I hit a milestone over the past month: a successful 6 months in business!

It's been a year of ups and downs, loads of growth and new adventures. I'm so grateful to celebrate this first 6 months in business with new ladyboss friends by my side, and a beautiful business helping other women build their own businesses. I love my clients and all of the crazy cool experiences I've had as a result of this new lifestyle. 

I've been getting tons of questions about how I built up my business so quickly. On average, it takes 3 years or so for a new business to get off the ground for solopreneurs like us.

Read my lips, ladies: it doesn't have to take that long! 

Here's what I'm asked about most...

  1. How did I get my business started successfully so quickly... with little budget, little time and a little baby at home?
  2. How did I know it was time to leave my corporate job? (You can listen in to a free 2-part audio all about the steps I took to prep myself to quit my job HERE.)
  3. What tips do I have for newer entrepreneurs to help them get things up and running quickly?

Those are good questions.

The short and sweet answer is below, and the good news is that YOU can totally do all of this, too.

Please join in the COMMENTS SECTION and ask any questions, or make any additional recco's that you have. I'd love to hear from you.

how to grow your business in the first 6 months


1. Use what you already know to build your business (because you probably know a lot!)

I worked in Marketing (in the marketing agency world and the corporate world) for almost 10 years. That kind of background helps me out when it comes to building my business as a Business Success Coach, and it helps my clients out a lot, too.

DO IT YOURSELF: Now, while you can't be an expert in every area of business or marketing (I'm certainly not, even after almost a decade!), there are some simple things you can learn about for your business, so I would focus on the important things that bring in income first, and leave everything else by the wayside to explore later when you have more clients/customers and money to invest.

You have unique experience and strengths that brought you to this place in life, so use them! What experiences, skills and innate talents do you have that can help you and your potential clients or customers? Make a list and hang it up so you can see it every time you're feeling inferior (there's NO time for that in Ladyboss Land.)


2. Get laser-focused, baby!

I learned a lot about business foundations and marketing strategy from working in marketing and from hiring my own Success Coach right away.

So you want to get more of the RIGHT CLIENTS (or just any clients?) You want to make more money consistently? You want people to spend their dough on what you have to offer them? You're tired of struggling and feeling overwhelmed?


  • Figure out what your specialty is: what do you want to be known for?
  • Identify your ideal client or customer/target market and make everything you do about them: who do you want to serve/work with most and what do they NEED badly that you can help them with?
  • Get in your ideal client's head and speak their language so they're saying, "I need you in my life!": use magnetic messaging that will have them calling on you.

MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU:  I brought that knowledge to YOU ladies in the form of an actionable, sticky, digestible training!

1. Your unique specialty, desires and strengths

2. Identifying your Ideal Client/Customer and getting in her head so you can design copy, branding and offers that resonate with her, and

3. Speaking your Ideal Client/Customer's language in a way that will have her saying, "I love you! Will you work with me?!"

SIGN UP BY CLICKING THE IMAGE to check out the replay and do the training for free.


3. Bring in the Experts.

You don't know what you don't know! The other women out there who are getting clients, making money, living the lifestyle of success - you can learn from them. But you have to be open to the need and the opportunity first. 

These women wouldn't be in your life if you weren't meant to learn from them or connect with them. So do what the most successful women in business do, and get a COACH. Your business will grow faster, you'll go farther, and you won't spend so much time feeling confused, stuck and overwhelmed, because you'll have someone to guide and help you through all of those times.

I signed on a coach almost immediately. I'm also participating in a Group Program. I'll always be invested in having a mentor, in personal development, in learning experiences - always. 

PUT IT TO WORK FOR YOU: The only way to get off the ground fast is to get HELP immediately. The average entrepreneur takes 3 years to get their business up and running. You can do it WAY sooner. You don't have to hire me, although I just opened up three 1-on-1 Private Coaching slots in my BBWB program (just sayin'.) 

Just promise that you'll find a Coach that is perfect for you - someone who GETS you - and contact her. Make this investment in yourself, and follow through on it, and you will get to where you want to go faster that you could have ever dreamed. 

4. Build + Nurture Your Tribe.

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. It's no secret that your friends and fam may be a little bit... less than understanding of what we do every day. (I have some family members that think I don't do anything. At all. All day. But play CandyLand or whatever that game is. It's okay.)

But really, it can get lonely, and one can only read SO MUCH, right?

At some point, you want to connect with other entrepreneurs who are on the same wavelength as you, and even a few that are steps ahead of you, so you can...

  • Get inspiration (It's inspiring to see what other women have been able to achieve. I love seeing coaches who are hitting their first $10K months; it means it's all possible for me, too!)
  • Build relationships with other entrepreneurs, like you!
  • Learn, learn, learn and try new things to boost your business
  • Have loads of fun (hopefully, depending on the Group you join)
  • Find support on your tough days and 

PUT IT INTO ACTION: Join Facebook Groups full of entrepreneurial women and start connecting with them. Schedule time to talk with them and swap tips or just talk!

Join my Facebook Group just for entrepreneurial women and ladybosses to hang, find support, swap ideas and have fun! Join us! 

5. Be 110% COMMITTED from the start. (Or from now on.)

I'm never going back to that cubicle, dammit.

This type of commitment required a lot of ingenuity and agility in every area of the business, and it requires resilience.

I probably tested out all sorts of headlines, copywriting, lead magnets, social media posts, photos, sales tactics and funnels (sexy phrases, right there - MEOW!)... like a LOT in the beginning. I still test things out and see what works. 

It takes commitment though, and a lot of friggin curiosity.

