I can think of so many people who've cited fear as their catalyst for the amazing things that were coming. And when I look back at my own journey, I've seen this same pattern.

Every time I was afraid to do something, feeling resistance to doing something and I did it ANYWAY....

I GREW and it spurred an incredible chain of events that to this day keep leading me forward.


When I moved 1000 miles from Chicago to Colorado, alone and had to totally start over with new friends, a new job, a new place.

When I left an abusive relationship a few years later and lived alone in an apartment - finally free - with nothing but my dog, an air mattress, and a Christmas Tree.

When I quit the sport I'd been doing for 15 years... that I'd HATED... and had to find myself again.

When I tried out for a play and got on stage in college... even though I was SO shy that I blushed every time a boy spoke to me. (I didn't get the part. The point was that I got on stage and didn't throw up.)

When I was afraid to quit my corporate job, but I did anyway.

When I was afraid of starting my business, but I did it anyway.

When I found out that I was pregnant - me! who was supposed to be childless - and I had a healthy, adorable baby boy. :)

When I STOPPED BEING A LONE WOLF and instead hired my first Marketing help, and a Virtual Assistant, and a COACH, and a nanny anyway. (You CANNOT have a fully successful business without working yourself to death, if you do not get support!)

When I signed on with my first business coach and made my first big investment... and came out being fully booked.

When I invested in a high level Mastermind with a business strategist, and women who would push me... And made half the investment back within 5 weeks.

When I felt the fear of starting a podcast, and I pulled the trigger on it ANYWAY.

When I dreamed of being on stage... and started going to Toastmasters.

When I dreamed of creating my own Mastermind... and I sold a spot within days of announcing it, WITHOUT an official sales page up.

What do you need to do to GROW? What resistance do you need to make your way into?

What could YOU do with the right support, coaching, strategy, guidance, sisterhood by your side?

How would you GROW? 

Who would you become?

What could you accomplish?

Where could you be in just 6 months?