You've heard the term "golden handcuffs" applied to the corporate world... but do you feel like you're wearing them in your own business?

This Golden Handcuffs effect happens when you're making money from your business and you're continuing to do and do and do...

But you're feeling burned out, like you can't seem to feel fulfilled or happy. You're rat racing against yourself, and it feels... like something is missing. Despite all of your hard work... you feel exhausted (mentally, emotionally, physically perhaps) and DRAINED.

BURNOUT IS DEFINED AS: exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration

(Source: Webster's Dictionary)

You've been seeing signs of this for a while, but you kept thinking that more DOING would fix it, and you're ready to learn more about how to really fix it, like for real.

I AM PROUD OF YOU. Seriously. Most people will keep going on this way, but YOU - YOU know that the life, the relationships, the experiences, the ideas, the inspiration, the JOY is THERE, and that you if anyone are 100% deserving of it. (Don't you?)

So let's stop, decide to do things a bit differently, and to love on yourself again.


Burnout comes from many factors, but these are the big two: 
 1. Physical exhaustion. 
 2. Spiritual, Mental, and Emotional disconnection.

The causes:

 - Stress or Anxiety >>> Fear. Bam.

 - The need to struggle >>> do you feel you have to slave away in order to be worthy of the success or wealth you've gained? If you "had it easy" would that make you less than? If you decided to have more joy, are you afraid people would judge you for being lazy? Check in here. 

 - Heal the World Overly-Passionate + Purpose Driven Entrepreneur Syndrome (this likely is not the technical term, but you get it.)

 - Lack or Loss of self trust, love, and acceptance >>> stress, anxiety, focus on external achievement as a measure of self worth

 - Misalignment with truth, purpose, calling, and child-like wonder >>> Your 7 year old self is likely asking you what the fuck is up right now. This isn't what you were going to do. Where are the castles made of Twizlers that we swore we'd live in!?

 - Disconnection with self, and therefore, with true self-love, acceptance >>> your "love" comes externally via achievement 

 - Loss of faith and trust that shit will work out >>> why you have to do, do, do, control, control, control

 - Avoidance of Personal Joy Sources (relationships, experiences, adventures) that you feel you cannot have or that if you did have them, they'd go away and you'd be hurt.

You're lost in the woods, afraid, searching, moving forward, without clear direction or confidence. You may as well be Little Red Riding Hood, because all of that "doing" is not getting you any closer to deep felt happiness. You feel like something is MISSING - and that anxiety is an awful feeling, especially for someone who works as hard as you do and who CARES as much as you do.

Luckily, there are clear ways to get back into alignment, to find your joy and be more YOU.

1. Have a meeting with your future self. {Listen to my free guided meditation for this exercise here!}

2. Begin a daily journaling practice focused on realignment with purpose, passion, values and self love.

Explore each of those areas in depth. Where are you feeling the alignment is missing? Why? What do you already have that you want? What do you want more of/less of? What do you feel called to be/do/have/create... and why aren't you? Where is there room to give and receive more love and acceptance? Get into the deeper stuff. Dig In. let it be uncomfortable, and then reconnect with YOU again.

3. Sit in the room with yourself, and get really freaking curious about YOU.

What's holding you back is totally in your head, even though we often want to blame our circumstances or other people. Check in and explore your doubts, insecurities, and fears. Then reconnect with that Future Self, and ask him/her what THEY believe to be true.

4. Write a letter to yourself from your Future Self who's had your ideal year or ideal decade even.

What does this person say to you? How do they feel? What do they embody, stand for, believe in? What wisdom do they pass down to you about your current feelings and beliefs?

5. Commit to digging in daily, and empower yourself to get support from someone who's already begun to embody what you love and need more of on your path. 

This could be a mentor, friend, or family member even. Pick up a book, or seek out the person who embodies the lifestyle that YOU want to create. So if you want more EASE, working with a mentor who's lifestyle is full-on HUSTLE and intensity probably isn't the right mentor for you right now.

Image Source:  Mashable

Image Source: Mashable

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