First of all, thank you for reading this blog post, because if you are, it means you're open to receiving some amazing new insights into how you can expand your world within... and that'll help you expand your perception of the world outside of you too! Cool beans!

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Here's the deal.

The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are really just cool terms that us spiritual people made up for simple words like "receiving" and "creating".

"Being" and "Doing".

"Allowing" and "Acting".


That said, these both have an equal and important part in our vocabulary and in our lives, because they allow us to define what it is we want to experience while we're here, living these incredible lives and building incredible experiences like families and love lives and businesses and way more.

These two "things" are really energies that we all have within us as a collective consciousness; they are defined to the best of my ability as being essential to us all.

You can't have one without the other.

You can't be out of balance, though you may FEEL that you are at times.

You can't value one more than the other; they are equally important energies to be in.

And they both have a seat at the table.

Now, many of us will have some massive resistance to being in the "divine feminine" or the "masculine". Why?

Well, many of us women were raised with extremely patriarchal views and our society reflects them.

We are wounded we think by the powers that be that tell us we mostly aren't right enough, good enough, strong enough, bold or brave enough, pretty or wealthy or desireable and skinny enough. Maybe we think we're just losers.

So we may resist being in the feminine simply because the word feminine isn't always associated with power and creation and financial wealth and security these days. We still live in a patriarchal society that shows us that men get the power seats and make the money and give the approval of us, which really all should be innately inherently equal between the sexes.

However, we must remember that we are not the byproduct or innocent bystander of this;

we choose to follow it, to let it affect us, to make it mean something about us.

I know... I accept my own acceptance of this as well, and a huge part of me yearns to shift it.

That's why I don't really react to this stuff on the news... because I tend to believe that hey, we're allowing this to continue at some level. That's why I help a lot of my clients heal themselves by learning that the divine feminine is actually an amazingly powerful and alchemical energy of massive manifestation and soulful creative drive that accompanies it... is called the divine masculine.

We may resist the masculine because of well.... everything stated. But you have to have both sides of the coin; they make up the whole, and both are welcome within us now. That's why we need both to thrive, not just survive.

And we ALL deserve to thrive.

Sometimes we feel that we are inadequate or unworthy of being either in the masculine energy of action and knowing what to do and when to do it... 

Or we feel that we are too insecure to be in the feminine, which many of us may think is a doormat energy, superficial, awkward and not right. What we want most though, is to allow ourselves to rest and recover, to download divine insights and know what actions to take.

That is what the divine feminine is. But many of us think... I can't do that! I'll be lazy, apathetic, and people won't see me as a caring and highly valuable member of society if I lean back and rest. So we overwork ourselves, from the mind down into the body, and we burn the fuck out.

The Divine Feminine and Masculine are BOTH valuable, and we need to re-evaluate and understand exactly what they are, while removing judgment from both entirely if we want to live in a world that is full of love and companionship inside and out.


The Divine Feminine 

What The F Does It Mean to Be In The "Divine Feminine" or "Divine Masculine"? {And Why Does It Even Matter?}

She is powerful, loving, and caring.

She nonetheless, allows herself to trust, to have faith, to lean back, and to observe.

There is no energy of desperation, neediness, lack, or brokenness - which would be what many of us would call, the Wounded Feminine. The wounded self only believes it is wounded; this is of course, an illusion - a choice - to feel this way. And we women can be the most loving creatures if we only love from within first.

This Divine Feminine energy is one of feeling fulfilled and free within in the self, and love illuminates her path from the inside out.

She is the energy of beingness.

She is the one embodied in the feminine woman who you see who seems to be a magnet to everything she wants, because she is in the energy of divine co-creation and manifestation.

She is fiercely protective of her time and energy, and she follows the beat of her own drum, knowing innately, that all hearts beat as one.

She is the essence of innocence and purity, love and divine Knowing. This is why she sustains life and builds empires out of grace, giving, and gratitude; for she is the one that receives.

This energy downloads. It allows, accepts, and expands. It is the energy of intuititive Knowing and allowing the Universe to support one's path and to love life itself simply because it IS. 

This energy is losing it's appeal among women and men alike, because this energy is so expansive in reality... that it scares the western society that is given marching orders to "just do it."

