Create A Lead Magnet That'll Help You Build Your Business (In Just 5 Steps). Read More at by Allison Horner, Business Success Coach for entrepreneurial women

I'm going to say this with the most love possible: you need to stop lurking in Facebook Groups, or hiding behind your newsletters because you're afraid to go out there and actually OFFER anything. 

You're afraid to sound promotional, or sales-y. You're afraid you'll repel people.

Image:  junkee

Image: junkee

I get it. I used to do a lot of hiding out, too. It's hard to know how exactly to attract your target audience in the beginning. I knew I could create quality content and lead magnets...  but that felt so overwhelming to me.

Here's the thing: you will not gain new clients or customers, get more eyes on your products, or have people knowing your name if you hide all of the beautiful, wonderful things you have to offer people - be it advice, trainings, guides, programs or products.

(I told you: I've been you.)

Instead of hoping that your target audience will magically notice you and POOF! purchase something from you without you having to offer anything at all... (not likely to happen, peeps.)

Let's create a lead magnet that delivers excellent value and has your ideal clients and customers saying, "SIGN MY ASS UP! I NEED THIS!"

Join the Challenge to Create Your Red Hot Lead Magnet In 5 Days... starting this coming MONDAY!


Creating lead magnets can do wonders for your business when you provide excellent value or solve your target audience's problems.

This is something you should seriously make part of your marketing strategy if...

   - You want to build know, like and trust with your target audience so they sing your praises and REMEMBER your name.

   - You want to have people approaching you out of nowhere because you're known for your SuperHero Power and expertise... it feels SO much better than feeling invisible!

   - You wish someone would show you how to create, and sign, seal deliver that lead magnet in flawless style quickly and easily (in 5 days, to be exact.)

   - You want people seeking YOU out to ask, "how can I work with you?!", or praising how valuable your lead magnet and content was (True Story! Both of those things have happened and can totally be true for you.)

You need to create some killer content and put it out there for the world to see!

Creating a lead magnet sounds a little... overwhelming right? You're wondering where to start, and how to stick with it through the process. (And what even IS the process?!)

What's that? You just want someone to give you a flipping manual?

I got you, babe!


1.  Draft the plan for your lead magnet release.

  - What needs to be done and when? I usually pick a date I want to launch it, and then I work backward from that timeline. (Don't worry, you'll get the timeline I use and detailed steps involved when you sign up and join the 5-day challenge!)

2. Choose what lead magnet you'll create, and start drafting that Killer Copy to attract your target audience and have them signing up!

  - NOTE: Have your foundational pieces in place first! Have you nailed down your... target audience, hook, technology needed to deliver it all?

3. Create your Opt-In Page/Squeeze Page + Landing Page using your killer copy and expert guidance.

  - Create the Sexy Title, Tagline, Bullet Points that ROCK, and ways to actually make people say, "SIGN MY ASS UP!" because it all sounds so damn good.

4. Create the Lead Magnet/actual content you'll deliver when they sign up, that solves your target market's problems and links to your Specialty SuperHero Power. Yep, we're going to do it in ONE DAY. There is no room for perfectionism here. Go with your gut and get it done.

  - Choose the form you'll deliver it in, draft an outline of what you want to deliver, and then actually put it together, plus get expert tips for making that lead magnet something they'll actually LOVE, and learn how to include an offer at then end... without feeling icky about it!

5. Start promoting your lead magnet in a way that feels oh, so goooood... and not at all icky, or salesy. 

THERE IS NO REASON YOU CAN'T DO THIS. If you're feeling resistance to it - you're feeling overwhelm or doubt, let me ask you this:


Will you see the results you want to see in 90 days if you don't take action now?

What will the result be for your business if you keep hiding?


I signed up for a Lead Magnet (a Live Audio Training) that was offered up by a now 7-figure coach via Facebook just months ago.

It was a Game-Changing Decision in my business. 

I listened to every word of that audio. This women KNEW me, and she knew how overwhelmed and doubtful I felt about getting my business started. She had the same desires and dreams that I had... and best of all, she had MADE it to a multiple 6-figure business (now 7-figures), and she was going to tell me how to do it.

At the end, she offered up her new Group Program for women like ME.

Less than 48 hours later, I put $2K on my credit card to work with her - a coach I'd never even spoken to. Because of that training call! And it wasn't even a LIVE call! It was a replay recording!

LESS THAN A YEAR LATER... my business is building, and I'm booking 18 Discovery Calls with my ideal clients in just 2 week spans of time.

Plus, I'm launching my own intimate 6-week group program, From Invisible to In-Demand, for just 15 lucky women who are ready to build their businesses without working themselves to death (and it is perfect for you if you need help crafting killer messaging and creating lead magnets and content, but you want support from a coach 1on1 AND in an intimate group setting.) 

P.S. You can check it out and Reserve Your Spot in the program for HALF OFF and get a BONUS 1on1 Coaching Call if you sign up before Jan. 13, 2016 ;) Just sayin... 

That group program changed my world so much, that I had to offer up my own. 

VALUABLE CONTENT AND KILLER LEAD MAGNETS convert strangers into fans into clients and customers.

After all, irresistible messaging and fantastic lead magnets are what really helped me get my business started, and I now use them regularly and recently booked 18 Discovery Calls with my dream clients in 2 weeks.

The challenge starts this coming MONDAY. You in?

I'll see you there!