2019 is already BIG! You know, BIG ENERGY, BIG LOVE! :) 

I know that something is inside of me, ready to bubble up... Messages, channelings, new visitors, new beings...

There's more coming to the world lately, and I can't wait to share it with you! But what matters more to ME, so much MORE...

Is hearing from YOU. 


What do you want to create in the world?
What do you want to create in your life, and why?

And more than that. 

Who do you need to BE to do those things?

Being who you are is about knowing that we are LOVE. Nothing more or less.

When you KNOW that, and EMBODY that KNOWING, you begin to realize you are everything you need to be to do the things you want to do.


Watch the Video of me getting amped up about it here!)

That video probably triggered a few people, but that’s because our EGOS don’t know what’s actually meant for us. Only our inner source, our creative force, our INTUITION can know that.

And KNOWING that happens when you tap into something BIGGER.

Watch the Video (link above) to get my perspective, and don’t be shy. Comment on it and let me know what you think!

This time of year, people set big goals, and they often don't know why those goals aren't working. They don't know why they don't hit them. Why don't we find the hot lover, make the money, get ourselves in shape, finally go to Italy?!

Because it's not about THOSE THINGS. Those are the things our egos project that we think we are SUPPOSED to want.

But really... do we have to want that?  Or is it what society tells us to want? Is it not aligned with us really or is it truly meant to be?

You can tell from a FEELING - from your own inner GPS, your intuition.

When you tap into that, in silence, in meditation, when you're on a walk or folding laundry...

That's when the REAL DEAL ideas, visions, messages, and information comes dropping in. Like a GIF party in a group text conversation. Just one after the next! 

So instead of focusing on your EGO'S desires, do this to find out what You need to know NOW to have an amazing year... or hell... an amazing LIFE:

  • GO OUTSIDE. Go for a walk. Ground yourself with some movement. Do yoga at a studio or outdoors if you're in warm weather. Why? Haven't you noticed that our greatest insights and ideas come when we ARE NOT trying to figure it all out?! ;)

  • MEDITATE. Don't do it for the ideas. Do it to give yourself some peace and clarity. You can always tap into your inner SOURCE - that creative energy - best by quieting your mind a bit and letting the desires and clarity COME to you. (This really does F'ing work! Trust me.)

  • DO SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU WILDLY HAPPY. Run around outside with a flashlight. You used to do that, didn't you?! Go on a hike, and listen to a hilarious podcast. Hit up a comedy club, or go out with friends and laugh your faces off. Read an amazing uplifting book.  When we are having FUN, we realize that this is why we're HERE: for the joy of it. For the love of this life, and ourselves. This is about loving life as it is, without needing more and more.

  • FEEL IT! Check out the sacral chakra! No really - tune into your pleasure center; what's it saying when you think of an idea? Are you turned on? Do you feel it in your belly?


ACT when you know you're meant to.  Don't hold back on it.  Go for it, baby.

P.S. INTUITION IS INNATE, but often, we don't TRUST it....

WE don't even recognize it half of the time! But when we do? Things get SO GOOD.

So if ready to tune in, tap in, and FEEL, KNOW, SEE the visions, HEAR the insights more and more, and then trust so much that you act from them...

Infinitely Wise Woman: THE MASTERMIND is here.

Sign up for a call if you're curious, or if something inside of you is saying… GO FOR IT.

Trust that nudge! 


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