There's this funny way in which the Universe works: you pick a goal or a word that embodies a feeling you want to have for the year/project/etc.

Let's say, for the fun of it, that you picked "trust" as your word for this next big project you're going into in your business.

According to much of what we are taught with the LOA, you should then attract more "trust" through the vast array of experiences and encounters you have (if you're embodying it).


Yet, it's truth that the Universe expands infinitely - as do we, as are we designed and meant to do while we elevate collectively.


You are part of the The Universe, part of All That Is, made of the same energy and stuff... so The U will create opportunities for expansion within YOU, too.


Because of this, we are presented with opportunities not just to have "trust" (or what we desired to receive) served to us on a silver platter ----


We ARE given opportunities that will stretch us to our farthest reaches so that we may CHOOSE to TRUST.

So that we may choose to select to have/be/feel/embody/do the thing that we intended to - that we asked the Universe for.


It is tempting to deny, "cope with", or conceal, or shove away any emotions or experiences or people that are not in our "happy bubbles" because we're afraid of what will happen... or what we'll attract.


Yet, if you're in the happiness bubble, and you do not recognize or seize the opportunity to expand in front of you, what happens?

You contract, you shrink, you cope more, and you deny what it is you truly WANT - what you asked the Universe for.


You haven't yet faced the lesson you need, and the Universe is all, "Hey! I did that FOR you! I guess I'll have to serve up more of that until you are ready to do and be what you need to, to have what you want."


What if, by choosing to only stay in the bubble, you are going to attract the opposite, because the universe is providing opportunities to EXPAND and expansion, by nature, doesn't happen without contrast.


Everything happens for you; the U isn't trying to piss you off or pull you into negativity. It's doing what it is designed to do: create circumstances designed to challenge you in which you'll expand further.


That said, what you do, how you choose to see and feel within expansion, is where the adventure is. It doesn't have to feel hard, or like punishment, or exhausting, or anything like that. (It is not "bad" to feel those things, btw... don't deny yourself of an opportunity to sort through your stuff.)


It can be FUN. Exciting. Loving. Joyful. Purposeful. Intentional. Inspired. Magnetic. Graceful. Grateful.


Like the highest form of self care, and therefore collective love, possible.


This expansion is all part of the EPIC adventure we are apart of.


When we do not face what will help us grow, when we deny this truth, when we do not accept what is existing in us and around us, we deny our souls the mission of evolution in the collective.


It's not bad or good, right or wrong. It simply is like the U asking,

"Hey, how long you want this to take? Ready when you are."


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