

What GIVES?! Why all the breakthroughs on a day off!?

Listen up, Visionaries, Thought Leaders, Change-Makers, Creative, Purpose-Driven Souls:

You need SPACE from the norm in order to truly get clear and create what your soul's calling you to create.

When you're in the grind all the time, it can feel creatively stifling.
It can feel... frustrating.
It can feel... like your light is dimmed, your thoughts... foggy, your soul food... sluggish.

When you try to hustle all day and night, it creates that dreaded "block", and it leaves you stuck... like a stalled out car with an empty tank on a highway in the middle of nowhere USA. (Yuck.)


And then get ready to receive the downloads. 

You NEED space away from your "work" to remember how your best "work" really comes to fruition.

Listen with your whole body, with your mind, your physical body, your senses, your soul. Because visionaries and dreamers like you and me? We FEEL IT when we have a breakthrough, when we get one of those lightening-bolt ideas that feel like goosebumps or lumps in our throats.

We KNOW what it feels like to be in the flow, and I'll bet you know exactly what you need to create flow at all times and never leave that beautiful state of mind that you thrive in.

Space can be SO simple.... 

The quiet early mornings fueled by a cuppa coffee...
The late night strolls looking up at the stars as your puppy potties...
The midday stroll through the park in between emails and coaching calls...
The crossfit sessions or hot yoga classes...
The trips away from routine and home where you explore new cultures (whether in your head or in a damn good book.)

You need to explore, to play, to expand in order to download new insights, to tap into your intuition, to integrate what you learn.

Give yourself the gift of consistent SPACE away. 

DAILY. (If daily feels like an anxiety attack waiting to happen, go with weekly for right now.)

Pick a time and date. Put it in your calendar. Bring your notebook and a pen to jot down those lightening bolts of ideas.

I've got almost TOO many killer things coming to you to help you REALLY learn how to create more income and impact with WAY more joy and WAY less pressure and stress. 

Because for the women I work with, income and impact come from the "spaces", the downtime, the moments of knowing and loving themselves enough to say "I work best this way, and that's cool."

This freedom to BE just who they are - it helps them create bigger, better results faster.

  • 4 clients within 8 weeks.
  • Quitting corporate jobs because the income + impact is #boom there!
  • Working 1 hour per day... or 6 (whatever works for them) but working in a way that works for each individual woman.
  • Getting publishing deals (I'll post more on this awesome one soon so you can check it out!)
  • Receiving offers to participate in summits or be featured as experts in BIG programs (talk about sharing your message!!!)
  • Getting published and being featured on podcasts. 
  • Taking WAY MORE space away to get inspired and come back ready to Focus and Flow
  • Going to hot yoga, taking vacations in Iceland, heading to Paris... without worry
  • Loving their businesses MORE because they do what feels GOOD and FUN! 

You really CAN create impact and income in the way that works BEST for you, and for you, your energy MATTERS.

Give yourself SPACE to understand what you need, what you don't and DO YOU.

Looking for someone to hep you get there?

I've got a program AND a mastermind coming, plus 1:1 spots open for business and life coaching. There are many ways to work with me to get the visionary leadership and strategic support you need and want to grow that business.

Book a call, and we'll talk through YOUR unique desires, lifestyle, challenges, and opportunities, and then we'll decide what may be best for you!