When I’m downloading a new idea, a breakthrough, from my Intuition, I get this feeling.


My Intuition whispers to me that this idea, this thing… 

It’s something to pay attention to.

I’m suddenly excited, electric, enthusiastic - like there are a million little butterflies in my stomach. My heart beats faster, my energy rises, and I know that the idea I just had is a gift from The Universe.


I feel… filled with Love.

Yes, Love. 


In these moments, I know - I just know - that I’m meant to bring into the world what I see so vividly in my mind and what I feel in my heart. I know that I’m meant to take the leap.


I know that idea, that crazy thought, that feeling is telling me that there’s something here to explore. That idea is meant to be, that leap is meant to be made, and it’s meant for me.


Often, this happens while I’m out on my morning walk, or hiking in the mountains, or sitting outside on a park bench watching my son play. Sometimes, it happens while I’m meditating, doing yoga, or even while I’m doing something mindless like showering, driving, listening to music, or folding laundry.


Those quiet moments when I’m fully present and immersed in what I’m doing, are when my Intuition speaks to me.

Allow yourself space to breathe, to take care of yourself, to fuel your tank. In the moments of rest and relaxation, in the moments when we feel at ease, in the moments when we are doing something just for us because it feels good to do it…


That’s when we can hear our Intuition - that inner voice of love and light. That’s when The Universe speaks to us most clearly and directly, but we have to be willing to ask and to listen.


What do I really need to do? What’s going to make me happiest? What am I here to create and bring into the world? What’s my purpose? 


I love that feeling of having a new breakthrough or big idea! Don’t you?


When I give myself space to rest, relax, and play, I often receive the guidance, ideas and inspiration that keep me moving forward confidently.

Breakthroughs happen when I give myself what I need - the walk, the rest, the time alone, the permission to do what lights me up. When you love yourself and take space from the grind, is when you can hear your Intuition more clearly than ever.

These are the moments The Universe is right there, ready to create with you and through you.

It’s not just about the idea itself; it’s about the feeling that accompanies it.


Pay attention to the butterflies, that feeling of excitement, peace, confidence. These feelings are your intuition’s way of guiding you. 


Maybe you hear this voice or receive those divine downloads doing different things - gardening, writing, painting, walking, showering, playing with your kids, working out or cooking dinner. 


And perhaps the ideas you get are wildly different from mine, because they’re meant for you and will light you up.


What matters next is what you do once you receive the message your Intuition is trying to deliver to you. 


Often, once I get that feeling and I receive the download, I’ll craft a little plan to put the wheels in motion… but then another voice will sneak in and try to sabotage me.


It’s my inner critic - that other voice that likes to tell me lies about how I’m not good enough to make this idea come to life. 


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked myself out of creating something I felt called to create because I’ve listened to my inner critic. There were many times I didn’t even try, because I let her fear-monger me.

I felt the butterflies the day that I had the idea to invite women into my first mastermind. My inner critic whispered in my ear at the same time, trying to prevent me from even getting on my laptop to reach out to them, even though my Intuition said loud and clear, that I could and would bring this experience into the world. 


I knew I had the idea to lead the mastermind and bring women together, because it The Universe’s way of working through me to produce something that needed to be brought into the world - for the best and highest good for myself and all. So I silenced my inner critic’s voice telling me I’d never be able to accomplish this, or that I wouldn’t get it “right”, that no one would want to join... and I moved forward anyway. 


Then I set my intention to do it, and I gave my goal on over to The Universe.

It will always guide you if you hand over your dreams and trust that it’ll be this, or something better that comes along.


I don’t know if I would have had the confidence to move forward had I not handed over my fears and worries, intentions and desires, for the experience, to The Universe’s loving care. Every time I heard my inner critic nagging me or deterring me from my path, I let The Universe swiftly silence her lies, and I continued working, inviting, scheduling calls and enrolling members... in peace. 


I surrendered it all to The Universe and followed my butterflies. I knew that this was the best way for me to serve in a way that had been burning within my Soul. 


You can bring anything to life that your Intuition is telling you to, but you have to listen when it speaks to you, and then begin to take action to get the wheels turning.


I’ll bet your inner critic tries to sabotage you, too. Maybe she already has. It’s time to tell her she doesn’t get to have a say anymore, because you love yourself enough to bring your idea to life, even if it’s just for you.

Because guess what? Even if you don’t create something that you think is traditionally creative, your whole life is a creation!

You’re creating every step of the way. That’s why you have to follow your Intuition. 


When you live your life knowing that it truly is a beautiful masterpiece co-created by you and The Universe together, life gets easier and way more enjoyable.

Following your Intuition, even in the face of fear, will bring you more joy than you could have ever imagined as you go about living your masterpiece.

Follow the butterflies, and you will fall madly in love with the adventure that is your life. 


Isn’t that how it feels when you do what you love? When you hand over your fears and trust that you’re on the right path? When you take care of yourself and let yourself go with the flow?


Isn’t that how it feels when you co-create with The Universe? 

It feels damn good!


Enjoy the process. Enjoy painting the canvas and making it come to life, instead of worrying about what it will look like at the end.


This journey is meant to be beautiful. Exhilarating. Appreciated. Wrapped in love and gratitude. Wrapped in inspiration and love.

This is what it feels like to love yourself, and to love life. 


Trust your Intuition, and follow the butterflies.