I found this message that I channeled from some super sweet spiritual beings - a collective - and I had to re-share it on my blog. They were picking up on our desire to have PURPOSE, meaning, in our lives. A lot of people feel lost, so I wanted to re-share it again because it’s SO RELEVANT right now. Read on + enjoy. P.S.

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Actual photo of how I feel as a channeler, psychic, medium sometimes… like my head is in another dimension but my body’s still trying to do 3-D stuff.… :)

Actual photo of how I feel as a channeler, psychic, medium sometimes… like my head is in another dimension but my body’s still trying to do 3-D stuff.… :)

"Many of you are struggling to find 'your passion'. There is much emphasis on this in your world, and many of you struggle to find it because you were always directed to look outside of yourself for fulfillment.

You planned your lives by knowing your paths would take you to college, to a degree of sorts, maybe to marriage or to a home on the hillside or another fancy car or promotion.

You have often though, while you think no one is watching, sat and wondered;

Why am I knowing there is something more out there for me?

Why am I not fulfilled?

Why is this all... not enough?

Where is my happiness that I looked so far and wide to find?

Happiness is finding YOURSELF first.

Happiness is finding love within you first, and by honoring that love and honoring that love for yourself, and by honoring who you are within... or rather.... WHAT you are (LOVE), you will find only that you want one thing:

Freedom from Fear.

Fear requires things of you. 
Fear seeks outside of you. 
Fear tells you that no one else is going to make you happier than you make yourself. (Your love makes you happy and others respond TO that Love, and as they are part of your consciousness... Love brings Love to Love!)

Fear tells you that you are inadequate. 
Fear tells you that you are not enough or not worthy.

Fear tells you that you will not be happy in this lifetime because you cannot seem to find a passion project.

My dear ones, YOU are your own passion project.

The reason you cannot seem to find your passion, your external expression of who you are - of LOVE in the world...

Simply mirrors the lack of love you have found within you FOR you.

You were created with love, by love, FOR love, to love.

You were not created to seek externally for what you already ARE and HAVE within you:


Simply begin to work on your insides - your beliefs, thoughts, and emotional self.

And the more love you give to yourself, the more you present loving thoughts toward yourself even when you think you have wronged or hurt someone, even when you believe you have made a drastic mistake, even when you believe you are a bad mother, or an awful person, or an unlovable human being...

You will begin to love so fully and unconditionally that the entire universe within you becomes your playground.

You will begin to play and prosper everyday in every way, and you will begin to find a passion that suits you today and maybe another tomorrow. It doesn't matter as you were designed, many of you, to seek externally by your indoctrinated belief systems.

your society has told you to look outside of yourself, but you have done that for years and years, and what have you found? You know you are not happy looking there - looking to the outside world, to your children and your lovers and your societal projections of 'success' for happiness.

So try something new; we know it is not logical to your conditioned programming by your society and families to look within. But when you tune into your highest self, your most loving self, you will begin to further your progress in the path of loving life, of loving your family and loving what already is within you.

Showing love is as simple as saying; i need nothing but to love myself and by doing so, i am also loving everyone and everything. I choose love instead of these sad and judgmental thoughts, and I choose compassion for myself and others. I choose love for myself and others. I choose to be fulfilled no matter what my circumstances are.

Dear ones, from there... you will begin to recondition your mind to choose love no matter what is happening externally and by feeling and believing in love within you again, you will begin to find passion projects and loving activities everywhere.

Your relationships become rich and fulfilling, simple tasks become joyful, big decisions become intuitive and right and easy, and all that you wish for, even finances, become easier to understand, attract and manage because you are radiant beings, and your minds co-create consciously.

Remember, doing this work is all about the self and the self being a collective entity; you are a collective consciousness of joined minds... and to your own perspective you believe that to love yourself to this magnitude is selfish and wrong. Again this is your society's teachings that told you from the ego's perspective that loving the self is wrong or bad or sadistic people are always like that. It is not true. This was intentional to keep you apart from your love...

Because when you feel and remember LOVE comes from within and LOVE is your birthright...

You become very powerful. There is nothing scarier to the powers that be than a powerful woman or man or being led by the heart of who they are, for that being, will rise above the noise and the systems and the structures that thwart your potential, and that being...

Will do cataclysmic things from loving thoughts, that completely dismantle the powers that be and change your entire universe for the love of all.

Those are the beings who will counteract the war and fear you see on your plane of existence, and they are the ones who will bring about immense peace, love, and joy.

Focus on love. Love yourself from within.

Your passion.... is Love. Love for the world comes from loving who you are, as the world outside of you is a projection of your internal environment.

What you focus on, expands.

Focus on Love.

And as this being would say, live an epic adventure."

- wise words from The A Team + Ananda