Sex, love, drugs, food, money... if you're unbalanced or feeling lack in one area, I'll bet you're feeling it elsewhere.

Example: when I was REALLY afraid of losing all of my money, and i mean like scared shitless that it would magically run out....

Was when I also had serious binge eating AND controlled eating problems... yo-yoing between exercise disorders (we're talking hours spent at the gym hating myself), to starvation, to hating food, to hating the endless binges with food when I was too exhausted to count calories or hate myself anymore.

I was literally trying to constantly prove to myself with FOOD that it would never run out and I would always be safe. I was so afraid that it would though, that I ate everything in sight, because I desperately wanted to feel "full", like there was enough, like I could have what I needed always...

So I ate as fast as possible instead of enjoying it, I hoarded it, I was resentful and frustrated around it.... I blamed the food for my probs.

Until I realized that it's ME. My energy, my choices, my empowerment that would change this.

I HAD TO BELIEVE I WAS ENOUGH NO MATTER WHAT, and that food and money would ALWAYS show up for me.

So I sat down and I made lists of all the times when food or money or love or whatever I craved showed up for me.
What did I feel?
How did I invite it in?
Was I in fear, or in love mode prior to attracting it?
What was my reaction to it?
Did I thank it?

How could I replicated it?

And I started to see the patterns. When I blessed my money and my food and MYSELF...
I attracted more money, more GOOD for me food, more gratitude, more resources....

And I started to love myself.

When I started to share gratitude toward all things around me that I already had, more started to arrive.

Even when it went away again... I wasn't afraid. Instead, I thought "how funny is this new lesson!? What do I need to remember/know?!"

And then I attracted another opportunity, and then another, and then 3 clients, and then passive income, and then a free pass to Orange Theory, and then a nutrition coach for free, and then an abundance course for $1, and then, and then, and then....

Now I love pizza, seriously... but I'm SO used to eating food that is FUELING me, that I rarely scarf it down. I enjoy it. I thank it and I love it.

I LOVE my money, and I understand it's meant to be in flow, too. That flow is part of our loving relationship. I trust it always to be here when I'm in need or craving something joyous. I pray that my clients create what they need (and they DO!), and I pray that my family always has what we need...

And we do. We even manifested FREE INTERNET. SEriously?!

I do the same with my money. Money has energy. That energy is influenced by 1. All that is/Source/God/chose your own label, and 2. YOUR ENERGY AROUND YOUR MONEY.

You have to believe that money is always going to be here for you, when you need it, and that money is not EVERYTHING.

Take the pressure off of it. Send it love. Send it light. Thank it for being here, even if you have a dollar and that's it.

Be grateful, and it will always show up for you, multiplying and expanding exponentially.

Money is just energy, and it's influenced by YOUR energy. 
So make YOUR thoughts, feelings and beliefs around it allllllll full of love and joy.

It'll show up MORE for you.

Money, food, talent, skill, love, sex, weight, support....

It will ALWAYS show up for you. 
It literally can NOT run out.
So be the light and love that you need to be to draw it in to you.