There is a lot of anticipation and anxious energy being expressed this past week. Many are experiencing issues with money, lack, boundaries, fears of abandonment, exhaustion, fears and issues with relationships and jobs ending.

There is a massive desire to remove what isn’t working or feeling good, to mitigate uncertainty to feel in control and to feel personally loved more than ever.

Many of us are having old patterns revealed and thoughts like...
“How is this still an issue?!”
“Why can’t I seem to just be done?”
“What am I doing wrong?”
“How did I let this happen again?”
“When will this stop?”

It's mixed with massive waves of peacefulness, rest, and ease - almost like your brain just shuts off and thoughts stop.

Then it starts again.

It’s like a controlled burn.

When the fires are set in the mountains, it’s for a purpose - often to bring about a clearing of the old brush and contain what could be out of control later. It helps to create space for new soul and seeds to be planted and allows in sunlight and rain water to the planets that begin to grow in the newly cleared ground.

Many of us are in the burndown, and it’s almost over.

BURNING IT DOWN - on the Adventure Knocks Blog with Allison Horner

Pay attention to what you’re experiencing with this magnetic and massively illuminating time. Look at what’s being shown to you and appreciate your life as it stands.

This is a time where many are making quantum leaps, and some will end relationships, leave jobs, move house, or leave any situation that seems to not serve them. Some will transform their businesses and end old ways of doing things that just didn’t work or make them happy.

Some will finally end old patterns that didn’t serve them. Or things will be revealed to help you follow through in a more positive and nourishing manner.

You’ll feel called make huge internal changes carried through external actions. Many are not seeing the disconnection to source and self that they feel when the shit hits the fan.

You’ll feel the urge to burn it all down.
And renew yourself in the process.

This isn’t a LOSS.

A Rekindling of your internal fire.


This is coming home.


There’s nothing wrong with you or anyone.

Nothing wrong with your wants or needs.

Nothing wrong with you if you’re feeling anxiousness, angry, afraid.....

Why make yourself feel shame or resent? Why feel guilty or make yourself feel wrong?

Be welcoming of all that you are by remembering who you are amidst the turbulence.

Remember to love yourself and others.

There’s nothing like a personal cleanse of your own fears and doubts to bring you back to center!

If you’re feeling the burn, let it come and show you what’s waiting to be planted.

It’s all your own desire waiting to be seen so see it and feel it, own it and be mindful of your words and actions right now.

It’s in these times when many will make massive decisions - when all they really needed was a good nap or a glass of water.
And a renewed commitment to themselves.

Let go of it.
It’s not a passive or weak thing to LET GO.
Or go with the FLOW.

Be kind
Be loving
Have compassion for yourself
And others

Go outside
Break old habits
Say thank you

Ask what you need to see clearly.

Listen and FEEL the answer. 
Say thank you again

Commit to making a new way
Say thank you again

Sit with the discomfort and the peace that follows,
But don’t forget to love yourself through it.

Loving yourself is how you love life.

Loving yourself allows you to show up in a way that is full of life.

You’re the source so be the light.

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