If there is anything I want for you, it's for you to remember who you are, who you were, who you always have been.

You are so loved, and so right just being you, just by existing. But so often, we make ourselves feel "wrong". We think we must hide beneath layers and layers of bullshit - layers of "rightness" that cover up our truest, realest nature. 

I found mysefl feeling that way recently. A close friend of mine has been at odds with my spiritual journey. Truthfully, I've been a spiritual person for several years now, but it wasn't something I disclosed to many until late last year.

This has caused a shift in our relationship. Honestly, it's not too bad, but it has been painful in ways to see someone I love so unconditionally, think me so wrong for having the beliefs that I have. 

I could lie to you, sugarcoat it, and say that I'm fine with it. I could tell you that it doesn't hurt because, hey, didn't you hear? I'm ultra spiritual now, and us spiritual people don't believe in anger or get hurt ever...

But I won't.

I'm a spiritual being having a human experience, meaning I have all of the emotions that come with that experience. 

Also meaning that I won't apologize or convince anyone to get on board with it, because then I'd be denying you your own journey.

Despite how unconditionally loving I truly am of everything and everyone, it still hurt me to hear that this person truly feels my spiritual awakening and evolution is something to be feared - something to be worried about. A simple post on facebook about the universe has her sending worried texts to me and other friends. 

Nowadays, I see that there's love underneath it, and I brush it off while being as patient as I can. But honestly, in the beginning, I felt it a personal jab that I hated.

You've likely gone through this too and it will get better, but only as you continue to treat everyone and see everyone with love. 

So here's what I promise you:

When you come home to yourself, and you love yourself unconditionally, things like this they don't phase you as much anymore. 

When you have faith that you'll always be okay, and that The Universe will always love you and support your highest good, you don't have to stress.

When you know that The Universe is loving and supporting all of those beautiful people around you, even the ones who don't agree with you or even believe in god or The Universe or whatever you believe in... 

You will truly be freer than you ever have before. 

Everyone has their own adventure with faith and love. 

You can't get it wrong.

Let it be easy on the ride, by practicing every damn day, unconditionally loving everyone and everything around you and trusting The Universe to love you and guide you on the way.

And it will. It will show up for you again and again, through every trial, every lesson, every time  you stand up to teach and show the world how courageous, adventurous, and insanely cool you really are. 

When you work with me, this is what it's like. I will always hold you in the highest regard, always see you as my equal, always see us both as teacher and student. I'm not here to judge you or make you feel wrong. I'm here to love you and help you love yourself enough to raise your voice, make your choice, and lead the way you know you're meant to.

I have a few coaching spots open, as well as Intensives, and I'll bet there's one with your name on it.

Reach out to me (allison@adventureknocks.com) if you're curious about these opportunities.