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This blog post is coming to you from a lovely coffee shop where I've been working at often. This is sweet, sweet freedom, AmIright?

I'm so grateful to be here, to have this freedom to work from anywhere, even my favorite local coffee shops, or the comfort of my bed while my son naps next to me. :)

But less than 2 years ago, I wasn't able to do these things. I was still in the corporate world - living on everyone else's schedules, doing work that others told me I had to do, doing so many things that drained me and didn't feel right for me.

It took something different to get here.

3 things, in fact. I see them all show up CONSISTENTLY in the entrepreneurs who grow and expand faster and farther. 

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And I don't mean they're going through the motions of saying their mantras "I believe... I believe..."


There is no Plan B for them. There is ONLY their purpose, their product, their service...

They believe in themselves so fiercely that sometimes we may wonder what rocket ship they landed in. I've met people like this, and thought, "could you sprinkle some of your magic fairy dust on me, too!?"

There isn't anything "special" about them. They BELIEVE.

Check in with yourself: if you KNEW that you believed in yourself, in your purpose, in your product... what would you do, right now, TODAY?

If you knew that you were destined for greatness, what would you feel called to create and how would you serve?

What do you BELIEVE in?

Struggling to believe in YOU? List out 50 (yes, seriously!) reasons that YOU are uniquely equipped to serve/coach/create/teach/sell/speak/write/etc or whatever it is that you're doing as an entrepreneur. 

Yes, 50. Share them HERE in my Free Facebook Group for Courageous Entrepreneurs if you would like to! :) 



Ah. This is one of the things that people tend to struggle with. Commitment requires COURAGE and BELIEF.

That's all. 

You can be committed to believing, to taking one step at a time. to selling one product or service until you have achieved what you want, or committed to standing for what you stand for.

Can I make a suggestion? Commit to taking consistent ACTION from that place of pure faith.

The most successful entrepreneurs in the world don't flip flop or quit the second they don't get the results they want. They don't give up when it's hard or when a challenge presents itself.

They keep going. Keep trying. Come back and do it differently. 

And they succeed. It's not that they never fall... They get up over and over again.

YOU can do the same.

What would you like to COMMIT to today? (Your goal, your product, your message, your consistent actions, your faith, your support, your community?)

Make your commitments SIMPLE, but EXCITING.

What would EXCITE you? What are you enthusiastic about?!

Bonus Tip: Make this SIMPLE and exciting to YOU. What are YOU super excited about doing every day? What would you wake up and jump out of bed with JOY to go and DO every day that will BUILD YOUR BUSINESS?

This is the thing that you should focus on.

If you're struggling with identifying this thing, I've got a Free Worksheet you can grab right here that will help you:

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Specifically, consistent, inspired action. You can believe and believe, commit and recommit... but if you don't act? Nothing happens.

What you put in, you get out.
What you give, you get.

What you make space for, comes to you.


So take that consistent action, even if you're not totally CLEAR on what it is you exactly need to do.

That's where the "inspired" part comes in. Let your inspiration - your intuition - guide you. Let that faith or belief bolster your commitment to consistently acting. Let your enthusiasm and faith guide your actions.

Sometimes, it's not the logical thing that needs to happen most, but the action that would make you happiest.

That's called playing to your strengths, using your Zone of Genius to create more JOY.

I'll explain the Zone of Genius in my next post, and why working in your ZONE will help you create more....

 - Income

 - Impact


 - Joy, Enthusiasm, Action, Commitment, Belief

It's all cyclical, see?

The more you believe, and commit, the more you ACT.

The more you ACT, the more clarity you gain, and the better results you see, so the more you believe and commit.

Get it?

Don't forget to grab that free worksheet to identify your most enjoyable and profitable money making activity so you can grow your business faster in 2017!