January 1, 2016, I declared proudly that my “word” was ABUNDANCE.

However, 2016 quickly became the year of RELEASE instead, because all that seemed to happen, was that I RELEASED all of my shit. (For lack of a better way of saying it.)

  • Release of pressure.
  • Release of dependency.
  • Release of unworthiness.
  • Release of the concept of TIME (I’ll explain more on this later.)
  • Release of stories and beliefs that didn’t serve me or anyone.
  • Release of self, and welcoming of collective wholeness. 
  • Release of pushing.
  • Release of pulling.
  • Release of FEAR.
  • Release of rules.
  • Release of shoulds.
  • Release of expectations.
  • Release of loss.
  • Release of guilt.
  • Release of layers and lessons.
  • Release of money or expectation of receiving it.
  • Release of resent and anger…. That was a big one.


I didn’t get it.

Why the F*ck did that happen?!

Why all of the lessons? Why all of the release? Why all of the curveballs?! Why, Universe, WHY?!

Listen, and I'll explain...

The concept of “abundance” was FOREIGN to me at the beginning of last year.

It seemed BIG and I didn't fully embrace it, because I didn't believe in it fully. I saw other women talking about its importance and the abundance of "stuff" and monetary things they'd received by believing in abundance, and I thought "Sounds great! Sign me up." 

Of course, when I intended to create abundance - this foreign thing that I didn’t 100% believe in - I received many opportunities to get rid of the blocks that were preventing me from having true abundance. 

I had to ask and learn....

 - What does abundance mean to me? Is it a number? Is it a house? Is it time or location freedom? Is it travel, is it money, is it more of this or that... or is it simplicity?

 - Why does it matter to me to be abundant?

 - How do I define this in the first place? 

 - How will I know when I have it? (Trick question: you already have abundance, sitting right under your nose.)

And a key question and lesson: 

What do I have to DO, FEEL, or who do I need to BE, to welcome abundance? 

And finally... do I already have it? 


We can’t receive abundance without the release of our bullshit that prevents us from receiving or understanding what the hell we WANT and WHY.


I had to do the inner work first in order to receive. My arms needed to open up, full of trust and enthusiasm.

I had to welcome the ADVENTURE of knowing my next “highest” (and truest) version of myself.


The Universe only gifts us with what we NEED to have in our lives.

Once this dawned on me, I began to truly experience abundance.

  • I recognized what I already HAVE: my family, a beautiful little boy, an adorable puggle, a home with 3 bedrooms (one for my office), a healthy, happy fam, and plenty of TIME + space
  • I saw how much FREEDOM I had in time, energy, and location, in my schedule and in business as well as in parenting... and I created MORE of it. 
  • My coaching got WAY better and far more transformative.
  • I created more income (duh), and I'm welcoming MORE so that I can give back exponentially. #moreplease
  • I had intense visions showing me the truest abundance I could ever wish for: the impact and income to reach millions of people and start to save our planet.
  • I welcomed new opportunities to be seen and heard, to make an impact - guesting on podcasts and in summits and in group programs.... it was WILD! (More to come on this soon! :))
  • I understood my spiritual side even more, and began to welcome a bit more intuitive insight (sometimes it was SO intense I wondered if I was going crazy, to which the U replied, "Of course not.")
  • I launched 2 masterminds, and worked with AMAZING members who I cherish 
  • I joined a mastermind and welcomed coaches and mentors who were perfect for what I needed and when I needed it
  • I traveled to Tulum, Mexico, Chicago, New Mexico, and more and I even took a solo trip and several family trips to Breckenridge
  • I received FEAR and faced it
  • My online presence grew (my Facebook Group, Pinterest following, Twitter, Instagram, and email list, specifically grew in numbers)
  • I embraced the limitlessness more, and stepped up to the plate with more visibility and boldness in my message and my coaching

So when you set intentions in the form of a THEME for the entire year… you know you’ll get plenty of opportunities to welcome that theme… and they may come in the form of constant lessons on how to receive it.


.... If you crave IMPACT, you’ll get consistent opportunities to stretch and grow your reach, ones that will scare the living daylights out of you.

.... If you crave LESS, to do less, or have less, or work less, you’ll be given opportunities to stretch you uncomfortably into that new place of “less”. You’ll get opportunities to do MORE, and it will test the shit out of you, but if you stay true to your intention, and embrace this adventure, my love, you’ll indeed do LESS better.


.... If you declare proudly that this is the year of BALANCE, you’ll get opportunities to help you realllyyyy welcome balance… and those opportunities will TEST you. They’ll throw you new shiny objects that will throw you out of balance if you let them. And it’s cool; it’s all about the lessons you NEED personally, and spiritually, in order to learn how to balance in a way that works for you.


.... I craved ABUNDANCE without understanding, so of course, The U helped me do the inner work, deep down, so that I could really create and receive abundance consistently, and in the areas I value. Time with my son and for myself. Outdoor Space. Adventure. Energy. Spiritual Connection. Creation. Service. Money. Impact. Soul Expansion....


She delivered the opportunities to release all of my shit so that I could OPEN UP to receive abundantly, fluidly, shamelessly, lovingly.


It took a year of full-on RELEASE, 3 mentors, 18 books, 2 courses and over 1,100 MILES walked/hiked/ran to learn about what abundance means to me and began to understand that I already HAVE IT.


Abundance isn't just physical indication of "stuff" or money.


Abundance is a feeling of true WEALTH in every area you care about.


What about you? What have you welcomed, released, learned?


How have you been reminded again this year, of who you really ARE underneath all of the layers of crap and disbelief?


I’m here to support you as you learn how to LOOOOOOVVVVEEE that RELEASE! (And my 3 final 1:1 spots are open for the first half of 2017, and my prices rise on January 15, so make sure that you book a connection call now if you're interested in working together this year.)


You can offload the the shit that’s been holding you back. Take down the walls preventing your forward evolution. Unlock the doors. Throw off the shackles. Show up for the Shitstorms and the Rainbows with excitement and enthusiasm and a spirit of adventure.


Let’s throw out the concept of “comfort zones” or “levels”. (They’re bullshit anyway.)


We are all limitless in our capacity to receive - no matter what that is.

Money. Friendships. Love. Health. Babies. Clients, or Stockings with Bill Murray’s face on them.


You are LIMITLESS, and whatever you declare for this year’s theme of lessons and courage, you’ll learn how to really welcome it in… So choose wisely loves.


Be grateful for 2016. It was a GOOD YEAR because it showed you what you need to know and who you need to be.


2017 will be even better. I’m letting go of my shit, and I want you to do the same with me by your side. I’m excited about being curious, open, receptive, welcoming. I’m excited and so full of love.

It's time to embrace and LIVE this epic adventure that is our lives. 


Here we go into 2017!

Limitless Entrepreneurs.

For the Win.


COMMENT BELOW: what did you learn in 2016? And what are you welcoming in 2017?