“You Need Do Nothing.”

- A Course In Miracles -

We are raised in a society that loves being in the masculine - pushing, striving, doing, planning, taking action, leaning in, being ambitious...

We don't know how to live in the now - we don't know how to be present and just "be".

I know you’re probably wracking your brain thinking about all of the things you must now go and “do”. You've probably got a to-do list a mile long, and if you're an entrepreneur, you're probably thinking about all of the things you need to go do, and create, like right now .

I have to paint, draw, write, buy, sell, act, say… I have to do… I have to go…



Take a step back, breathe, and think for a second.


When you were happiest in your life, what was happening in you and around you?

What were you doing?

Where were you?

Who were you with?

How did you feel?


Who were you?


Try to find the best, brightest, most loving and joyful memory you can from your childhood. 

I’ll bet you anything that you were doing something that relaxed you. 

Maybe you weren’t even doing anything with your physical body.


We don’t always have to do something to create, or to be happy, loved, and valued. 

Sometimes we have to ask: 

How do I want to feel? 

How do I want to be? 


Or better yet ask The Universe:

How would you use me to do your will in peace, love, and joy today?

The Universe inside of you will answer so pay attention to the first thing that comes to mind.

When you allow yourself the freedom to be you, and to work with That Universally loving and creative energy, you’ll feel more at peace no matter what you do.


Working with The Universe, will always fulfill you in heart and soul.

You know you want to do something, to create something, to bring your wildest dreams to life, so do it. 

Do what you love, in the way you love doing it, and focus on how you feel and want to feel in the process. 

Many of us don’t feel we are allowed to be happy, but being happy is literally our only function and our greatest desire. 


Why not you? Why not now? 

The world needs more happy people. Happy people create more happy people and happy energy.

Happy energy is loving energy. And we need more love in the world, to infuse this world with more peace, plenty, and prosperity for all.

When you do what you love, and you feel good no matter what you do, you open the door to happiness for other people, too.


It’s in those moments of pure joy and love that you’ll rekindle your connection to The Universe and All That Is. 

It’s in those moments of happiness and peace, that you remember who you truly are:

A spiritual being having a human experience.


In those moments of pure, loving joy, you’ll return home to yourself because you feel good in your own skin.

You are abundant, beautiful, loving, creative force simply by existing. Not because you need “do” anything. 


Not because you performed a certain way.


You are one with The Universe. 

You are love.

And everything you do, everything you are, everything you create as a result, is love, too.


This is a beautiful way to finally, finally, experience unconditional, limitless love, faith and trust.

Because it comes from within, and expands outward exponentially, impacting everyone around you.

You’re limitless in your impact on the world, when you focus on doing what you love, on creating from the heart, on being you in all of your powerful creative energy…


Just because you’re you.


We are all creators, and it’s about damn time we value all that we create and love, rather than focus on destruction, pain, and fear.

Can you imagine if the entire fucking world focused on love, peace, joy, relationship, and on creating rather than on fear?


Don’t you think we’d all be far healthier and happier?