I’m IN LOVE with today’s episode because it’s all about helping you BREAK UP WITH JUST ONE BAD HABIT.

You know, that thing you do as a distraction ... even though you could be doing something better for yourself and your business? Maybe it’s…

  • Scrolling through Facebook, and clicking on #allofthepoliticalrants… and then commenting on them… and then wondering “why the hell am I SO exhausted?!”
  • Watching Netflix whenever you think about the fact that you need to write your newsletter…
  • Staying in bed when you know that you feel better when you get up and go for an early morning walk… (this was me, yesterday.)

You can break free from habits that...

  • waste your time

  • drain your energy

  • and pull you off course from enjoying your life, lifting your energy or building your impact and income as an entrepreneur.

Learn more and get the FREE EXERCISE to break free from those unhealthy habits and start feeling GOOD more often in today’s episode (Get the audio and complimentary worksheet HERE)!

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This program will absolutely cover those big energy drainers AND then we'll focus on what you can focus on instead to have more time, more energy, more focus, and more important impact and income created as a result.


  • What if it wasn’t so complicated, overwhelming, stressful?
  • What if it didn’t take SO MUCH time, money or sanity?
  • What if you were able to create impact, income, and more time and location freedom?
  • What if you got BETTER results faster because you knew what to do every day to move forward... and you did JUST THAT?
  • What if you finally were able to step away stress free, to switch off, to travel and take weekends away, skiing or playing in the sand?

It’s possible for you to do less better, and start to grow and feel fantastic as a result.

Purposefully Productive is the training and experience you need to end 2016 accomplishing more than you ever have before.

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