One day almost a year ago, I saw a Facebook Ad that changed my life. 

Here I was, knowing I wanted to start my own company, knowing I wanted to help women start businesses and learn how to be streamlined, smart and strategy-loving catalysts for freedom and financial independence… but I didn’t know where to start. 

Then I saw the sign! (I know how advertising in the digital space works, but just go with me here…)

Every word in that Facebook Post spoke to me. She had the life that I wanted to have, doing what I wanted to do!

So I signed up for her free audio training and listened to every single word while I simultaneously tore through each carefully crafted sentence on her website - all the while thinking, “This woman gets it.”

A day or two later, I joined her group program for entrepreneurial women - for $2000 - to get my head in the game and my business foundations in place. I had never spoken to her directly or even emailed with her.

I credit that first group program with helping me get my business up and running quickly, and I made some entrepreneurial friends, too. It's one of those times I followed my Intuition, and it was the beginning of a really great new lifestyle.

Why did I sign up to work with her when I barely knew her? Why did I jump in like my life depended on it at that moment - spending $2000 - just because of that Facebook Ad?

It’s simple: it was her irrisisteble messaging that spoke to my soul.

And obviously, this offer came to me when I needed it most. Make no mistake: I was ready to start my business, and I had no desire to struggle through it alone with little budget, little time and a little baby to take care of.

This woman was RELATABLE, but still unique and authentic. Her message spoke to me in such a compelling way that I thought we could have been lifelong friends. (Is that weird?) 

She knew all of my struggle, my wants and she’d been through it all and come out with flying colors. She showed me that she could help me because she’d been in my shoes. 

That can mean so much, can’t it? 

Messaging can be extremely powerful if done right.

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Wouldn’t you LOVE to have your ideal clients and customers jumping at the chance to work with you without even haven spoken to you - because they feel so connected to you already?

That’s what GREAT messaging can do; convert strangers, into warm leads, into clients, into your biggest advocates... in no time.

I remember thinking, “I want to write like that!”

It wasn’t just the copy that mattered. This coach had a compelling content strategy and funnel in place, too, and that made a huge difference in hooking me as well. Plus, as I mentioned, I was READY, so she reached me just at the right time in my life when I was ready to jump.

Luckily, I have something coming out soon to help you set up flawless copy, content and confidence so you can snag more clients with more ease. Stay tuned... ;)

It all starts with flawless copy, though. The simple elements:

  - Highlight your SuperHero Power (focus on what you're great at that your ideal client needs, and lead with that in your copy and messaging)

  - Authenticity (write in your own voice, how you talk, with words you use every day)

  - An element of story (why do you care? why should they?)

  - Speak to Pain (what they struggle with, what they wish they could fix)

  - Speak to Pleasure (what they desire/want to have)

  - Speak to the Benefits of what you have to offer them (how it will fix the pain point and help them get what they desire)

However, if you have to simplify it more, focus on these three things first (and go from there): Pain, Pleasure/Desire, Benefits. 

Working with an amazing mentor and dedicated group of entrepreneurial women helped me learn the business essentials quickly, and soon I signed on with another high-level coach to bolster my success even more.

I’m grateful that someone popped up in my Newsfeed right at the moment I needed them, that the message was spot-on and that the offer was insanely compelling.

P.S. Wouldn’t you love to craft that kind of messaging with every Facebook Post, email or blog post? Would you love to know what topics to cover and how to make them sound unique and fun to your ideal clients? 

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