Recently, our nanny came home from playing with my son at the park, and found that our dog had gotten into the trash. It was ALL over the kitchen.

She let me know about this trash can incident, but I was on client calls all morning and couldn’t come back. So I simply said, “oh gosh! I’m so sorry!”

I assumed she’d pick it up and everything would be totes kewl.

Imagine my surprise when I came home an hour later to find Finn sleeping in her arms and trash still all over the kitchen floor.

After I checked in with myself about #alloftheemotions and my own assumptions about this incident, I began to wonder….

What made her decide to leave the trash on the floor?

Maybe there was something I didn’t understand; after all, I’d not been home to witness anything.

Instead of judging her or the situation, I let those toxic time-wasting stories and thoughts take the back seat, and I decided to get curious and ASK her about it.



I found out that Finn was sleeping in her arms when she arrived home. She couldn’t hold him AND pick up the trash as she only has two hands, and the dog was napping happily on the couch after his “yummy snack”. Neither of them were going to get into the yuckiness, and they were safe.

But Finn REALLY needed to nap, or it was going to be a Bad News Bears kind of day for me and him.

She made an important decision to put her MOST IMPORTANT DUTY FIRST: take care of Finn.

Even though she felt awful about the trash staying on the floor for an hour.

She felt awful about not being able to DO IT ALL.

Putting Finn’s nap and the rest of his day first is something I definitely understand… I've had to make decisions like this before.

She made the best decision for FINN and according to her duties.

That’s her most important mission as our nanny and the team member taking care of my little VIP; take care of Finn in the mornings while I work on my business and my husband is at work.

So that we can focus on serving our clients, supporting them, and growing our income and impact on this planet.

Her intention was intuitive and spot-on.

She didn’t intend to create more work for me or be lazy or to harm anyone. Her only intent was to do the most important part of her job when she logistically couldn’t do BOTH things.

She had to CHOOSE.


There are three very interesting lessons in this that correlate with building a purpose-driven business with grace:

1. You need to have a keen ability to KNOW what’s most important and will move the business forward quickly and with less stress.

If you don’t know what your most important missions are, it will hold you back... and take you longer to create the impact and income you want to create.

If you were honest with yourself, would you be able to say that you KNOW what’s most important in your day-to-day?

Do you know what specific strategies or actions move your business forward?

(This is something we'll talk about in Purposefully Productive LIVE! But the doors are closing on MONDAY, so hop on this.)

2. We all have crap that comes up and throws us off. Focusing on the seemingly urgent over the priorities will waste your precious time and energy.

Maybe you busy yourself with what seems most “urgent” … even when that “urgent” thing won’t move you forward or create results. Yes?

This constant reactionary mode is a total TIME SUCK, and it slows your business evolution, impact, and income… and not to mention, it’s exhausting, right?


Focusing on Urgent over Most Important is NOT productive for your emotional health OR your business growth.

What if you were empowered to focus on what mattered because you knew what to focus on?

What if you trusted that the urgent would still get taken care of, but you saw growth because you trusted yourself to prioritize the business-building activities FIRST?

Are you willing to leave the urgent things that won’t move you forward, to do the MOST IMPORTANT things in your business and in your life?


3. Leading with love, trust, and curiosity will save you time AND increase your energy.

Always assume innocence, and you will have far more focused, clear and intentional thoughts instead of wasting time on negative thoughts, emotions or stories.

If I hadn’t checked in with myself, I would have wasted mental time and energy.

I could have stewed over it, and made up stories about her being lazy or a bad nanny, or just gotten angry about it for WAY too long.

That assumption would benefit no one, especially me and my Little VIP, Finn. It would waste my time and drain my energy to stew over it or avoid it.

It would affect my business growth and focus because I wasn’t focusing on my MOST IMPORTANT ACTIVITIES.

This is not uncommon.

Do you find yourself wasting time and energy because something “urgent” or “frustrating” arises… and you can’t get your head back in the game?

Often, our MINDS and THOUGHTS are the biggest culprits when it comes to wasting time and stalling business growth.


Are you willing to work on your mind, get your head in the game, and start REALLY creating impact and income faster because you’re not thrown off by negative thoughts, false accusations, old patterns and stories, and time sucking, energy-draining activities?

Also, I ASSUMED that she would clean up the trash, instead of directly and clearly asking her if she could handle it since I wouldn't be able to come home.

That assumption caused this ENTIRE Trash Can Incident unfolding, and it wasted time because I assumed WRONG.

Take ownership of what you ARE and AREN'T doing or asking for help with in your business.

Take ownership of the times when you're simple assumption caused a whole entire day of headache.

People can't read minds. Communication is important with your team (and you're correct: I consider my nanny part of my team.)

Own it... and then NOTICE it later, and begin to avoid making the same mistake or repeating old patterns that hold you back.

In Purposefully Productive LIVE we WILL cover the mind, the actions, the business, the relationships, the body; because it’s all connected to our time and energy investments.

No area left behind, because all areas affect each other. All areas of our bodies, hearts, minds affect our business growth because they affect US.


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We’ll focus on that mindset issue and help you save time and energy the best way possible.

Keep doing things exactly the same.... or be willing to try something new. 

I know I'm in the group who always wants to be more efficient so that I can spend more time with my son, more time playing, more time traveling and going on adventures.

Creating bigger business results in less time is all about changing the way you do things, and trying what you've never done before.

There is no time like the present to create change in the world with your business, with your unique gift and solution to a problem.

Your time is now. And your life is happening NOW.

Time to create, love, live, and thrive.

That's what life's about.

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