“There are two paths in this life: creation or destruction.”

Kevin Smith said that in the Keynote at Podcast Movement 2016 in Chicago.

I had been having some severe anxiety that morning. Philando Castile and Alton Sterling were killed, and then a sniper took out several policemen in Dallas.

I wondered if I should be at the conference. Why did podcasting, or any of this really matter right NOW? I should be home with my baby today.

But I stayed. And when I heard Kevin Smith’s keynote, I knew why I needed to be there.

We have a responsibility as entrepreneurs, as humans, to keep creating, and to spark change.

But how do we go on creating and launching and writing, and recording, and marketing, and coaching? How do we go on running our businesses when there are such awful things happening, when we’re drowning in fear, or anxiety, or sadness?

You’re CREATORS by nature as entrepreneurs and business owners. Creating is a pure form of leadership. You and I are called to keep on creating - even in times of pain or destruction.

What do YOU create? Reconnect with WHY you’re here, and then listen into this episode.

In this episode of the Adventure Knocks podcast, we’re talking about how to face the fear, and keep on going and WHY it is so damn important that the creators of the world stick together, and welcome MORE creators into our communities.

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