So perhaps you feel a little bit like Ron Burgundy right now. You drank milk on a hot, hot day, and you're stuck in a glass case of EMOTION.

This past week has been a lot to process for everyone.

Know that you are always welcome here.

That your emotions are not wrong, or more right than anyone else's. Everyone is having their own experience right now, and it's important that we all honor that.

Despite how you feel, you get to choose that feeling.

You can choose to act with love and determination to change the world at any time.

It's time to rise and thrive, no matter what.

To come home to yourself. 

In this free guided meditation, I'm sharing an exercise that I used to use often when I was having very bad anxiety. 

It's not going to be the last thing you ever need... I'm sure. But it may help you feel a little more peace.

The world needs your voice, but even moreso...

The world needs your ACTION.


Light always diminishes darkness... but not if we hide it or act from darkness.

Other things you can do to ACT with grace, ease, empowerment, faith...

 - Educate yourself on the causes you care about. If anything, this election has shown you what you value more clearly. Take this opportunity to learn more about how you can and would like to get involved.

 - Volunteer for an organization or cause you care about.

 - Create a foundation, community, event, or initiative to change some of the conversation, to create connectedness

 - Connect with each other - not just people like you... people who aren't like you. Seek to speak and talk, to learn and understand each other. There is SO much love to be found by letting someone else know that they are seen and heard, and if anything, we see now that there are a lot of people who feel unseen and unheard.

 - Create a gathering at your home or in a park, where you can discuss lovingly, the solutions to the EXISTING problems (note: NOT problems you BELIEVE will occur in the future; no one knows what the future brings... so focus on what you can do about what's happening NOW.)

 - Call your friends and LOVE on each other

 - Send cards of gratitude and love. Handwritten notes make my heart swell - I've got about 50 going out to friends, family, mentors, clients, and people I met on Facebook tomorrow morning.

 - Donate what you can to those in need. There is SO much peace in compassion and giving. Soooo much peace. 

 - LOOK PEOPLE IN THE EYE, SMILE, SAY HELLO. Remember: everyone wants to be seen, heard, and loved. Most people are truly good at heart. 

So act from LOVE, act from a grounded place, act for what you stand for.

And create your beautiful ripple effect.

Watch the meditation on YouTube here.

COMMENT below if you need support right now, or hop into my Free Facebook Group for Courageous Entrepreneurs.

I'm always here for you.

You are always loved.