This post is dedicated to all of my soul-inspired entrepreneurs and business owners who are finding themselves unmotivated and stuck in their businesses.

Get Motivated! What to do when you get stuck in a business slump on the Adventure Knocks! blog by Allison Horner Business Success Coach

Have you had one of those days where you just feel discouraged? For whatever reason it is - you're struggling to sign on new clients. You feel uninspired to write those blog posts you had planned out in advance (weren't you super excited about this at one point?!) You're getting anxious about feeling stuck and unmotivated, so you didn't get enough sleep last night. That's made you crabby and foggy. To top it all off, no one liked your Instagram post this morning, and you've having major carb cravings from being tired.

What gives!?

Source:  Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

You feel like nothing is working. You feel like you suddenly don't know what to do to move your business forward and enjoy the last of the year. 

This happens to the best of us. 

Did you catch how I emphasized that you "feel" like these things are happening?

It's likely that this is not reality at all - it's just how you "feel".

The reality is that we're making progress in life and building our business every day, in big and small ways. We just have to take the paper bag off of our heads and choose to see the progress we've made so that we can get motivated and build confidence.

My whole fam and I were pretty sick last week plus in the middle of a huge move, so I got a little discouraged and started to have that panicky feeling that I was "falling behind" in my business because I couldn't get to every little thing I had planned to tackle. Honestly, I wanted to put on yoga pants, and not wear a bra, and drink tea while binging on cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix for the rest of the month. (I have a toddler, so that wouldn't happen even in my wildest dreams these days, but you get it.) 

However, I didn't crawl into a Netflix hole because I know how to lift myself up before I even fall in. This Lady In Distress is NOT me anymore - especially during the Holiday Season, Minter, My Favorite Time of the Year, The Season of Giving! I live for Christmas time.

When you wake up in a slump, what do you do?

Do you stay in a funk for a week and then wonder why you aren't making money and haven't attracted any clients?

Or do you pick yourself up and choose your next adventure so you can start building momentum? Do you look at why you've ended up in this spot and what you can do next time?

Luckily, I've been graced by the presences of two wonderful, beautiful coaches in my life who guided me out of the Victim mindset that held me back from going where I wanted to go.

Here are a few of the biggest lessons passed down that can help you get off of the struggle bus and instead, get into a frame of mind that'll attract success and create a ladyboss outlook.


1. Select your thoughts. 

"Did you know that you can choose your thoughts?"

My first coach said this on a live call, and it blew my mind. I remember thinking... wait, what?!

I thought my brain was wired to be a certain way. I couldn't change my thoughts due to genetic programming. 

We do have the power to choose our thoughts and words as easily as we can choose to eat the last piece of cake or to let it go. 

MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU: The first step in moving from drowning to successful and resilient is to recognize your own role in the thoughts that you produce. You are not preprogrammed to think a certain way.

It's possible to come to a closed door and choose to open it and move forward. That's what doors are made for. (tweet this)

First, acknowledge that you have the ability to control your thoughts. Then go from there to actually control them.

What words come up for you a lot? What thoughts go through your mind that don't serve you? 

2. Choose Happy! Choose your next emotion.

Another one that baffled me until it was explained in more detail - which is when I realized that I actually do this often very naturally, and I'm sure you do in certain areas, too. (Win!)

Do you know what makes you feel good - big or small? Maybe it's...

  • Listening to a power playlist filled with inspiring bosslady songs?
  • Going for a walk where your intention is to be fully present?
  • Listening to a specific podcast or motivational speaker?
  • Coloring?
  • Journaling?

PUT IT TO WORK: Have ideas in your back pocket that you can use easily and have them ready when a slump starts coming on. 


3. Look for the little signs that things ARE working.

Sometimes as women, we can get so engrained in the day to day grind that we forget to step back and look at the progress we've made toward our goals. It's not just about seeing little signs that things are working, but to also appreciate how far we've come.

If you're going to run a marathon, you don't not train for it and then try to run the entire damn race in one day. You take your time working toward it - conditioning yourself mentally and physically to make it to the end on race day. 

Same thing here. 

What indications do you see that what you're doing is working?

  • Are you getting more subscribers little by little?
  • Did you see more website hits this week or month? Where did you see them? What efforts drove them? 
  • Have you slowly been getting more discovery calls or free assessments booked?
  • Have you found a lot of traction on certain Instagram or Facebook posts?
  • Have you started to see a trend of when you're able to produce great content that your audience loves?
  • Have you done more Periscopes now than ever before?
  • Have you really worked on your visibility issues by showing up online?

REPLICATE IT YOURSELF: What actions did you take that caused this momentum? Replicate those actions and learn from what didn't work.

4. Get into the WOW Mindset (or Growth Mindset).

The Wow Mindset is when we have the ability to step back when we're feeling discouraged and say, "WOW! Look how far I've come on this already! 2 months ago, I was barely started, and now I'm all the way here. That's pretty great."

This mindset is one of the largest predictors of success according to Todd Herman who talks about the WOW Mindset in his 90 Day Year video training. If you haven't done the free mini training series yet, I seriously recommend it.

When was the last time you were able to say, "Well I may not be where I want to be yet, but I'm already so far and that's awesome!"

It's easier to keep going when we think that way. It builds our confidence, self-esteem and self-trust because we see ourselves as a capable human who's not going to give up and who's making progress toward our goals.

PLAN OF ACTION: Think of a few things that you tend to get discouraged about, and make a plan of action around how you'll get into the WOW Mindset with those goals or subjects.

So if your only halfway to your goal of growing your email list to 1000 people, check in with yourself: have you learned a hell of a lot about strategies to grow your list? Yes!? Well that's friggin awesome! You wouldn't be there if you had quit. Have you gained 10 people? Well that's 10 more than if you'd quit, lady! 

Appreciate that little wins constantly and build that self-love. 

You are where you are, and that’s okay.
— Abraham Hicks

5. Celebrate the progress, big and small.

You may not feel you deserve it when it comes to being in these awful days. But, you do deserve it, and you recognize all of the hours spent on your business - even if you don't "feel" like things are working right now.

MAKE IT HAPPEN: Get yourself a coffee. Treat yourself to a dinner out with your SO. Go to yoga. Get yourself a pedicure or go for a hike without second thought about it. Celebrate yourself and the progress you've made. 

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We all end up on the struggle bus at some point, but we make the decision to stay on the bus or hop off and go our own way. We decide to select our thoughts and choose to recognize our small wins. We decide to celebrate our success and to be aware of the progress we have made. 

That's when the clients and the money starts rolling in, lady! When you stay in the WOW mindset and stay consistent and persistent... instead of giving up and losing momentum.

Tell me in our Facebook Group: which of these steps will you use next time you're on the struggle bus? What have you tried that's really helped you?