PUT IT TO WORK FOR YOU: Make that commitment to yourself. There should be NO hesitation with this. Write it down. Then start testing out with everything you do; it's all a learning experience and you are open to possibilities.

Look at every effort as a test. If it doesn't work, it is NOT a failure: you've learned from it.

Figure out what works and ONLY replicate that.

Be Agile.

Be un-fucking-phased and go after it.

6. Be 110% connected to your WHY.

I'm 110% connected to a deep purpose: I help other savvy, inspiring women build their own purpose-filled online businesses with simplicity and smarts - so you don't feel overwhelmed, invisible or stuck and so your business can take off quickly. 

I believe fully that we are all capable of having our own version of success, and that when we get smart about our strategy and unique approach to business, we can find the right clients for us and make money just by being our authentic selves... without working ourselves to death.

DO IT YOURSELF: Do you have a sense of purpose for your business direction outside of just "making money" or not wanting to be in a cubicle? 

So take a few minutes, grab a journal and a pen, and connect with your BIG WHY.

Why are you starting your own business?

What is the ultimate end goal?

How will it feel when you achieve it? 

7. Install CEO-Worthy Thoughts, Beliefs and Words and become that magnet, confident leader.

Think of the women you admire. My influencers are Marie Forleo, J.K. Rowling, Emma Watson, Amy Poehler... 

They have something about them, don't they? They have magnetic confidence and authentic style.

P.S. This free guide + audio training can help you learn how to LOVE your journey as an entrepreneur and build that CEO-style Confidence.

My first coach once said, "Do you know that you have the power to choose your thoughts?" 

This hit me like a ton of bricks. I thought our brains were hard-wired to rifle through the same worries, self-defeating thoughts and negative words over and over. 

I was SO wrong about that. We totally have the power to choose (and change) our thoughts, our words and our beliefs. 

We can REWIRE our brains for success.

How you do that depends on your preference. 

The Daily Practice. Meditation. Affirmations. EFT. ACTIVELY flipping the switch on every negative thought that isn't serving you.

I have a friggin' NOTEBOOK full of journal entries, affirmations, flip the switch moments and success beliefs that change my brain's wiring every day.

It felt silly at first to sit and write out affirmations or to say them out loud, or to write them on sticky notes and put them all around my house... but my god, does it work!

I even manifested a HOUSE!

MAKE IT HAPPEN: Grab a journal (like one of these below), and write out your lovely affirmations, your dreams, your goals, and your unique desires.

Get REALLY specific with how it will feel when you achieve those goals. Visualize it.

Repeat every morning.

8. Celebrate Community Over Competition.

I truly see the beautiful, powerful, hustling women around me as my peers and my tribe. I see success in all of our futures. I applaud my ladies when they win. I support them when they're down. I wish the best for all of them, and for you as well.

MAKE IT HAPPEN: In order to be fully immerse yourself in being a successful CEO, your mindset must support the transformation you'll make to become her. (She's already there, you've just got to allow her space to grow.) Practice writing down any beliefs that you have about the women in your tribe, and then write the OPPOSITE actual truth of that belief. You'll literally end up proving your limiting belief is bogus. 

Example: I used to believe that if there were other business coaches in the world, then all of the clients must be taken. Why would they want to work with me with all of these other coaches out there anyway?

Flip it: There are 10x as many women in need of a business coach as there are business coaches to help them. I'm unique and full of purpose and I have my own approach to everything I specialize in and provide to my clients. I attract the right clients to me by being my authentic self. There are more than enough clients and opportunities for all of us, so why feel jealous or compete?

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.
— James Keller

9. Get a Mastermind Partner, STAT!

I have my very own Mastermind Partner from the group program that I'm participating in currently. It's so good to connect 1-on-1 with another entrepreneur who gets it. It's fun to bounce ideas off of each other, to vent when we need to, to share wins and brainstorm. And sometimes we just talk, and that's fun, too.

PUT IT INTO ACTION: Look in the Facebook Groups that you've joined, or maybe it's a MeetUp you go to in person, and find someone that you connect with or admire. Just ask them if they're interested in being a Mastermind or Accountability Partner. Outline the bennies (see my paragraph above about talking with someone who "gets it") and then go from there. You could meet or Skype weekly, or every other week. Whatever works for you.


10. Express gratitude every day.

I go to bed thinking about what I love about my life, and how grateful I am for the people and experiences in it. I even wrote about many of them in a recent email. Included... pumpkin bread, my healthy son, my husband, my tribe, family, freedom and more.

READY, SET, ACTION! Grab a pen and a notebook and write down everything you're grateful for. Start a journal. You'll find things big and small every day to be grateful for. Or pick one thing every day and write a whole page on why you're grateful about it.


11. Create Your Big Plan, and Your Daily Action Plan, and USE THEM.

If you think having a Schedule or Plan will stifle your creativity, I beg you to reconsider! Check out this post on the matter.

The most successful entrepreneurs know what goals they need to hit and what to prioritize every day. They know what works for them, and what doesn't, and they only use their time and energy on what will build their income and make them HAPPY. That's it.

ACTION! Ready to get your plan in place without all of the stress and hustle? SIGN UP for a Bloomin' Business Planning Session with me; I only have 10 slots available and I'm giving them to you ladies for half off. Yup. Happy Cyber Monday, Bossladies! Let's make a beautiful biz plan that will help you reach your goals to have more ideal clients lining up at your door.


Then write me or COMMENT BELOW and Tell me how it transforms your world! 


I would LOVE to hear your ideas, too! What's made business easy for you? Which of these will you try? Which of these do you have questions about?