To lean back, and to accomplish and transform so much from allowing onesself to simply receive, to slide gracefully into the siddhis, the enlightened states, challenges our beliefs built by futility and American Dream mentality in which we must always act from gut over grace.

So in this energy of relaxation, trusting, allowing, giving, and receiving... we are allowed rest, recovery, rejuvenation, receptivity, and love.

In this energy, we lean back and don't take action just yet, because we are able here to BE what we are innately:


You may find yourself here in this expansiveness receiving insights, ideas, nudges to do this or that next, solutions to problems or conflicts being resolved. You may receive more noticable things... men or women approaching you, partners wanting to be with you more often, children feeling comfortable around you, money arriving in your bank account or new items and offers coming your way almost out of nowhere. 

This is the manifestation process at work, and it arrives when we are not pushing, manipulating, controlling or coersing the circumstances or our own lives to be one way or another.

This energy is open and expansive; and it opens all of the doors and windows to allow all opportunities and everything that is meant for you... to arrive and meet you where you are. 

"You need do nothing," A Course In Miracles states... and this is the Truth of the divine feminine.


The Divine Masculine

This energy is magical and alchemical when you proceed with caution. 

What The F Does It Mean to Be In The "Divine Feminine" or "Divine Masculine"? {And Why Does It Even Matter?}

Where this energy can manifest as a warring of the worlds and conflict of the mind is because fear takes the wheel. That is what you might call the Wounded Masculine. The wounded side comes from an energy of proving, struggling, achieving to prove worthiness, and feeling fear of not being loved or enough or welcome.

The Divine Masculine is the opposite of that. 

It IS the energy of action, but loving and open and faith-based action.

It is eloquent, free, loving, and nurturing, just as many would say the feminine is. It's trusting, running with the wolves while also being the wolf cub who loves to serve and play.

It is the creation engine, the driving force, that acts upon immersion in self love.

This energy is liberating because it has no need to manipulate and or control anyone or anything. You need not have a strategy here, and that scares many of us, because we were raised to play games, win matches, and solve problems by intellectual force and prowess.

Yet, this energy, is part of the all knowing essence that is the feminine, because they show up collectively always.

In this energy, you listen to the divine feminine's Knowing, receive her divine intuitive downloads, and then you find yourself acting upon them with faith.

The Divine Masculine says, "I trust myself to know exactly what I want to do, and when to do it, because I love myself innately."

It acts out of a Knowing that all is well and always will be, and that you are always held and supported by something bigger than you, a force so magnificent it cannot be thwarted. 

This energy is the feeling that you cannot get it wrong, can't fuck it up, can't change anything or anyone and that you don't want to... because it is also an energy of loving and accepting all people, places, and things. It sees circumstances, and it allows intuition that speaks with love and compassion to rise up and tell it what's next. 

In this energy, you may find yourself feeling on time and on point. You may love being in your life because you seem to manifest easily, and you may find yourself getting the "results" you want to get, because when you act from an exciting, loving, peaceful and Knowing place, you Know too that you will always, always, always be okay.

In this energy, we adapt, and we course-correct when desired, and we follow the lead of the Universe while reading the energy of the earth. This is the rooted, grounded masculine who is stable and sure, secure in the Knowing that there is nothing to fear, but fear itself.

This is the energy that unites the world in love, peace, and personal authority, allowing all beings and all things to have a seat at the round table of oneness. It is the energy of All That Is, speaking, praising, rejoicing, and inviting. It is the mother who cooks a warm meal for her neighbor, it is the man who offers his coat for a woman who is freezing in the cold, it is the lovely child who sees a homeless man and begs his mother to buy him some food or a blanket.

It is the peaceful warrior who knows that faith and freedom, not fists and fights, win wars and unite countries, and people, and Universes within.

This is The Divine Masculine. Action comes from allowing and liberated spirit of knowing, loving life, and seeking adventure at every turn. Not for the drama or the fear, but for the Love of Life itself.


If you LOVED this post and want to learn more, stay tuned because I'm going to have some awesome ways you can tap into your receiving energy, and your creating energy...

This is how we create the life we want; we master our own self love and personal evolutionary journey into expansive being and doing in the world. 

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