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During this morning's meditation I intended to stand lovingly with my ancestors in the presence of love and total faith. I craved healing so I could get back to doing what I love!

One of them which I didn't recognize from this lifetime, turned me around, and I saw all of you. A sea of you. Millions of you.


My heart filled. I cried. You embraced each other without restraint.

Some of you were laughing, others were crying, many were holding hands the way old friends do.


There's really no way to express how much I love you and am here to serve you and support you - in whatever way feels good for you.


If you wish to lurk and read my posts or listen to my podcasts forever without any spoken conversation taking place, I love you.

If you wish to have a coffee chat one day and then that's that, I love you.

If you work with me, I love you.

If you've mentored me in any way, I love you.

If we were colleagues, I love you.

If we will/did collaborate, I love you.

If it doesn't/didn't work out in this life, I love you.

If we have disagreed in the past, I love you.

If we have blamed or judged each other, I love you. #donewiththat

If we have skied or hiked or ziplined or traveled together, I love you.

If we've run barefoot through the grass together, I love you.

If we've snowshoed up an icy mountain together, I love you.

If we rescued dogs together, I love you.

If we swam together, I love you.

If we went to #summercamp together, I love you.

If you COME to #summercamp next year, I love you. (If you can't, I still love you.)

If we've taken long roadtrips filled with laughter and singing, I love you.

If we're friends forever... or friends for a short while, I love you.

If we don't even know each other in person, I love you.

If we're Soul Family (or not), I love you.


Meditation and Visualization is extremely powerful for business growth, which is why I've been using it for a while now.

In fact, I remember using visualization back when I was a competitive swimmer, the first time I skied, before exams in school...

There's a reason meditation is becoming more common, and that's because it rocks.

1. It calms you down when you're stressed, which means you'll be more focused, clear, and ready to take massive action SOONER than if you went into the anxiety tunnel of total distraction #allday.

Oh man... I used to get sucked into that tunnel BIG TIME. To the point where I would pray for a reprieve, because I literally couldn't stand to stay in that place of terror and stress. I suffered from migraines and exhaustion... and my relationships suffered as well as my parenting, and my performance at work.

As a business owner, a heart-centered entrepreneur, you're here to bring massive change to the world. To make money doing what you love. To solve problems and create profit. 

Fear and pain are unavoidable in life, especially for entrepreneurs because we have so much resting on us.

Suffering is optional.

If you feel anxiety coming on, sit back, ask yourself what's triggering it, and then give yourself space to take a walking meditation session or sit in quiet meditation with your favorite music. 

I have a great anti-anxiety meditation in the video below. Open it up in a new window and bookmark it, so you've got it there if you need it.


2. It helps you connect with your soul, your intuition, or your spiritual side, so you can begin to understand your BIG VISION.

From that place, you can take more specific and focused actions which means less time wasted, more income + massive impact created!  

That's why I kicked off my previous Create Your Business Roadmap Challenge with a guided meditation to help you clarify and connect with your BIG VISION!

If you missed it and you want to do the entire 5-day challenge, grab it HERE.

3. It can be used to overcome fears, so you can focus on moving forward instead of staying stuck.

Fear can often be explored and/or transformed through meditation, into an adventure. We often focus on what could go wrong... but through guided meditation, we may learn more about what can go right.

When you're clearing blocks, and focusing on the potential, you begin to act, believe and achieve more. It feels good to build your business. 

4. It can help you heal relationships or really your feelings about wrongdoings, hurts, pain or doubts, and feel massive forgiveness.

Forgiveness, cord-cutting meditations, or white light and love meditations can help you acknowledge the connectedness and oneness of us all.

Really, this is the BEST thing you can do if you're still feeling raw from a break-up or a hurt form the past that keeps coming back and taking you down the sad tunnel which makes it really hard to focus on your own shit that you need to do. AmIright? 

5. It can help you FOCUS and be way more productive in your day-to-day actions within your business.

Outside of everything mentioned above, this is truly the most AMAZING part of this whole experience. Imagine, being able to reach inside the file cabinets of your brain, and ask yourself what that ONE THING is that you need to do everyday, and then using your meditation to create the peace and clarity and motivation to go DO IT? 

Imagine feeling so inspired and clear that you took massive action and created more income and impact that you had the previous month? 

Imagine being able to tap into all of the amazing things that have been working, and knowing what to do to use them again and again everyday?

Imagine just flipping a switch when you feel resistance, or like you'd rather dive into a pile of french fries than write that newsletter or reach out to that potential client? Yep.

Imagine knowing that you always know exactly what do to, what to say, where to go, and what your most powerful, most impactful next move is? 

Yeah... that feels good.

6. It can help you hit your goals... and catapult you FAR beyond them. 

Often, we play small in our goal setting, and even then, our thoughts, beliefs or words sabotage our actions and keep us small.

You serve no one by hiding who you are or your gifts that you have to give. Meditation can be a powerful tool to help you consistently create positive feedback loops over and over again. It's truly transformational! Plus, the visioning sessions mentioned can truly support you in going bigger and staying the course even when you're afraid or stuck.


7. It can help you come up with creative solutions when you feel out of control.

There have definitely been times when I've wanted to crawl in a hole because a launch didn't work, or my kid got sick, or the nanny called in sick last minute on a day full of client calls.

This is when meditation can be a beautiful tool to help you ADAPT and see the exponential possibilities available to you.

Instead of stressing or flipping out because life isn't happening according to the exact plans (does it EVER?!), you may find that a quick guided meditation may help. Try sitting down and getting real about this situation. Is it the END of the world? Nope. So simply ask for help from your guides or your intuition or your brain (however you think about it is fine with me): 

"I'm open to all creative solutions to make this work, and I accept peace and happiness as my default today. Whatcha got for me?"

I've got more coming for you in the next blog post on this exact topic of what to do when you feel outta control and how to open yourself up to new and wonderful possibilities. So stay tuned!


There are SO many more benefits to daily meditation, and I've truly found it to be one of my favorite tools in my "mindset mastery" toolbox. It's effective, quick, and beneficial for all.

They even use it in schools nowadays to support kids who were stressed and in trouble, with amazing results. 


In the Rise + Thrive Mastermind, we'll talk about more ways to use meditation and other mindset support so you can feel more peaceful, happy and fulfilled with clarity as you build your fantastic business. 


Let's move mountains together.

This life is your greatest adventure.



Allie Horner