There's a lot of info out there about what to do and what not to do, but not a lot of people say, "I really really wish I had NOT made this mistake."

Visit the comments below and tell me: what mistakes did you make? What do you wish you'd done differently? What will you improve on in your business after reading this?


1. I didn't accept any help.

This ended quickly when I realized that having little time, little budget and a little busy baby would make it very difficult to get the business off the ground...

Unless I stopped sleeping. You have to sleep. How will you focus, think clearly, make the best decisions or be a semi-pleasant person to be around if you aren't sleeping?

Seriously. Get some sleep, or I WILL COME FIND YOU AND PUT THIS ON YOUR HEAD.

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2. I didn't use sales funnels right away.

I know what you're thinking: "SHE CRAZY!"

I used to work in marketing. I should have known better. I had this whole, "oh I used to work in marketing - I have great connections, I'm an exception to the rule that you must have a Marketing Funnel!" WRONG. Wrong on so man levels.

Using a funnel helps build your know, like and trust - making a colder lead into a warmer lead (for lack of a better way of saying it).

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Then your friend, Jennifer Lawrence, comes over and pulls you aside, all like, "GO HOME! YOU'RE DRUNK! You don't know these people! They're not going to buy from you yet!" 

The marketing funnel/sales funnel helps to warm potential customers up to you so that when you ask them to buy, they've had a number of interactions with you and they've begun to hopefully know, like and trust you. 7 interactions is the magic number, btw, but that isn't a promise. You may need more depending on your funnel and how well your content is crafted. Get crafty!

MAKE IT HAPPEN: Don't make the mistake of not having a super engaging, great feeling funnel to warm people up. I know it doesn't sound sexy, but you have to warm people up to you. Hire a coach to help you design a funnel that will work for your business. Know where the touchpoints or interactions will occur, and put systems in place to make it happen. 


3. I didn't go with my gut.

In fact, I started out the first month of being an entrepreneur just kind of "career coaching" - as if that isn't the broadest title encompassing everything under the sun. I knew I wanted to be a business coach for women who want to build their own purpose-filled online businesses without burning out. I had all of this create marketing + branding experience from working in agency and corporate marketing.

I knew I could help people... but I had all of this self doubt going on that messed with my head, like... Who am I do help other women start businesses? I don't have enough experience for that... Why would anyone hire me to do that?

Does any of that ring a bell? 

Do you know what you really really want to do? Is your gut telling you that you'd rather be a creative design coach (teaching others HOW to do creative design) than a creative design consultant (actually doing the design)? Then DO THAT! Don't wait. Trust your first instinct. 

And narrow it down. Declare your specialty Superhero Power. What are you BEST AT? What do you want to be known for? My coach, Mel, always talks about how she's known for sales - that's her hook. It's what she does best.

PUT IT INTO ACTION: What are you known for or going to be known for? What's your hook? 

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4. I had no idea who my Ideal Client was. (And I resisted narrowing it down for too long.)

Once I declared my final business as a Business Success Coach helping entrepreneurial women build soul-inspired online businesses, make money and get clients without burning out... everything became clearer. But I still had some narrowing down to do.

I learned quickly that I wanted to help women build online businesses - not brick and morter retail. It's not that I can't help with the online side of a brick and mortar business - but it's not my specialty because I just don't have much experience in the on the ground kind of retail biz. Get me?

I realized quickly that all of my marketing agency experience poised me to really understand and GET what other newer consultants and coaches are going through: they need help getting clients and having them consistently while commanding premium prices.

The lightbulb went off, and that's how I narrowed it down to specializing in helping entrepreneurial female coaches and consultants in their 20s and 30s who are in the early stages of building online purpose-filled businesses and need help getting their first premium price paying clients (and getting them lined up consistently to work with them!)

PUT IT INTO PRACTICE: Where can you narrow down your ideal client? Who are you best poised to truly help? Who needs what you have to offer most? Who would benefit most? Who's asking for your help and with what?


5. I had all of the wrong strategy in place.



My strategy now is all about free content that actually meets my ideal client's needs and actually helps them. This has gotten me more visibility and awareness than ever, building the know, like and trust.

In the beginning, I didn't have a content strategy, an editorial calendar, or even any thought behind what I was DOING. Don't make that mistake, ladies.

I should have made building up the "know, like and trust" more important. Here's what I would have focused on...

  • Do more videos + show my FACE
  • Have a more thorough content strategy that focused on building know, like and trust
  • Grow my email list as a primary objective
  • Grow my Facebook Group, and focus on amazing engagement
  • Not be afraid to send out 2-3 emails per week instead of just 1 weekly newsletter
  • Not be so friggin stressed about getting the first clients signed on
  • Test out a sales funnel or two
  • Have a consistent message, and be totally unapologetic
  • Push out one consistent sale or offering (once know, like and trust was lookin good.)


PUT IT INTO PRACTICE: what will you do to build your know, like and trust as a primary objective? What growth will you look for? What will you give in order to get? 

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COMMENT below and tell me what mistakes you made early in your business. What did you take away from this article? Where could you course-correct? What questions do you have?